Monday, April 30, 2012

Are We Being ''BI'' SEXUAL with GOD? By Shofar B.

Shofar B apostasy watchdog
Are We Being ''BI'' SEXUAL with GOD? By Shofar B. Apostasy Watchdog

We wanted to thank Shofar B. for his words here. We found him on Facebook his words about how we are not living fully for Christ but in some many ways, we are living 'bisexual' with God is a powerful piece in his notes. Can we understand that being bisexual can mean much more than in a sexual sense? The wording can be a bit harsh and graphic but we do believe that for those that have an open mind and heart for the truth, can see what is really being spoken.

So we do warn you it is a bit graphic and we apologize if it offends anyone but take the truth from it, please.

By Shofar B. Apostasy Watchdog
Before you get TOO startled about the title of this note, allow me to exegete why I asked this context with the thought. As ALWAYS...I MUST...back up anything I have to say with scripture...AND AS ALWAYS...I am open to input, and CORRECTION. So, let me start here...I'm Sure you've heard that at some point that JESUS will say to some of us..''I NEVER...''KNEW'' YOU! For all of you hermanutical experts out there, you DO realize that ....

Read full note at AT2W.

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