Friday, March 30, 2012

Opera Singer Brian Tierney Found Shot In Car In Critical Condition: Let's Pray God Spares His Life

Whenever we hear of tragic news, regarding someone whom was living their life working for Lord, we are supposed to come in unity and pray for their lives.   In this case of Brian Tierney, 29, not only an opera singer, but he lived his life as a choir director for his church.   We may not have known him personally, but this man lived his life working for God and just because he is in critical condition, it does not mean his life has to end.   Therefore, we believe God can bring this man out of critical condition to stable, then discharge him from the hospital to go home.   We do not believe in a death sentence when it comes to one of our brothers and sisters in the body of Christ.   So, it is our assignment to instantly pray, because we know God is a healer and he is yet working miracles.

It is very odd that someone shot into Brian Tierney's car, multiple times.   Police have not yet figured out a motive, but we know Satan always creates enemies against children of God.  A lot of jealousy takes place when you are blessed with a talent such as being an opera singer and choir director like Brian Tierney.  So, it could be a case of foul play. Whatever sort of case it is, we acknowledge all things work together for the good to them that love God (Romans 8:28), so just because the doctors are saying it does not look good, this is nothing but a trial for the family of Brian Tierney to trust God and according to their faith, this will be a testimony for Brian to tell when he gets better.

Let's pray for our brother in Christ, Brian Tierney, dear brothers and sisters:

Dear Father, we come to you right now, bringing the life of our dear brother, Brian Tierney to you.   Brian is facing death right now, but we know you are a healer and can do anything but fail.  We do not understand how this attempted murder happen or for what reason anyone would shoot at your son's car, but we do know you send trials of all types to make us strong. Father, we humbly ask you to reverse Brian Tierney's critical condition and make him well.   Touch and anoint his body, so that he may raise up and testify of your goodness and what miracles you worked in his life.   Lord Jesus, let this situation turn out for the good, do not allow this young man to die as such a young age of 29-years-old.   You gave your children life to be a living witness for you, not for Satan's satisfaction.   God whomever shot into to this man's car, we ask you to bring them to justice, right now.     We know you saw everything and you know what is behind the motive.   We bind every demon that tries to get in the way of this man's life and we humbly ask you to make a way after you raise him up for him to continue to do what he was doing for your glory as a choir director, including as an opera singer.   We ask our request be done in your name, Amen.

Opera Singer Brian Tierney Found Shot Along Portland, Oregon Interstate 

PORTLAND, Ore. -- Police say they don't know much about how or why a 29-year-old opera singer and church choir director was shot multiple times in a car along a Portland, Ore., interstate.

It was unclear if Tierney was pulled over when he was shot, but police say they don't think he was the victim of a sniper. They also don't suspect the shooting was...Read full article, here.

Source: Huffington Post
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