Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Response To Article About Bishop T. D. Jakes and President Obama Leading The Way To Victory? Lost Souls in the Black Church

In response to a reader's comment about our previous article, 'Can We Expect Bishop T. D. Jakes To Publicly Oppose President Barack Obama's Same-Sex Marriage Agenda?  If Not, The Black Church Should Recognize Him as an Alleged False Prophet'We refuse to go to hell for black folks or any other race, so we will continue to tell the truth.  It is so sad, that this reader resides in the same state as a very powerful minister whom is so courageous to preach against same-sex marriage, Pastor Patrick L. Wooden.  This unidentified resident of Greenville, N. C. read our article and think these men are alright, having a good time and leading people to victory.  His soul is so out of touch with God, he does not even realize they both are allegedly leading many souls into eternal hell and damnation in our opinion.  

Dear SCR readers, the Bible clearly states how God feels about homosexuality.   It is not cruel, His expectations are out of love, because He hates sin and so do we.   Any child of God whom has been washed by the blood of the Lamb recognizes that this is not a civil rights issue, this is an issue of demonic forces rising up against God.  This is no time for African Americans to brush it off and think it is so cute for Bishop T. D. Jakes to be a cotton ball Christian in the presence of President Obama.  Respectively, neither men are leading people to victory, according to God's Word, because homosexuality is a sin, those whom would rather think of both men as heroes for the black race are very foolish, because many souls whom remain gullible will end up in the lake of fire, where it never quenches.

Time and time again, we have given you testimonies about how Minister Mary K. Baxter was one of the saints of God whom was chosen by Jesus Christ to go on a tour to hell.  She saw millions of skeletal bones reaching out for Jesus to save them from the flames.  They were crying and screaming to escape torment, these were not just homosexuals, but also gullible Christians and even ministers whom were afraid to obey God's voice, but rather be respected by mankind.   They were in hell and could not escape.   

We are clearly speaking to followers in the black church, it is time for you to stop glorifying these celebrity preachers like Bishop T. D. Jakes and glorify God.  God is calling for the black church to return to complete holiness.   When Jesus took Mary K. Baxter to hell and even the teen, Angelica Zambrano, she noticed many Christians were there for living double lives.   So, dear brothers and sisters of the black church, if you are double-minded, that is, saying you are a Christian, but remaining quiet about this issue while supporting President Barack Obama, you are simply living a double life.   You cannot say you love God and truly saved, but you congratulate to men, because they both are leading people to victory.   If you are that blinded, you are going to be led by demonic powers into hell, because neither individual is leading this nation to victory.  According to God's Word and Minister Mary K. Baxter's testimony, there was a reserved lake of fire for homosexuals whom once lived on earth.   They were screaming for Minister Baxter to tell their relatives not to go there.   So now, tell us Bishop T. D. Jakes and President Obama are leading people to victory.

Even if you are a member of a black church and they teach about unity, if certain people are not in agreement with God's Word that opposes homosexuality, you should not unite with them.  It is time for the black church to realize the only church that will be in heaven is not necessarily the black church, but only the church of pure holiness full of righteous souls of all races.  Let go of that black pride and turn to Jesus Christ before it is everlasting too late.  We all are just now finding out, it does not matter what race a president is, all that matters is if he believes in God's Word that condemns sin, including homosexuality.

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