Saturday, March 31, 2012

Update: Thousands Gather At Memorial Service For Murdered School Teacher Melissa Jenkins

Thousands of mourners gathered in memory of science school teacher Melissa Jenkins.  Many people were sad as they went on Friday to honor such a nice and beautiful person who reached out to everyone.   Those who knew her best remembered only good things about her as they joined friends, co-workers and loved ones at her memorial service.   Melissa Jenkins was such a sweet soul whom did not deserve to die neither did her son deserve to be left alone with his beloved mother.   

If you have kept up with this story about school teacher, Melissa Jenkins, then you can recall she was murdered by a married couple now facing capitol murder.  They lured her by calling her to come out and help them.  They lied to Melissa Jenkins and told her they were stranded and could not get their car to start.   When she arrived with her son, they snatched her from her, poured bleach on her naked body and threw her in the river.  This is one of the worst crimes in history of America. 

We cannot understand why a lot of good people have left us in tragic ways, but one thing is for sure, God has an answer and we are sure Melissa Jenkins is better off in His hands than this evil world. 

May Melissa Jenkins rest in peace and we cannot wait to meet her in heaven.  Rest in peace, Melissa Jenkins.

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Thousands gather for memorial service of murdered school teacher Melissa Jenkins

By Daily Mail Reporter

A crowd of thousands gathered yesterday for the memorial service of Melissa Jenkins, the teacher who went missing last weekend and was found murdered on Monday.

More than 2,000 people attended the memorial service at St.Johnsbury Academy, Vermont, the school where she taught, to remember the beloved teacher and single mother.

Allen and Patricia Prue were charged with her murder on Wednesday. The married couple allegedly lured Jenkins out of her home claiming their car had broken down before beating and strangling her to death. Jenkins' 2-year-old son...Read full article, here
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