Saturday, April 28, 2012

Terry Rawls Arrested And Charged With Matthew Owens Beating: One Attacker Shouts 'It's Justice For Trayvon': Really?

These series of cases, involving African Americans suddenly acting out in violence to get justice for Trayvon is ridiculous.  Those of you whom are 30 years or older can recall decades prior, there was hardly any unity among black people.   Our race and even our own families would laugh while we faced personal situations of racial discrimination.  Now, we see many of them acting like Terry Rawls, which is very unfair to many of us whom did not have any support in previous years while facing racial discrimination.   Those of us whom are wise saints of God who happened to be black realize it is time to seek God, rather than go back in time to fight with a race that mistreated us, along with white supremacists years ago.  Saints of God, it is time for a revival, if we have any sense, we would realize it is too late for any more civil rights movements to occur.   This spiritual battle is much more than racial discrimination and if these pastors, bishops and civil rights activists like Rev. Al Sharpton do not start telling the truth, there is going to be a price to pay after judgement.   There is another world much worse than earth, if we do not get our souls right with God, no matter what race or age we are.  

If you do not know Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, please go to our salvation page, then videos page and get to know Him and leave all of this animosity of racial issues in the past.  We do not have time to join the masses of people whom are spiritually lost, but our time should be spent witnessing for God and winning souls into His Kingdom.

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Terry Rawls Arrested And Charged With Matthew Owens Beating 

The Huffington Post  |  By Andy Campbell 

Cops in Mobile, Ala. made their first arrest in the apparent mob beating of Matthew Owens: Terry Rawls surrendered Wednesday on assault charges.

In less than a week, the brutal attack on Owens -- which left him in critical condition -- went from being described as a hate crime connected to the Trayvon Martin killing in Florida to an ongoing feud between neighbors, WKRG reported.

"This here is an ongoing dispute with neighbors, that's what this is," Mobile Police Corporal Chris Levy told the station.

Levy said that officers have been called...Read full article, here.

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