Monday, May 7, 2012

Update: Deion and Pilar Sanders court battle continues for third day

We are just giving you an update, regarding Deion and Pilar Sanders in divorce court.   This is the third day they are in court and after the judge hears from their children, witnesses and family members, he will decide which party will get specific assets.  

Again, our prayers are with Deion and Pilar Sanders and we hope they both seek God and totally submit to His will and His way   After hearing both sides, we now say obviously, they both have issues and need to deal with them.

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Sanders court battle continues for third day

NFL great Deion Sanders testified in his own defense Monday as his divorce case against his estranged wife Pilar plays out in a very public setting.

A Collin County judge is hearing evidence from the two as he considers the couple's dueling requests for protective orders.

The most compelling evidence the judge is hearing stems from the couple's fight...Read full article, here. 

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