Thursday, April 26, 2012

Update: Celebrity Bobby Brown sentenced to probation For DUI incident: Wouldn't A Campaign Against Drunk Drivers Possibly Change His Life?

This is just an update, regarding Bobby Brown's previous case of driving under the influence.  He has now been put on probation.  His sentence could have been worse, he could be spending time in jail and we feel he needs to, in order to learn his lesson.  Even celebrities should be disciplined and get time in jail, because driving under the influence is a very serious issue.   In our opinion, celebrities are spoiled to a certain extent and overall, those whom are caught driving under the influence do not get the time they deserve.   This is important, because too many drivers and bystanders have lost their lives because of careless drivers like Bobby Brown.   It would be a good idea that he begins doing campaign commercials to stop drunk drivers, which would possibly help him in his own life to not only stop drinking while driving, but to also stop completely drink alcohol.

Furthermore, it does not matter if Bobby Brown has had problems in his own personal life, everyone has problems in life, we just need to know how to deal with them.   Like a lot of celebrities, Bobby Brown seems to want attention just because he has a household name.  However, the time has come for him to take responsibility for his own actions, getting probation may not be enough.   Therefore, another thing he could add to this ideal campaign would be for the judicial system to make a harsher sentence on drunk drivers whom take the lives of innocent people by stressing the fact that manslaughter is not enough when it comes to another life gone too soon.   Bobby Brown would be the perfect person as a celebrity to show he has changed by helping alcoholics realize driving under the influence is a serious issue and they must pay a price, if they drink and drive.

In addition to this article, we feel celebrity Bobby Brown has it too easy, did you know he is included in Whitney Houston's will (look at the video below)?   Why wasn't his name removed from her will?   As you can see, after the death of his ex-wife, Whitney Houston, he still is getting in a lot of trouble and if he gets his hands on her money, then he possibly would not know how to handle it, allegedly being addicted to alcohol.

We pray Bobby Brown's gets his soul together and surrenders to Jesus Christ. We also hope he learns his lesson and begins being an example for drunk drivers to stop driving under the influence, whether they be celebrities or not.

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Bobby Brown sentenced to probation in alcohol-related driving incident

By Michael Martinez and Jane Caffrey, CNN
Los Angeles (CNN) -- Singer Bobby Brown pleaded no contest Wednesday to driving with a blood alcohol content of .08% or higher and was sentenced to 36 months of probation, his attorney said.

The charge to which he pleaded no contest is a violation of the California vehicle code, the attorney said.
In Los Angeles County Superior Court, prosecutors dismissed two other counts against him -- a drunk driving charge and a suspended driver's license charge -- said Brown lawyer Tiffany Feder.

Brown was also sentenced to one day in jail -- which he already served -- and must undergo...Read full article, here.

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