Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Update: Pilar Sanders Claims She Is Innocent and Her Attorney Allegedly Says Deion Sanders Is a Liar

If Deion Sanders is not telling the truth, he sure put on a show for us to believe him.   In our previous article, yesterday, we believed him, but now that we have heard Pilar Sanders in tears, we do not know what to believe, only God knows what happened between the two of them.  Furthermore, it is really in God's hands, because if it is this bad to where Pilar is alleging that Deion Sanders is lying to the public, then he may not be a good man and his soul could be very evil.  However, we do find it strange that Deion Sanders uploaded a photo of his sons allegedly filing a police report with him, so it is not just him claiming Pilar and her friend jumped on him, it is also their children who claim they saw everything.   Is Deion Sanders so evil, he would have his sons lie on their mother?   Is he really this evil?   Another question, who is this other woman whom allegedly jumped on him, along with Pilar?  Where is this other woman and why wasn't she arrested, along with Pilar?

In the above clip, it reveals Deion Sanders' alleged statement on Twitter.  Now, if he is this evil to tell everyone to pray, this is a very dangerous thing, because when a person ask people to pray, they automatically put God in it.   It is not a good thing to pretend as though you are so connected to God, you pretend as though someone attacked you and have audacity to ask them to pray.

If Pilar Sanders is telling the truth, Deion needs to repent to God, because he claims to be a Christian and he knows one of the Ten Commandments have forewarned us not to lie.  In Exodus 20:16 it says, 'You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.'

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