Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Update: Married Couple Strangled School Teacher, Melissa Jenkins and Covered Her Naked Body With Bleach: One of the Most Worst Crimes In History

Now, police are investigation of the worst crimes in history. Married couple, Allen and Patricia Prue are accused of allegedly killing Melissa Jenkins.  They both called her as if they were stranded and needed help.  They both lured her away from her 2-year-old child and poured bleach on her naked body.   The Prue's left this gruesome discovery as though they had no consideration for this woman's life neither did they care about her son left in the car without her.  They dumped Melissa's nude body in the Connecticut river.  Just observing this case, reveals it is obvious you cannot trust man nor woman, these two killers are responsible for taking this woman's life.   Just looking at both of them, we feel cold evil spirits and we feel very bad science teacher, Melissa Jenkins hired them two years before to plow snow in her driveway.   Allen and Patricia murdered Jenkins for their own selfish reasons, what those exact reasons are, police are waiting to find out.  Really, there should be no excuse for this married couple to have committed such a hideous crime such as this one.

We want to forewarn women and men, it does not matter if someone seemed kind to do work for you, because they lack financial security, be very careful whom calls your house and requests for you to meet them at a certain location, because they are stranded.    Make sure you tell them to call roadside assistance or a family member of theirs to help them, because many people on earth are demon possessed and have no consideration for humanity.   Many people whom live on earth among us are not followers of Jesus Christ and have been on assignment to cause harm to innocent souls like this young mother, Melissa Jenkins.   Also, be very careful whom you call to do work around your house.  If you cannot do it yourself, hire a family member to do it.

May school teacher, Melissa Jenkins rest in peace with God and we pray her son grows up and never has to face such wickedness as his late mother.   Furthermore, we also pray that this married couple repents, because if do not find Jesus Christ, they will face judgement in eternal hell.

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Married couple 'strangled teacher, doused her naked body in bleach and dumped it in river after luring her out of her home by claiming their car had broken down' 

The couple accused of murdering Vermont school teacher Melissa Jenkins lured her from her home by claiming that their vehicle had broken down, court documents revealed today.

Allen Prue, 30, and his wife Patricia Prue, 33, allegedly called the 33-year-old mother out to help them on Sunday night before they strangled and beat her to death.
Having killed her, they allegedly doused her in bleach and dumped her naked body into the Connecticut river. 

Allen Prue told police that he wanted to ‘get a girl’ on Sunday night and he had asked Jenkins out in the past, according to the court documents.  

Police began searching for the single mother when a friend found her unharmed two-year-old son abandoned in her idling SUV on a remote back road and raised the alarm. 

The only motive suggested in the court documents was that Allen Prue...Read full article, here.

Source, Video and Photo Courtesy:
Photo Courtesy: Vermont State Police/AP Photo

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