Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Pastor Mack Randall Wolford dies hours after he's bitten by a rattlesnake

For many years, various pastors have taken advantage of this scripture found in Mark 16:18, which states: 'They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover.'  They forget about the scripture in Luke 4:12 that says, 'And Jesus answering said unto him, It is said, Thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy God.' God wants us to use common sense and not test him.  Having faith in God is much different than testing God.   For instance, people test God in different ways, some live in sin and think God will enter the gates of heaven when they die and so it was the same with this minister Pastor Mack Randall and even his father whom tried to prove before their congregation that Mark 16:18 is true.   However, the scripture of trusting God against anything that tries to harm you is true, but we are never supposed to purposely place ourselves in that situation to get bitten by a serpent or in any other dangerous circumstance. 

Allegedly, we have seen Jentezen Franklin on his national televised program, Kingdom Connections behave the same way in front of his parishioners.  He held a python as a demonstration of being controlled by sin.   Although, we understood the point, we also know that any type of snake is evil and cannot even be trusted for a demonstration.   All snakes are a symbol of the Devil, because of how it lured Eve to control Adam to eat the poisonous forbidden fruit in the beginning of time.  Therefore, we should not be afraid of one, but never purposely hold one to prove God's power.  

Rev. Jim Jones of The Peoples Temple was another minister whom tempted God by holding a rattlesnake in front of his followers. 

In the case of Mack Randall Wolford and his father, it is very sad they took that scripture out of context without even realizing God does not want us to ever tempt him.  God does not have to be proven to be powerful and there is a great possibility, He gets offended whenever man or woman test Him.  Therefore, Wolford nor his father could only be protected for so long.

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Serpent-handling pastor dies hours after he's bitten by a RATTLESNAKE - nearly 30 years after his father died the same way

By Daily Mail Reporter

A Pentecostal reverend known for preaching with the help of a rattlesnake coiled around his arm lost his life when one of the creatures suddenly bit him.

Mack Randall Wolford, 44, pastor at the Full Gospel Apostolic House of the Lord Jesus in Matoaka, West Virginia, was killed hours after receiving the deadly bite on Sunday.

Wolford was holding a 'homecoming' service outdoors in Matoaka while handing the rattler...Read full article, here.

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