Thursday, April 26, 2012

New York Madam forced to wear ‘diapers and T-shirt’: Will Rev. Al Sharpton Speak Out For Prisoners Like Anna Gristina and Not Just Deal With Racial Discrimination and Support Homosexuals?

As a man of God, we think it is time for Rev. Al Sharpton to start changing the way he operates National Action Network.  He should not just see himself as a civil rights activist, but mainly as a man of God and as a complete follower of Jesus Christ, he should not just focus on racial discrimination and definitely not support homosexuals, but he should begin to recognize that prisoners like Anna Gristina are allegedly being abused by the prison system.  There are various reasons why Rev. Al Sharpton should really consider the needs of prisoners.  This case of Anna Gristina being forced to wear diapers and a T-shirt reveals how bad prisoners allegedly endure persecution.  This claim is no different than African Americans facing racial discrimination.  Although, we realize Rev. Al Sharpton has supported prisoners in the past, allegedly, it has been just for those whom faced racial discrimination before their freedom was taken away based on skin color, not necessarily for prisoners in general.  Therefore, as ministers of the gospel we are supposed to consider all people whom are in prison, not just operate our ministries based on racial issues just because we maybe civil rights activists.   As for homosexuals, Rev. Al Sharpton should no longer support their agenda.

According to God's Word, as born again believers we are not supposed to condone homosexuality, along with other sins.  Therefore, all the time Rev. Al Sharpton is using to support homosexuals should be given to prisoners of all races facing discrimination like Anna Gristina, along with yet supporting African Americans.  It is God's will that we consider those whom have made mistakes in their lives and now being mistreated behind bars. 

We believe it is time for all civil rights activist whom claim to be ministers like Rev. Al Sharpton to take heed and begin standing up righteousness and begin to not only focus on racial issues.  They should exclude support for homosexuals or any other sort of sinners, God's not pleased.  In Matthew 25:43, our Word says this: 'I was a stranger, and ye took me not in: naked, and ye clothed me not: sick, and in prison, and ye visited me not.'  If you noticed, it did not mention for us to single out any particular race, age or status.   It also did not even mention for us to just visit them for a particular reason, we are to care for all prisoners.


Anna Gristina's family is raising funds for her to return home for Mother's Day.  So, let us not just pray for her freedom, but let us also pray for her to receive Jesus Christ as her personal Savior.  If God should allow her to be released, we also pray for other prisoners to be treated right and not be forced to wear diapers and T-shirts, because that is persecution and oppression.  Jesus wants all ministers to make sure they do not forget prisoners, the homeless and any other group of outcasts, no matter what they have done or whom they are.

New York Madam forced to wear ‘diapers and T-shirt’ in Riker’s cell as family launch website to raise $2m bail
 By Emily Anne Epstein

Accused 'Manhattan Madam' Anna Gristina is having to endure a sweltering, rat-infested Rikers Island cell wearing only a T-shirt and a diaper, her husband has sensationally claimed.

The shocking allegations were revealed as Kelvin Gorr launched a website to help pay off his wife's enormous $2million dollar bail, saying the small clan cannot afford it on their own.

Anna Gristina's husband and four children created...Read full article, here.

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