Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Pastor Tony Smith On Barack Obama Homosexual Marriages: Black Church Not In The Position To Oppose Same Sex Marriages

Pastor Tony Smith of The Way of God Church of the Lord Jesus allegedly says the church overall has no right to publicly oppose same sex marriages.   In a way, we agree with him.   Yes, we agree there are many hypocrites in the black church.  He mentions on this following video, preachers like Bishop Eddie Long who previously marched against same-sex marriages was later accused of having multiple affairs with young men.   Pastor Tony Smith went onto mention about all the pastors whom impregnate women and mess around with young boys in the black church.   Of course, we agree there are too many problems to deal with like hypocrites whom are gay while preaching against homosexuality.   He brings up a good point because sin in sin, we have to many problems to deal with, to deal with the issue of same sex marriage.  Although, we agree with Pastor Tony Smith's message on this following video clip, we still partly disagree and feel those of us whom are not hypocrites have a right to publicly speak out against same sex marriage, along with other sins God does not condone.

Pastor Tony Smith is so right. This is no doubt the very reason why the body of Christ has lost its power, because of not only so many hypocrites in the black church, but the church overall.   There are too many problems that have not been dealt with over the years and this is why is does not surprise us we now have a president who is so powerful to change the values of this country and many pastors are afraid to disagree with him.   Specifically, the black church has been so hypocritical, many pastors have a lot of repenting to do.   We also feel because of celebrity preachers being so focused on fame and fortune, there has been a lack of power to oppose same sex marriage.   Because of all of the carnality within the black church and other churches across the country, many pastors have failed to fear God and be controlled by the masses whom would rather yield to President Obama's expectancy of supporting gay marriage.  Pastor Tony Smith also mentions the drug activities in this country and how the church has not done its' job to fight that issue.  He brought up a lot of issues that reveals why many of these preachers within the black church have been so weak to stand up for what is right.  For instance, the black church has established homosexuality in many ways, by allowing them to control different administrations within the ministry.  Even ministers like Pastor Jamal Bryant, allegedly claimed he agreed with civil unions, but not same sex marriage reveal why many of them have no right to publicly oppose it.   Just watch the video and you tell us what you think about the points Pastor Tony Smith brought up.   However, we deeply feel many of us yet should publicly oppose same sex marriage among other sins the black church has failed to deal with.

Pastor Tony Smith On Barack Obama Homosexual Marriages

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