Friday, April 27, 2012

Oprah Says She Wants to Show You How to Be A Christian?

 oprah lifeclass and Christianity
We want talk about how Oprah has told the world she is a Christian at least a year ago and how now she wants to focus her Life class show on the OWN network with a segment about Christianity and faiths. We found it interesting how one blog sees Oprah's 'coming out of the closet for Jesus' moments. We respectfully agree with them in many ways but we do have our take on the whole scope of it too.

Read below what BCCN1 had to say about it:

On June 1, 2011, the Editor-in-Chief of made the following statement after Oprah's public Farewell to her talk show:

"Evidently, Oprah Got Saved Recently, Now She Needs to Make that Clear to Her Millions of Fans

Based upon statements that Oprah made throughout last week regarding God and Jesus Christ, we believe that Oprah has recently truly accepted Jesus Christ as her personal Saviour and has been born again this year."

Read more at:

Self Proclaimed Christian Oprah Wants to Show You How to Be A Christian [VIDEO] | AT2W

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