Saturday, April 28, 2012

Video: Rally At West Angeles COGIC Should Have Been A Revival and Not a Rally For Trayvon Martin: Black Man arrested in bloody murder of mother and daughter

This 22-year-old killer is a black man who took the lives of a mother, Ignacia Martinez and daughter, Karla and beat the father in Las Vegas, Nevada. He not only murdered them and beat the father, but he also raped the little girl.   This should show you why racial discrimination is just one type of demon, there are many other demons that work in all races of people and we would have liked to have heard that Bishop Charles Blake of West Angeles Church of God in Christ had an alter call during a revival instead of allowing this rally to occur.

Now, we would like for you to first watch this clip showing the NAACP, Rev. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson holding a rally at West Angeles Church of God in Christ.   In God's Kingdom, there should be no rallies, but only revivals to save souls of all races in the 21st century.   Rallies have never worked to stop the demon of murder and as you can see, demons control all races to kill, regardless i they are white, black, Latino or Asian.   Now, you are going to see something that offends God, because race is mostly a discussion and usually salvation is never a topic.   It is time to save souls, in order to stop the killings among all races.   The era of the black civil rights movement is over, it is time to face it.  Many African Americans messed up when they began following the traditions of other tribes and intermarrying them as God told us not to do, in Deuteronomy 7.  For many years, after the the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, many  began selling drugs to their own people and killing within the black community.  Therefore, it is now impossible to make it a racial issue, when it in fact is only a spiritual issue.  Civil rights activists cannot use rallies to discuss racial discrimination against blacks when many have rebelled against God and His Word.  Many have not only disobeyed God's biblical scriptures sexual intermingling with other tribes, but many have also married as gays and lesbians, another violation within the Kingdom of God.   Even worse, they have accepted the philosophies of other tribes by allowing same sex marriage in the black church.   Therefore, this rally just like many others was a waste of time.

May Ignacia Martinez and her little girl, Karla rest in peace and we pray the father recovers real soon, so he can raise his 10-year-old son who told his teacher about his family's slayings.

Watch Video

 Watch Video

Man arrested in bloody murder of mother and daughter after 10-year-old boy found their slain bodies in their home

 By Daily Mail Reporter

A 22-year-old man is being charged in the savage killing of a mom and daughter in Las Vegas after a week-long man hunt.
Bryan Clay is alleged to have bludgeoned to death 10-year-old Karla Martinez and her mother, Ignacia Martinez at their Robin Street home last Saturday, in an apparent random crime.

Karla’s father, Arturo Martinez, 39, was critically injured in the bludgeoning attack and remains in hospital with head injuries.

Savage: Brian Clay allegedly bludgeoned to death the mother and daughter at their Las Vegas home
Ignacia and Arturo’s 9-year-old son tragically discovered the slain bodies of his mother and sister...Read full article, here.

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