Monday, May 14, 2012

Bishop Carlton Pearson VS. Bishop Harry Jackson: American Black pastors weigh in on Obama's same-sex marriage support: Did Obama's Agenda Ruin Mother's Day?

Here we go again with Bishop Carlton Pearson publicly supporting an agenda, which is not condoned in God's Word.   You know, it is very odd to remember when Bishop Carlton Pearson was such an inspiration in the Christian church, getting all denominations and all races to join him in AZUSA, but it is such a nightmare to see him now trying to get the Christian church to agree with same sex marriage.  The way Bishop Pearson opposed Bishop Harry Jackson stance on sanctification for marriage between a man and a woman is just a sign of another black man in the pulpit trying to drag others into a spiritual bondage of a sinful nature.  Many of these black preachers whom follow this demonic agenda for same sex marriage will eventually be in eternal hell with Satan and all of his demons, if they do not repent.

All we can say is, is that Bishop Carlton Pearson is possibly supporting the homosexual agenda, because he allegedly trying complete Satan's agenda for humanity.   All this simply reveals is that his idea of there being no such a thing as a Devil or hell is a lie, because he is showing that it is very real through his demonic actions as an inclusionist.   He sat on this following CNN interview opposing Bishop Harry Jackson's opinion of marriage only being based on biblical principles as though it is wrong to be righteous.   You see, this is why we can no longer support civil rights issues, because many "so-call" ministers like Bishop Carlton Pearson are allegedly enslaving themselves into sharing civil rights with an issue that has nothing to do with prejudice based on race and also trying to drag other people into an alleged slavery with them, this is insane and it is not God's will.   Anything that causes a lot of conflict, God does not agree with it and we know Jesus is not happy with these preachers going against what God told us not to do in his Word.   All of this conflict with ministers like Bishop Carlton Pearson refusing to completely follow God's Word ruined Mother's Day and did not deserve more attention than mothers whom should have gotten all of the attention.  If you notice, no other political agenda has distracted mother's day in history like this issue of same sex marriage.

Isn't it a horrible thing that gay affirming black preachers like Bishop Carlton Pearson would go so far to debate and discuss President Barack Obama's support for same-sex marriage on Mother's Day.  We think it is very selfish and if this same sex agenda could cause so much division and conflict on Mother's Day, then it must not be very wrong.   Many of today's black preachers like Bishop Carlton Pearson are a disgrace to the history of African Americans and really should resign from the pulpit.   The way he made a point to say many men and women cannot keep their marriages together in order to support same-sex marriage is not fair, because if it was not for men marrying women, their wives would not have been able to naturally conceive babies.   This is God's original plan and all black preachers in the black church who would rather give into same sex marriage being a civil rights issue need to get out of ministry and find something else to do.  If not, then their rebellion will do nothing but lead them into God's wrath at the end of their lives.  For instance, in the beginning of this following CNN video, we hear Rev. Raphael Warnock allegedly shouting that all African Americans should agree because they are African descent, but he does not realize he will eventually face judgement by saying such a thing, because there is a hell waiting for all black people whom live their lives based on color and not a lifestyle of complete holiness.  We are all spirits, no matter what race we are and God left us biblical scriptures to follow and it is so unfair to say, support this same sex marriage agenda because we are African descent.   God does not see it that way, we are all either saved or unsaved and at the end of our lives, we are either going to heaven or hell.   So, what Rev. Warnock preached from Atlanta's Ebenezer Baptist church has just been thrown away and does not fit the guidelines written in the Holy Bible.

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