Thursday, February 23, 2012

Video: Star Jones Returns to 'The View' And Satan Was On The Set Using Her Opponents

Star Jones returned on the national set of "The View" and Satan was using her opponents on the set.   As you know, Star Jones has made it very clear she is a born again Christian.   Satan looked like he was not going to allow her to have any peace and wanted her to just snap, but it was Christ abiding in her that did not allow her to satisfy the Devil and even his imps he was using.   Now, let us tell you, we were surprise she would even go back, because it seemed like Satan was setting her up, before she left and had something for her when she returned and sat in the midst of the other hosts.   However, remember the scripture King David wrote in Psalm 23 that reminds us in this very scripture: 'He prepareth a table before me, in the presence of mine enemies...'

As you can see the expressions on all of their faces were just very ugly.   You know, it is either the Devil or God within us.  Therefore, if these opponents of Star Jones are not living for Jesus Christ, who was it controlling them on this following video?   Furthermore, we will go onto say the African American lady to the right wearing purple, Sherri Shepherd is also supposed to be a follower of Jesus Christ.  How dare she just go along with them attacking her sister in the Lord.   Dear readers, if we claim to be followers of Jesus Christ, we do not just sit by on a job among evildoers whom attack our sisters and brothers in the Lord.  There must be some other way for Shepherd and Whoopi Goldberg to make money.   As soon as Star Jones left "The View", they did not just replace her with one, but it seemed as though Barbara Walters and the producer purposely chose two black women to make Star Jones feel inferior and to destroy her dignity.   So you see, God understands the game of the Devil and he is not so cunning to hide in the devious souls of women who care nothing about oppressing another woman.   You know, usually they say it is men who always give women a hard time.  They need to stop lying, because as you can see, it is women many times used by Satan to try and make God's virtuous woman feel as though she is inferior.   Star Jones just sat there and took it like a champ.  Satan was on both sides of her allegedly working through the evil souls of all of these women, just instigating, but she peacefully responded without fear.   Her courage comes from God, because she knew God was there on the set, although Satan was using every last one of these women against her.   You know the scripture is so true, 'What shall we then say to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us? (Romans 8:31)'    When the Devil is working all around us, God is there.

 If you recall, Whoopi Goldberg previously and allegedly told the nation she was not black many years ago.   A woman wears kinky dreads offended African Americans when she allegedly denied her racial identity.  These are the type of people that offend not only black people, but the offend God and His people.   Satan easily uses black people who deny they are black and this is why not the entire African American race suffers.  When you have black men and black women whom think they are superior and deny who they are, then you can see why African Americans still struggle as a whole and fail to have unity.   Specifically, these type of black women annoy God and He is not pleased with their alleged denial of being whom He created them to be, because all they do is instigate behind those whom have always had the most, those like Barbara Walters whom allegedly is not familiar with enduring oppression from the oppressor, but possibly the other way around. Furthermore, neither Whoopi Goldberg nor Sherri Shepherd has a right to just sit back and allegedly instigate, because neither one of them were there when Star Jones was on 'The View' when Star Jones was there in alleged conflict with Barbara Walters and others.   Another thing, Whoopi Goldberg had the audacity to allegedly slamming The New York Times for not mentioning her in the black Oscar winner's story.   Why should they when she allegedly denied she was black?

Now, before we let you watch video we also want to share our thoughts about this African American woman who is a Hollywood reporter, Michelle Turner who also seemed very glad there was mess on the show.  She seems to have a lot in common with Wendy Williams who apologized for offending the late Whitney Houston so often with her cruel remarks in the media. Again, these are the sort of black women God is not pleased with and are allegedly responsible for destroying the race of not only black women, but the entire race of black people.  She had the audacity to say she thought it was awkwardly awesome what occurred on 'The View', which is another sign that Satan uses not only white folks against those whom are righteous, but black people and many times, black women against black women.   It is so sad, there are so many black women on their way to hell and do not even know it, because many enjoy other black women whom endure such a demonic attack like this one Star Jones was facing on the show.  This is supposed to be black history month, but that just maybe irrelevant in the Kingdom of God, because as you can see in the 21st century black people enjoy attacking their own race and even worst black women enjoy the emotional pain of other black women who enduring such emotional pain.   What is good about it, God is always there with those like Star Jones, because they suffer persecution for Him ( John 15:19-21).  Therefore, we never suffer persecution alone, although it looks that way.

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