Monday, April 30, 2012

Update: Woman Who Recieved Judge Wade McCree's Nearly Naked Photo Says It Was Just A Joke: Isn't This Wrong with Marriages, Today?

All of a sudden this wife whom received a half-naked photo of Judge Wade McCree allegedly is defending him, claiming it was only a joke.   We acknowledge it is very hard to find a job in this time of a recession, especially in Detroit, if this is the reason why this woman is allegedly defending Judge McCree's behavior.   However, she could be used of him sending her photos, but never expected her husband to find out about it.   It just does not seem right for this unidentified woman to not be upset, along with her husband whom filed the complaint.   Furthermore, she allegedly claimed they always talk about their bodies, because they are both into fitness.   We do not care what excuse she has came up with, it does not seem appropriate for her to ever discuss their bodies or even working out.   The only body she should be looking at is her husband and he should be the only person she should be discussing issues about fitness.   

This wife whom is defending Judge McCree seems like she cares more about making sure he does not get in trouble than supporting her her angry husband.   The way her husband feels should be more important than defending Judge McCree.  However, this is the type of day we are living in, many wives have no respect for their husbands and many husbands do not respect their wives.   In our opinion, this woman has no integrity as a wife neither does she seem to have any respect her marriage.   One question, how would she feel if her husband receives nude pictures of women?  Would she be able to take it, if he told her they just compare he and other women compare their bodies and workout together?   However, this is a bias issue, many times, wives want to be respected and expect husbands to be faithful to them, but when they are receiving attention from other men, they want their husbands to understand.  This sort of attitude has been going on for too long, but if this wife does not have a relationship with Jesus Christ, then how can she possibly be fair with her husband?

We wonder how her angry husband feels about her defense for Judge Wade McCree? We pray for this couple, but especially for the wife, because in our opinion she needs to examine her spirit and have respect for her husband.  There is nothing funny about the above photo and a understanding and supporting your spouse is more important than a job, if this is the reason for her defending Judge Wade McCree.

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Woman Who Received Judge's Nearly Naked Photo Speaks Out to FOX 2

She says half-nude photo was a "joke"

(WJBK) - A local judge has taken a lot of heat for sending a nearly naked photo to a courtroom employee. The recipient of the revealing picture is talking only to FOX 2.

She tells Wiley the picture was not about "sex." It was meant to be a joke. The woman says she and the judge have a professional relationship...Read full article, here. 

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