Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Video: Guide Dog Calls Cops When Blind Woman Attacked: Dogs Are a Gift From God

If it was not for a special device used by a guide dog to contact Philadelphia police, they would not have been alerted an intruder broke into an unidentified blind woman's home.   The intruder fled the house, after he violently attacked the woman and obviously noticed police were on their way.   

Dogs really are a gift from God, because God gives them sense when trouble is near.   Like in this case of this blind woman not being able to defend herself, this dog was trained to not only protect her, but he had sense enough to call for help.   This is how amazing dogs are.   It cannot be understood why many people are afraid of dogs, because they really are a man or woman's best-friend and will love you, unconditionally.  They are born with a heart of consideration, something many human beings do not possess.   Just like in this case of this blind woman, they will not allow anyone to hurt those they feel close to and that is why many are trained to lead and assist blind people.

We pray God's blessing be on the blind woman whom was attacked as she recovers and that her dog remains to be a strong guide dog.   We also believe healing to take place in her eyes, in Jesus name.

 Watch Video

Guide Dog Calls Cops When Blind Woman Attacked 

PHILADELPHIA -- Police say an intruder attacked a blind woman inside her home before her guide dog alerted police.

Investigators say the 54-year-old woman is hospitalized in stable condition following the early morning attack Monday in the city's Wynnefield Heights...Read full article, here.

Source and Video: http://www.huffingtonpost.com
Photo Courtesy: http://now.msn.com

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