Tuesday, May 8, 2012

AT2W's Special Prayer for Pastor Joel Peebles: Satan Is Working Against Him (and Riva Tims) Through Church People

The family of AT2W would like to say a special prayer for Pastor Joel Peebles.   However, we first would like to discuss how terrible it is for church people to allow the Devil to use them to attack men of God like Pastor Joel Peebles and women of God like Pastor Riva Tims.   These church people are not only suppose to be followers of Jesus Christ, but they are also the same race as Pastor Joel Peebles.  Pastor Joel Peebles is facing a trial that is being operated from the pit of hell.   The Devil knew what was going to happen after his mother died and he had a strategic plan even before her death.   If you have listened to various testimonies of people whom have visited hell on our testimonies page, you can recall how much Satan is very real and so is his demons.  They come to haunt humanity, not just the souls he has in his eternal place of fire and brimstone, but he also tries to agitates true servants of God through souls whom are not children of God.  These souls whom try to agitate true saints of God could be black, white, Latino, Asian or any other combined race and it does not matter which race whom are truly saved he targets to cause emotional distress. As you can clearly see, in this case of Pastor Joel Peebles and even Pastor Riva Tims Satan is allegedly using church people whom are mostly black, not white supremacists.  They are on an assignment for the Devil, because they refuse to be fair and allow these two pastors to live in peace.  

As our Bible lets us know, the reason why certain pastors like Pastor Joel Peebles are not treated fairly, it is simply because Satan knows they are real with God and desires for them to serve him, instead of God.   In John 10:10, it says this: 'The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.'   Like God told Simon in 22:31, And the Lord said, Simon, Simon, behold, Satan has desired to have you, that he may sift you as wheat' this is what is going on with this situation against Pastor Joel Peebles and even in the previous situation with Pastor Riva Tims.  Satan uses people to work against God's chosen ones.   You may ask, how does this happen in the church?  Let us make this more clear than what we mentioned in the opening of this article, those whom are not true children of God are automatically on an assignment for Satan to destroy their future. They are automatically candidates to become evildoers against God's children and when they do, they have no consideration for how much emotional pain they cause on a person.  In this specific case of Pastor Joel Peebles, there is a well-known pastor of a mega ministry, Pastor Michael Freeman who allegedly has something to do with the assets of the late Pastor Betty Peebles, according to People of Praise, Maryland blog.  Now, how was he able to allegedly get his hands on what should belong to Pastor Joel Peebles?   This is an alleged demon of greed that has caused these church people to not only take the church, but the very home Pastor Joel Peebles was raised in.   Can't you see why we can no longer unite with the race of black people in general and why it is so very important just to unite with all races whom are truly righteous and fear God?  We are indeed in a spiritual battle and many African Americans in the church are on the team of the Devil fighting the true saints of God while allegedly possessed with demons.  They do not even think about, if the late Pastor Betty Peebles was living, she would not have allowed them to offend her son nor take her assets.  In our opinion, these people are selfish, greedy and very envious of Pastor Joel Peebles.

Although, there is a sense of pride when it comes to discussing the history of the black church, we must realize many black people whom call themselves born again Christians are on their way to hell.   They ignore the scripture in Matthew 6:24 that says not to worship money: 'No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon. Also, they ignore the scripture in I Timothy 6:10 that says 'Money is the root of all evil'.

So now, let us now pray for the son of the late Dr. Betty Peebles, Pastor Joel Peebles.  Let us pray against the demonic force that is allegedly controlling the souls of these people to cause misery in his life.   This unfair treatment is no different than racial discrimination, this is why we can no longer join those whom are just focusing on race, but we are spiritual people whom are anointed enough to realize so often black people are used by Satan to destroy their own kind, so we must  command Satan to flee.

Jesus, we come before you right now.  We bring Pastor Joel Peebles, including his wife in prayer to you right now. Lord, Pastor Joel Peebles is going through a lot of emotional distress caused by people whom have allegedly fired him from being the pastor of his mother's church.  Now, we are learning that this well-known televangelist who is also the pastor of his own church, Pastor Michael Freeman allegedly is the executor over the late Betty Peebles estate.  God, this is so unfair and we ask you to bind this demonic force that has been working against Pastor Joel Peebles, in the mighty name of Jesus.   We command Satan to flee and leave this man of God, alone.   We bind ever demonic force that has taken control over the church building and the home of the late Dr. Betty Peebles.   Lord, we realize our journey as a believer is not always easy, but we praise you through it all.  We praise you for all of the hardships we endure, because we know you are right there with us during the trials as you are with Pastor Joel Peebles.   We pray for strength in his life dear Father and we believe you are going to work everything out in his favor.   In Jesus name, Amen.  Now if you believe this prayer, come on and praise God for working it out for our dear brother, Pastor Joel Peebles.  Lift your hands and praise Him right now.  Demons have to flee, because there is power in the name Jesus.

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