Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Diocese Fired Married Catholic teacher for using IVF after she found out she was infertile: Are Their Priests Grave Immoral Sinners for Previous Child Molestation Cases?

Really, we do not think the diocese of the catholic church in Indiana has the right to fire any woman whom gets infertility treatments, when their organization allegedly faced charges of previous cases of child molestation. What gives the diocese the right to fire her when many of their catholic priests were accused of allegedly molesting young boys in the past? Just like the woman in the New Testament who had more than one husband, Jesus told her to go and sin no more and loved her, regardless.  This is the same way it should be for this thirty-two year old woman, Emily Herx.  In John 8:11, it says, 'She said, No man, Lord. And Jesus said to her, Neither do I condemn you: go, and sin no more.'  They should understand that many women have problems having a baby and in this case, Emily Herx is a married woman.   If there is a scripture in the Word of God that says it is wrong for women to get infertility treatments, then would could understand their reaction.   Of course, we know back in biblical days, there were no such treatments, but-since Herx is married, we feel fertility treatments are God sent for her. 

In support for this woman, we deeply feel many members of the diocese, across America needs to seek God, more than ever before, because they seem to judge women like Emily Herx and do not have any sympathy to know what it is like to be without children.   Those whom should be disciplined by the diocese are those involved in sin, such as fornication, adultery, homosexuality, pedophilia or any other sin mentioned in God's Word.   They need not to attack innocent women like Emily Herx, but she and others need encouragement to remain strong in Christ, although they have not yet bore children.   It is extremely painful for all women whom have not been able to conceive children by the time they are 30 and older and leaders of the church and the diocese should be the last ones to shun and ridicule those like Emily Herx. 

Furthermore, the entire church, no matter if they are these particular denominations: Baptist, Pentecostal, A.M.E., Catholic and many others have always had a lack of understanding when it came to various sorts hurting women.   It is time to change this and began to start preaching against those whom have been opposing God's Word and desire to live in sin.   Women like Emily Herx are not necessarily sinners, all they want is to give birth to a child to share in life with their husbands.  Therefore, the diocese and those whom hold various leadership positions in the church ought be able to understand that much.

Note: The woman in the above photo is allegedly exact person shown with her husband, we wrote about, according to our two sources.  However, ABC news has a video that shows a different woman who is single, who was also fired in a separate case.

'You're a grave immoral sinner': Married Catholic teacher fired for using IVF after she found out she was infertile

By Rachel Quigley

A married Catholic school teacher is suing the diocese she works for, claiming they fired her for undergoing IVF treatments, calling her a 'grave immoral sinner'. 

Emily Herx, 32, who worked for the St Vincent de Paul School in Indiana, said a senior official at the school fired her when she told him about her attempts to get pregnant through IVF. She and her husband Brian turned to the treatment when she found out she was infertile. 

Mrs Herx taught literature and language arts...Read full article, here.

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