Sunday, April 22, 2012

Zachery Tims' Children Celebrate Father's Birthday at Memorial Site

Zachery Tims Birthday memorial and Life Center

The late Pastor Zachery Tims' birthday was remembered on Wednesday evening by Riva Tims and the couple's four children. It was held as a public memorial Wednesday evening at the Florida cemetery where he was buried. Zachery Tims would have been 43 years old on Wednesday, April 18th.
CF News 13 has reported what was stated at the special memorial event for Zachery Tims' birthday. Riva Tims' child Zion had this to say about their father:
“I want to make sure people will remember him. I want to make sure that his memory will not be forgotten and I thought no better day than his birthday,” said Zion Tims, as he explained why he and his siblings planned a birthday memorial service for their father.

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Children of Zachery Tims Want Dr. Zachery Tims Jr. Enrichment Center To Be Living Legacy | AT2W

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