Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Miracle Moment: Christine Bolden, Brain Dead Mom gives birth to twins

This deceased mother of Michigan gave birth to twin baby boys.  Now, this is an amazing story, because God is showing us how real He is.  God still works miracles. We feel bad that the mother has died, but her life now is going to live on through lives of her sons.   Christine Bolden's twins were born under 2lbs.  Let us as brothers and sisters in Christ praise God for his goodness, because a miracle came out of Christine Bolden body, although she died of a brain aneurysm.  However, Christine is really not dead, because God was so good to allow these twins to live on, she must be in a better place.


We know Christine Bolden's aunt, Danielle Bolden is sad because her niece has past on, but because we also heard and saw tears of joy when she reminded us how good God is to allow these twins to be born on this following video.

May Christine Bolden rest in peace and we pray for the life of her twins.

Watch Video

Source and Video: http://www.cnn.com

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