Saturday, March 24, 2012

Fugitive Ronald Bridgeforth After 42 Years Turns Himself In and Gets One Year In Jail: God Was With This Man Because of His Integrity and Honesty

Fugitive Ronald Bridgeforth had been on the run for 42 years and even changed his name to dodge authorities.   He had cleaned up his life, got married, worked as a guidance counselor and earned a Master's degree.  This seems like a changed man, because he possibly gave his life to the Lord Jesus Christ.   This is why we try to encourage all of our readers, if you truly repent to God for your sins, He will forgive you, it does not matter what anyone else has to say about your past.  Ronald Bridgeforth's life is a testimony and he is a perfect example of what God can do and how He can be fair after you admit the truth about your mistakes in life.

Ronald Bridgeforth is not just a man who had done wrong and avoided paying the consequences, he is a man who God allowed to go through his own trial to reveal transformation.   This man lived an honest life, not one who decided to continue to steal like he once was accused of doing, he chose to do right.  Possibly, he only jumped bail, because he was scared.  It is also a great possibility, he changed his identity, because he was afraid of facing the law.   However, finally courage stepped in after 42 years for him to reveal who is really is, Ronald Bridgeforth, a man who once broke the law, but now is changed man.   It is a blessing Ronald Bridgeforth received only a year in jail.  God was on his side in that court room, because of his integrity and honesty.

Furthermore, it takes a strong woman behind a good man and his wife stood by him all these years and was the only one who knew about his past.

Fugitive who turned himself in 'because it was right thing to do' is sentenced to a year in jail after 42 years hiding in plain sight

By Laura Cox

A fugitive with a guilty conscience has turned himself in after 42 years on the run.

Ronald Bridgeforth, 67, hid in plain sight, baffling detectives hunting him for his 1968 crime, when he opened fire on San Fransisco police after allegedly using a stolen credit card to buy $29 worth of clothes and toys at a discount store.

He shot rounds at the officers who fired back, shooting him in the foot and arrested him. No one else was injured.

The 67-year-old dropped his cover in November when he confessed his crime to police at the...Read full article, here.

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