Thursday, March 8, 2012

Southern California Female Middle School Teacher Suspected as Porn Star; Should She Be Fired With All Of The Homosexuality Allowed?

This middle school teacher could be fired for violating the code of conduct in Southern California.  She is accused of moonlighting in a porn movie and was spotted by students.  First of all, what were these students doing watching a pornographic video?  The parents should be approached, just like this middle school teacher.  Students should never be allowed to watch porn movies and their parents should have been investigated by police, the middle school teacher isn't the only one whom should be in trouble.   Also, we say sin is sin.   Many people are shocked that parents did not mention it up at the school board meeting, but to tell you the truth, why should anyone be shocked that it was not a big deal?   America is a sinful nation, which allows homosexuality to be discussed in history books, same sex marriages, children to be homosexuals and for them to even change their sex.   What this middle school teacher did was wrong, but let us cut out all sin before we point the finger at her for allegedly being in a porn movie.  Morally, according to the Word of God, homosexuality is wrong and if it is okay to be gay, lesbian or transgender, then why judge this middle school teacher?

Let us assure you God is not going to judge this middle school teacher at Haydock Intermediate School any worse than homosexuals. There are no big nor little sins and if politicians are going to ignore biblical scriptures against homosexuality, then do not be surprise what else people may get caught doing.   This is possibly why many parents did not think it was a big deal, because we live in a society were there is an extreme lack of morals and values.   If children can choose their sexual preference and even change their sex, then what shock it is when we have this middle school teacher spotted by them whom were sneaking watching a porn movie?   There seems to be a demon of hypocrisy, regarding this case of the middle school teacher getting caught as a porn star.   Therefore, if the school districts want teachers like this one to do right, then please return to prayer in schools and God to be mentioned before the start of the day, because school shootings yet exist and so does gang violence and it is all because of spiritual rebellion.   So tell us, what right does the school board have to discipline this middle school teacher?   There needs to be strict discipline against all immoral conduct that is not completely in line with the Word of God. 

In our American society, many do not want to blame all whom are responsible for the lack of morals and values, but really any lifestyle that offends God really should be an embarrassment to this nation.    Trying to make this teacher ashamed of being a porn star is very unfair, shame should be on all whom support homosexuality and even allowing children to become involved with it.   It's all wrong.  When you change the laws of nature against God's Word, don't expect all people to respect their careers as saints.   It is time for America to repent for all sins, it is time school districts to return to prayer in schools, then we can expect for teachers like this one not to get caught being in porn movies.

Oxnard Teacher Put on Leave, Accused of Appearing in Porn

OXNARD, Calif. (KTLA) -- The Oxnard School District will meet Wednesday night to discuss a middle school teacher put on administrative leave this week and accused of appearing in at least one pornographic film.

District officials have not released the teacher's name.

They placed her on leave -- and did not terminate her -- Monday while they investigate the allegations, Oxnard School District Superintendent Jeff Chancer told KTLA Tuesday.

The investigation began Friday when students approached administrators at Richard B. Haydock Intermediate School and told them they had seen a female teacher in a pornographic video.

Administrators tried to verify the students' claims, but couldn't because the school's computers have filters on them that prevent access to sites featuring pornographic material, Chancer said.

So administrators put out a memo to school staff, acknowledging the students' claims

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