Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Tony Perkins Open to Dinner at Home of Gay Couple: Is He Showing the Love of Christ and Letting His Guard Down?

Tony Perkins of Family Research Council allegedly admitted he and his wife will have dinner at this lesbian couple's house.  What is the point?   Yes, we know Jesus sat down with sinners, but He also told the prostitute and would not condemn her, to go away and sin no more in John 8:11.   Therefore, we are wondering is Tony Perkins yet a God-fearing man or is he going to let his guard down?   Will we continue to see him standing along side of holy men like Bishop Harry Jackson to combat this issue of same-sex marriage?  We hope and pray he will lead this lesbian couple to Jesus Christ, because many times, righteous like Tony Perkins can end up allowing Satanic forces to lead them, instead of being strong enough to win souls from Satan's territory.

You have to be very strong when you agree to sit in the midst of homosexuals or any other sort of sinners that have alleged similar satanic strongholds.   So, if a gay or lesbian person invite you to dinner, knowing you disagree with their lifestyle, would it be to prove they have a wholesome family just like a heterosexual married couple or would it be to persuade you to accept homosexuality and to no longer speak out against it?   Think about it, this could be a set-up. 

Therefore, it would be very wise for Tony Perkins to not just take his wife with him to dinner, but also another minister, so he can pray with this lesbian couple, because the Devil has got all sorts of schemes to continue his plan to win souls into eternal hell.   We will pray for Tony Perkins that he seeks God about this decision he has already made to visit the home of this lesbian couple.   This visit should be nothing, but to show them the love of Christ and and if they will listen, he should be able to point biblical scriptures that reveal God's disagreement with homosexuality.

Tony Perkins Open to Dinner at Home of Gay Couple

Conservative Christian leader Tony Perkins of Family Research Council in Washington said he is willing to dine at the home of a married lesbian couple, who expressed their desire to "open up his heart" to the love that is present in their family.

Perkins sent a statement to CNN on Monday which read, "My wife and I will be glad to respond when we receive the invitation to find a time that works."

Jennifer Chrisler, executive director of a gay rights group called Family Equality Council, sent a letter to Perkins, inviting him to have dinner at her home with her same-sex spouse and twin 10-year-old boys. The invite was sent after Perkins...Read full article, here.

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