Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Remnant's Audio/Video: Why Haven't African Americans Expected Paula White To Apologize Like Don Imus For Alleged Racial Remarks?

We happen to find this evaluation, regarding Paula White's alleged racial remarks, which are so offensive, we often wonder why Rev. Al Sharpton has not came out in the press and demanded for her to apologize to African Americans like he did Don Imus.  Also, we wonder why thousands of African Americans are followers of Paula White and contribute to her ministry, after she has allegedly made fun of African American's grade of hair.  On The Remnant's website, we heard this audio and even watch a video clip and it was very offensive, just as offensive as Don Imus previous racist alleged remarks heard on the radio.  There seems to have been a double standard among black people, the only race who has an historical history of being enslaved by their white slave masters in America and God is not pleased with their gullible behavior and silence, regarding this issue.  

It seems like many African Americans of today are so quick to criticize a white person who may make racial remarks in the world, but white people like Paula White who are ministers are excused, especially if they prove to be able to act just as ghetto as she allegedly does when she pretends to reveal she knows how to speak and act black.  It really is sickening when you go to this clip at about 1:29 and hear her constantly and allegedly blurt out, 'you need to grab yourself by the back of yo' kinky hair' or she is allegedly heard blurting out, 'you need to just slap yo'self upside yo' kinky head...!   Let us assure you if this was back in the 1970's, most black people of all shades would not even think of catering to a white woman in or out of the 'black church' whom publicly put them down with such alleged racial remarks, the way Paula White has done on this following audio/video clip.  The ignorance of many black people is seen on this following video/audio clip.   You can hear how lost they are, as though they absolutely have no self-respect for themselves.  We are living in a day and age when many African Americans think that the more black a "white person" sounds and acts, the more it is okay to make fun of them.  However, it is not okay.  Paula White's alleged racial remarks, according to The Remnant are just as racist as Don Imus past alleged racial remarks when many black people were angry, because of it.   

Back in the 1960's and 1970's black people loved themselves so much, all shades like Angela Davis would come together and stand against anyone who tried to insult them for their racial identity.   However, on this following clip as we mentioned above, around 1:29, these African Americans in the audience laughing as Paula White as she stands on the stage as though she has the right to say whatever she wants to say in the name of God, is insulting to God's Kingdom.   Every last one of those black people will die and go to hell along with Paula White, if they do not repent, because God does not have gullible people in His Kingdom.  God has empowered righteous believers to not stand for any sort of racism.   Angela Davis was and still is one of the most powerful women in history and even she with the fairest of skin would never stand for Paula White's sarcasm back in the day.   However, the average African American, even in the church would be afraid to wear their big, natural, kinky Afro just like Angela Davis shown on the photo above, because to them, it is an embarrassment.  Therefore, it is so obvious why many of them laugh every-time Paula White makes an alleged racial remark about "kinky hair"   Most of her supporters have been African Americans for many years, whether if they attended Without Walls International Church (in Tampa, Florida), attended her conferences or just watched her on television, allegedly.  Many of those same African Americans do not even realize they are emotionally abusing themselves for not asking Rev. Al Sharpton or some other civil rights leader to stand up to Paula White, just like he did Don Imus who made a similar statement, calling black women ho's with kinky hair, one time.   Paula White has made this statement about "kinky hair", several times on national television.   Even without black people's request, we still would have expected Rev. Al Sharpton to raise up, just like in the case of Don Imus, but we have not heard him dispute anything.

The bottom line is this, God created kinky hair, just like he created stringy hair on a white woman's head and Paula White would not like it, if a black female minister would make such remarks.   How would Paula White like it, if a black female minister would blurt out, 'you need to slap yo' self upside yo' stringy head' or 'you need to just grab the back of yo' stringy head...', we are so sure she would not like that.   Furthermore, she and every other white woman would expect an apology, because those remarks are offensive.   Paula White does not seem like a woman of God, she seems more like a woman who pretends to ministers, but gets caught up with bufoonery while feeling superior to say whatever she wants to say, because she is white, not necessarily a saved woman of God.   Not once, does she and all of the black people whom are seen and heard backing her up laughing on this following video/audio clip think about how God feels about how her offensive remarks are pulling down a black woman,'s dignity.   We want to remind you that all of this control and domineering attitude, which we witness in today's average mega-church has been recorded on record and if people do not stop supporting those whom are allegedly emotionally abusive, they will have to some day give an account.   Also, on this following clip, you will see two black men serving her, as she allegedly refers to them being her enemies, then she allegedly says, 'serve me Devil'.   God is not pleased with today's average mega-church and those whom support it through attendance or through financial donations and most of these people are black people, whom are a part of the blame for not being wise like in the case of Don Imus.  Just because she tries to talk black and act black, does not mean she necessarily likes black people, because if she did, she would not have been allegedly caught on this clip doing and saying things that are offensive against African Americans and most importantly, offensive against God whom created the black people and their kinky hair.

One more question, since she is always allegedly caught making fun of kinky hair, why does she feel the need to act or sound black?   Maybe she want to be, black with kinky hair.

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