Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Video: Husband Killed Wife with AK-47: Was This An Accident

Police allegedly say this man killed is wife, Stefanie Merrill with an AK-47, but he say it was an accident.  Carson Merrill, 32, faces charges of manslaughter, but we wonder if this was an accident.  Investigators claim master bathroom of the couple's home.  Merrill's dead wife was watching their 3-year-old daughter take a bath when he claims he accidentally shot her while showing off his gun.  He made a 911 call at 9:17 in the morning, very suspicious.  However, according to Nancy Grace, she allegedly mentioned he head butted her once before and so this is why we wonder if this was really an accident.

Carson allegedly has over a dozen guns, so we can not believe he did not the gun was loaded.  One whom has many guns should know how they operate or when they are loaded.  Therefore, this possibly is a case of murder.  It is so sad that Stefan Merrill did not know if her husband was possessed with a demon of murder.   Many times, it seems like couples whom have no troubles are the worst couples in danger of a demon controlling their spouses.   Carson possibly knew what he was doing when he had the gun in his hand while his wife was giving their child a bath.  Another question we ask is this, how could any father have a gun around his wife and children?    

Wives you must encourage your husbands to get rid of guns in the house and make sure their life to Jesus Christ, because you do not know how much they are on Satan's territory.  You may think your husband is a good man, but if he has a gun in the house, it may not be for protection, he could have a hidden motive, possibly for an insurance policy.  We are not saying this is the case with the Merrill's, but there are many murdering demons abiding in many souls and many spouses do not really know whom they are married to.   If you know Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, you must make sure you pray and ask God to reveal to you, what is hidden in the souls of your husband or wife.  This should be the case before you are married, but in many cases, husbands or wives do not pray and ask God to give them a mate, instead they choose whom they desire to marry.  Therefore, we need to go back to traditional values.   There is such a demonic force that has taken over married couples worst than ever before.   It seems like when men and women desire to be in matrimony which is not an alleged wicked same sex marriage, Satan desires to use spouses against each other and in many cases, husbands have a hidden agenda for their wives and even wives have an obscured agenda to murder their husbands.   If this is not the case for Carson Merrill, we do not see it.  However, if he is guilty, we really hope he repents and fully surrenders his heart to Jesus Christ before it is everlasting too late.  
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Source and Photo Courtesy: http://www.cnn.com

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