Thursday, April 26, 2012

Inmates Trained to Be Pastors In Prison: God Has A Way of Reaching Souls And Using Them, Even After They Have Committed The Worst Crimes

This is great news that God is using prisoners to win lost souls as men and women of God.  We think it is a wonderful program to ordain prisoners as pastors.   In California alone, there are over 25 prisons that offer this program to prisoners to become ordained ministers.   Also, Florida and Michigan operate the The Urban Ministry Institute (TUMI).  Possibly, if this school expands all over the nation, we will see this nation changing into a positive one and more prisoners will come out with their testimonies as they become leaders of their own congregations, instead of many whom have never been to prison and have no testimony.   This would add more meaning to today's church, because many pastors of mega ministries and even those of smaller churches are just in ministry to gain wealth through tithes and offerings.  As more prisoners leave the prison system as pastors, then we will no doubt see pastors as witnesses for Christ, instead of those whom are celebrities with much fame and fortune.

It would be very interesting to see the world change and many souls completely submit to Jesus Christ, all because they experienced spiritual healing through sermons preached by pastors whom were once prisoners.  Even if prisoners who are pastors remain in prison for many years, at least they will lead many souls to Jesus Christ while they also spend time in prison.   

You know, God loves prisoners and He has not forgotten about them and this is why He is making a way for them to become pastors and spread His Word to save souls.   The Urban Ministry Institute is a wonderful program and is truly God sent.

Training pastors in prisons

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The Urban Ministry Institute, which provides seminary classes to prisoners, is growing from 5 to 26 California prisons

The prison guards at the California Rehabilitation Center (CRC), a Level II correctional facility in Norco, Calif., rushed in when they saw a group of inmates submerging a man's head in the communal sinks, thinking they were preventing a race-related murder. 

"The guards come in wanting to know why the races are all together. They thought we were trying to drown the guys, but we were just baptizing them," said Cary White, the man who was baptizing the three...Read full article, here.

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