Monday, April 30, 2012

Video: Double Homicide in Coral Gables, Jose R. Rojas Murdered Employer With Mop, Because She Did Not Pay Him

Jose R. Rojas has been arrested for an alleged double homicide that happened in Coral Gables, Florida.   Rojas supposedly murdered his employer, Francis C. Venezia, because she refused to give him a paycheck.   When you visit the website of Certified Inventory Services, LLC where Jose R. Rojas was the vice-president you cannot help but wonder why he would murder his boss, Francis Venezia over wages.   According to Venezia's website, she was the President of the company and obviously had control over the finances, but this devastating news has revealed Jose Rojas was very angry, because she was not paying him.   It seems like it would be the right thing to do, since Jose Rojos was the vice president of this company, but filing a civil case did not seem to cross his mind.   On his way to work, a store video camera shows him buying items to commit murder.  This was an execution style way of killing these two people, so we can assume Jose must have not always been a business man, but he also could have been a gangster. 

According to the Miami Herald people know Jose Rojas as a kind and humble family man with 3 children.  They claim this news shocks them, because they never recall him being violent. 

Of course, we see people on a daily basis and we cannot ever imagine what sort of personal issues they may face, because we are not them.   Jose Rojas probably is a very kind man, but like a lot of unsaved people, when so much occurs in their lives, they get overwhelmed with stress and lose it and this is what happened, he lost it.  However, we feel it is much more than money, because if it was just about money, he could have simply filed a civil case against his employer, Francis Venezia.  Some people do kill over money and if this is the case in this situation, it must have been millions, but it was not worth taking the lives of two human beings for his freedom. Obviously, Jose Rojas had another side to him that was very evil and this was one time, he could not tame his animosity. Many people smile in your face, but they do not know Jesus Christ and Satan will take over their spirits to do some of the most craziest things, especially when it comes to money.  You know how the Bible says in I Timothy 6:10, 'Money is the root of all evil', that's very true, but it also says in Mark 8:36, 'For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?'  That scripture is not just for those whom are drug dealers, pimps and prostitutes, but also those whom will kill for money, even when they work a legitimate job.  We cannot love money more than God, even when we face unfair situations and we do not get paid.   This is why we have judges and courts, so they can hear our side of the story when we are mistreated by our employers.   As the vice-president of Francis Venezia's company, God needed to be the center of Jose's life, because although she may have been a very selfish woman, no demon in hell would have had the power to control him to commit this double homicide, allegedly.   Jose Rojas has been charged with first-degree murder, but we pray he allows God to come into his life.

May Francis Venezia rest in peace.

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Businessman 'tortured and killed his female boss with a MOP'because she owed him money

By Laura Cox

A man has been charged with homicide after he allegedly tortured and bludgeoned to death his boss after showing up at work with his murder weapons.

The brutal killing is thought to have been related to a dispute over money.

Jose R. Rojas arrived at his office in Coral Gables, Florida on Friday carrying a bag full of a deadly array of tools including duct tape, a wooden mop handle and a pellet...Read full article, here.

Source, Video and Photo Courtesy:
Source: Certified Inventory Services, LLC

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