Friday, April 27, 2012

Update: Brittany Killgore Murder: Marine Louis Ray Perez Pleads Not Guilty, Held On $3 Million Bail

This is just an update, regarding the suspicious murder of Brittany Killgore.  Louis Ray Perez pleads not guilty, involving her murder.  Investigators suspect foul play and her family finds her death very suspicious.   In the meantime, Marine Lance Cpl. Cory Killgore, her ex-husband is allegedly in Afghanistan on duty.   She recently divorced him and the couple had been only married for a year, according to various reports.

As we have said in our previous article, may Brittany Killgore rest in peace, but now that the story is evolving, we have a bit more to add.   Obviously, Brittany's husband had nothing to do with her death, but her boyfriend could be a suspect and allegedly there are two other people.   We would like to encourage all wives to remain with their husbands, no matter how hard it gets.  In our opinion, a year is not long enough to make a marriage work.   Now, we do not know all the details that occurred during Killgore's marriage, all we know is that her neighbors claimed Brittany allegedly mentioned she was going to divorce her husband and was dating someone else.  Whether she did or not, she is no longer here.  However, there are so many of you women whom yet are blessed to have life in you and have a chance to make peace with your husbands.   They may not be perfect men, but if they are serving country, just be patient until they return home and thank God they are strong enough to be in the military.   If you have a husband in the military, pray for his safety while he is in combat among other soldiers, because many of them have died during the war.   It is time to pray when you have a husband in the military, not a time to divorce.   If you can make it work, pray and ask God to give you strength, because when a husband is in the military or serving the community as a police officer, it is such a blessing every-time they are able to remain alive and not killed while on duty.   We are not judging this deceased woman, all we are saying is, it is time for wives to be more wise in their marriages.   When we separate from our husbands (or wives), we never know when Satan is working through the evil souls of men and women, but if we should remain dedicated to our spouses, then the angels of God can protect us from demonic forces.   You see, when we our married, we must make sure we are completely following God's Word and not doing things our own way.  Now, we can imagine it can get very lonely when we have spouses serving our country in Afghanistan, but we must pray and ask God for strength, because we do not just have enemies in foreign lands, but also within America and this is what allegedly happened in the case of Brittany Killgore.

Again, may Brittany Killgore rest in peace.  We also pray for her family and her ex-husband, Marine Lance Cpl. Cory Killgore who is presently serving our country.

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Brittany Killgore Murder: Marine Louis Ray Perez Pleads Not Guilty, Held On $3 Million Bail


VISTA, Calif. — Brittany Killgore was hoping to unwind for three days after filing for divorce from her Marine husband serving in Afghanistan.

Prosecutors believe things quickly went wrong when she met another Marine for a night out.
"She sent a text saying, `Help,'" Patrick Espinoza, a deputy district attorney in San Diego County, said Thursday. "She was missing from that point on."

Authorities said Killgore's body was found in brush near Lake Skinner on April 17, hours after paramedics...Read full article, here.

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