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Thirteen-year-old Shoots His Mother Dead and Then Calls Police: How To Avoid Satanic Forces That Control Your Children With The Demon of Murder

This story is very sad, but this is an obvious silent message that we need to spread the message of Jesus Christ more than  every before.   If this 13-year-old boy is really guilty of murdering his mother, Gretchen Crooks one thing he possibly was lacking was learning about Jesus Christ and becoming a Christian youth.   It is time for all races to recognize there is a Devil and he has demons controlling all ages of humanity to kill, even within the family.   Satan and his demons does not just have souls captive in eternal hell in the bowels of the earth, he has a program to come upon God's planet to ruin lives and he does not care whom he uses.  When it comes to children, many people may think it is not really necessarily to offer them salvation, but it is very important, because if not, we will continue to see such strange crimes happening among us.   Let us be very serious and acknowledge, we all must be very serious about God and reaching souls for His Kingdom.   Gretchen Crooks was only 37-years-old and did not deserve for her life to at such a young age, allegedly, in the hands of her own son.

Just as we posted in a previous article, regarding the 14-year-old teen who allegedly shot and killed his mother in Detroit, we still believe the same thing, guns should not be in the household, not for hunting neither for protection.  We believe fascination with guns is very dangerous and are often used as a demonic plot to murder.   Gretchen's husband, William Crooks allegedly had a fascination with guns, according to Mail Online and just like in the murder case in Detroit, this 13-year-old allegedly got a hold of one of his father's guns, a .22 caliber hunting rifle and allegedly murdered his mother.

The report found on Daily Mail also mentioned this 13-year-old son of the victim was allegedly calm when police met him on a highway.  This is an abnormal behavior and should make us very concern what sort of children are attending schools among our children.   We must be very cautious when we allow our children to associate with certain children, regardless of what age, because although they make look nice, you never know what is buried in their spirit.   Therefore, this child could have harmed anyone if he had a lot of hurt, bitterness and hate suppressed in him.   No child should ever be calm after murdering their mother or father.   So, this in an alert for us to win more parents to get to know Jesus Christ, so they can command Satan to flee in their homes, if they sense any abnormal behavior among their children. Then, they will be able to win them to Jesus Christ.  We are not saying this mother, Gretchen Crooks was not a born again Christian, what we are saying is this, for many of you parents whom have denied Jesus Christ and are atheists, you are in danger, because the scripture tells us, "The thief (Satan) comes to kill, steal to destroy, but He (God) comes that we might have life and have it more abundantly."  Therefore, in this day and age of people denying Christ and avoiding Christianity, we ought to have more people running to Jesus Christ.  We ought to hear of more parents not condoning rebellion of their children disrespecting adults.  We ought to hear of more parents repenting and bowing before the throne of God.   We ought to hear of more parents approaching legislatures to support prayer to return to schools and not allow atheists to neglect children's rights to pledge to the American flag or reading their Bible on school campuses.   We need parents to acknowledge that Jesus is the only way to salvation and not follow the evil ways of Satan worshipers whom are dominating this country and abroad.   Seriously, if we want all of these cases of children turning against their parents, then we need hear of more parents of all races coming together to combat Satanic forces that are opposing Christianity in our country of America.   For instance, just like in the latest case of Trayvon Martin, many people are marching for his killer to face justice (nothing wrong with them doing so) and homosexuals are fighting for their right to marry each other (very wrong), Christians need to join together the same way in honor of Jesus Christ and not condone rebellion against God in this country, then maybe things will get much better and these cases will cease among us.   

Shouldn't Christians unite to enforce morals and values and sinners are the only ones always rallying for their right to spread the message of Jesus Christ?   If we are so tired of the lives of parents being destroyed by the hands of their own children, then we must make up in our minds to take action against demonic forces by pleasing God and completely following His commandments.

May Gretchen Crooks rest in peace and we pray her thirteen-year-old son repents for his sin of murder and rebellion if he is guilty of doing so.

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'He was very calm and stoic': 13-year-old 'shoots dead his mother, 37, in their home and then calls police'

By Nina Golgowski

A 13-year-old boy has been arrested after allegedly shooting his 37-year-old mother dead in their home.

Police responding to the home of Gretchen Crooks, of Osage, Iowa, on Saturday night found the woman shot multiple times, according to Mitchell County Sheriff's Office. Her teenage son - the alleged shooter - made the call.

'The emotions of the young man, from what I've been told, is his demeanour was very calm and kind of stoic. Almost like he was in shock also,' Deputy Greg Beaver told KTTC.

 Noah Crooks allegedly fired a...Read full article, here.

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