Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Verna Deann McClain, Registered Nurse Snatched Baby From Kayla Marie Golden, Then Shot and Killed Her

This is a very strange case, involving a 30-year-old mother, Verna Deann McClain (r.) who snatched a baby boy from Kayla Marie Golden, 28.   We wonder why McClain would do a thing like this to another woman who was blessed to bore a child, since she already had three children.  As Kayla Golden was leaving the pediatrician office, she never expected to have her baby snatched by a stranger who bragged she was about to adopt a baby.   Either it is a greed or insanity, we say it is pure insanity that Verna murdered this woman for her baby, simply because she is a registered nurse.   Registered nurses are very smart, but because of how this crime happened, it is obvious she snapped.  How is it she would tell her sister she was about to adopt a baby and then snatch a stranger's baby?  It just doesn't make sense.   For some reason, Verna Deann McClain allegedly lost her mind, because as an African American woman who was employed as a registered nurse and mother of three, there is no way it would make sense to snatch this baby boy from someone of another race she did not know.   Now, what caused her odd behavior to murder this mother for her baby, we do not know, but something happened that effected her brain to make her think she was about to adopt a baby and that adoption was to snatch this baby boy from his mother and then murder her.

Verna Deann McClain's sister told police, she told her when she had the baby as though in her mind, she had adopted him.  Doesn't this seem like alleged insanity to you?  This is why we cannot pay attention to racial situations, although racism yet exist.   Satan causes all races to do evil to other people, because he has control over the minds of people, if they are not serving God.  Now, it was allegedly mentioned that Verna McClain does not have a criminal history, which we already assumed because she was a registered nurse.  You cannot work as a registered nurse, if you have a criminal record, as far as we know, so that was no surprise.  However, it would be very interesting to find out about her psychological history.   If she does not have one, it is possible something suddenly caused her to lose her mind, because no one in the right mind would do a thing like this.   

We want to forewarn each and every last one of our readers to always pray before you leave the house, because Satan controls people and many of them may not be in their right mind to know what they are doing when attempt to commit harm on someone else.  Be very cautious and always pray even when you go into these public places and when you leave.   What did our Bible tell us about Satan's whereabouts in Job 1:7?  'And the LORD said unto Satan, Whence comest thou? Then Satan answered the LORD, and said, From going to and fro in the earth, and from walking up and down in it.'  This means he can enter the soul of anyone, whether they be white, black, Asian or Latino to make misery for someone else, if they are not serving God as His children.  They become demonic robots and do not even know they are on an assignment for Satan to take the lives of souls.

May Kayla Marie Golden rest in peace and we pray God gives strength to her husband and family.   We pray for her baby that he grows up and gets to know Jesus Christ.  We also prays that Verna McClain repents when she comes to the knowledge for what she has done.

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Nurse who told relatives she was adopting baby 'gunned down new mother and ripped three-day-old son from her arms as she was leaving doctor's office'

By Daily Mail Reporter

A registered nurse has been arrested for fatally shooting a new mother and snatching her three-day-old son outside a doctor's office as she took the baby for a check-up.

Verna Deann McClain, a 30-year-old mother of three who had told relatives she was about to adopt a baby, will face capital murder charges, the district attorney for Montgomery County, Texas said.

In dramatic scenes in the quiet Houston suburb of Spring on Tuesday afternoon, McClain allegedly gunned down 28-year-old Kayla Marie Golden, firing up to seven shots at close range...Read full article, here.

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