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Twin Sisters and Cousin Share a Husband All Have 24 Children: Is Polygamy Allowed In The Body Of Christ?

Homosexuality is not the only sin God is not pleased with, He also does not condone polygamy and it is absolutely not allowed in the body of Christ.   God's wrath is not just coming on earth, because of the rebellion among gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transsexuals, but God is angry at those whom are involved in incest, polygamy, bestiality and all sorts of other sins.  As born again believers, we must speak out against all sin, not just homosexuality, because so many times, people whom may not claim to be gay are sinners and they think they are okay with God, but no, they are headed for eternal damnation in hell just like homosexuals, if they do not repent.  These twins, Vicki and Valerie Darger in the above photo are married to Joe, along with their cousin, Alina.  They all share 24 children and appear as though they are so happy.  However, ask yourself, what does God think about their union?   There is a burning hell prepared for those whom have yielded their souls to lust and we seriously ought to forewarn people that God is not pleased with any type of sin.  In this situation, we just do not allegedly sense a demon polygamy, but we it seems as though there a demon of incest.  It is bad enough, this man is married to three women, but he is also married to their bloodline, three times.   God is not pleased with this situation.   

Destruction in the minds of the Dargers children should concern us, because all of these children are not just cousins, but they are also siblings, this is why we mention there is an alleged demon of incest.  Their children maybe growing up in an atmosphere where they will never know the difference between right and wrong.   Allegedly, the Dargers are Mormons who were married in Salt Lake City, Utah where there is a history of families involved in polygamy.   Therefore, a lot of children may not even have a chance to learn about morals and values and what God does not condone in His Word.   Yes, they can open up a Bible and read it, but in the atmosphere of their families whom are Mormon they are reading the wrong Bible, the book of Mormon.  Jesus is the only way and the Holy Bible is the only Word we all should be reading and totally obeying the commandments in it.  Therefore, it is not just important for us as Christians to pray against the demon of homosexuality that has control over the lives of men, women and children, but also families involved in polygamy where there children are growing up in an alleged lustful environment.   This is what is wrong with society, we mainly focus on one group that boldly has parades across America and fight for same sex marriage, but we do not discuss other sinful matters like polygamy, which is also destroying God's plan for wholesome marriages just between one man and one woman.   Many of those within the body of Christ have not been looking at the entire picture of Satan's plan to destroy men, women and children all sorts of ways, not just homosexuality.   We need to start spreading the word within the body of Christ for us to not only continue to fast and pray against homosexuality, but also polygamy.   God wants marriage between one man and one woman and He does not desire that all children in the family share one man as their father,
that is not His will.  All sorts of lusts are wrong in the eyes of God and all sorts of lusts will send anyone of us to hell.

We would like for you to watch this following You Tube video.  It is an old video, but it reveals the truth about how Jesus feels about the Mormon church.   On this following video, you will see this woman who tried to died and when she ended up in hell, Jesus told her to go back and tell the Mormon church to repent.  So, this should be enough to tell you that Jesus Christ does not condone the Mormon church nor their beliefs.

Watch Video about these twins, cousin and there husband, Here

The twin sisters who share a HUSBAND (and he’s also married to their cousin) 

By Simon Tomlinson

From their brunette hair to their dress sense, twin sisters Vicki and Valerie Darger have a number of things in common.

But the 42-year-olds share more than just their looks - they are both married to the same man.

The sisters are in a polygamous marriage with Joe, 43, who is also wed to a third woman - their cousin Alina.

The Dargers, who are fundamentalist Mormons from Salt Lake City, Utah, live together...Read full article, here.

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