Friday, May 25, 2012

Update: Pastor Winans License Suspended When Carjacked

There is always a reason why certain things happen the way they do and in this case, Pastor Marvin Winans driving without a license does not surprise us.   Now, he stood in front of the cameras explaining his story as though he was a clean victim, but Pastor Marvin Winans was allegedly caught doing something a man of God should not have been caught doing, driving on a suspended license, according to a recent report.  When you click on the below link you will hear the reporter say that it has not been the first time Pastor Marvin Winans has been driving on a suspended license and also did not pay two tickets.  His license has been allegedly suspended four times within the last 5 years for failing to pay certain fees.

Now, we can expect struggling citizens who often make the mistake of not paying tickets in order to pay bills, but should this be a case of a very prominent pastor and gospel artist?   Absolutely not.   As we all know, the entire Winans family have been so successful, they have been in the presence of various Hollywood celebrities.  Bebe and CeCe were both good friends with Whitney Houston, along with Marvin himself.   Pastor Marvins Winans even preached Houston's funeral.   Some members of the prominent family sang among the prestigious elite at her funeral and now, allegedly we hear of Bebe coming out with a book.   What is the excuse, Pastor Marvin Winans could not pay these two tickets?   Now, we may not know his salary, but many pastors of mega churches get huge salaries, drive expensive cars, and live in very nice neighborhoods while many of their members struggle to afford a bus ride to church.   God sees all of this and he is angry.   You know what is so very clear?   God is trying reveal to this famous family they are not above the average person with all of their money.   

All of the crime in Detroit has got to come to a stop and God is using this situation for Pastor Marvin Winans and his entire family, along with the Clark Sisters to come down from their elite level and start showing more concern for those whom are not so fortunate.  God wants these people to start building up some homeless shelters and feeding the poor, if they are not doing so.   Every last wealthy gospel artist and minister in Detroit can afford to pay off their tickets and should never be caught driving on a suspended license.   How dare he cry victim or even expect sympathy from anyone?

If the Winans family or even the Clark Sisters have built homeless shelters, we would like to know about it.  We are not talking about their music school where they are possibly receiving tuition funds, we are talking about paying for proper facilities for these poor people to live in them.   

Also, Pastor Marvin Winans previously mentioned the fathers of these young men should start being held accountable for their sons, which none of us previously heard him say, publicly.   Detroit and any other dangerous city in America need pastors of the black church to come down from their pulpits and go out in the streets and witness to these young men, because for many decades, black fathers have not be responsible for their sons and daughters and this is nothing new.  Therefore, Pastor Marvin Winans should not all of a sudden act as though he has amnesia and cannot remember that fact, along with paying his tickets.

 If you want to see the video, Click Here.

Records show Rev. Marvin Winans had suspended license when he was carjacked

Well-known pastor, gospel singer attacked at Detroit gas station on May 16

 DETROIT -   According to driving records obtained by Local 4, the Rev. Marvin Winans was driving with a suspended license when he was carjacked and robbed in Detroit last week.

The popular pastor and gospel singer Winans, 54, was attacked May 16 while pumping gas in the area of Linwood and Davison. The robbers took his 2012 Infiniti QX56 SUV, Rolex watch, cash and credit cards...Read full article, here.


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