Thursday, May 3, 2012

Video: Deion Sanders Denies He Ever Abused Pilar and Shows Off Prosper Mansion

Now we have finally been able to hear what Deion Sanders has to say.   As you know, Deion claims to be a Christian and talks about God, nonstop, but we know that does not make any difference, it is the life you live that matters.   He seems as though he was putting on a great show while speaking with ABC News on these following videos.  He repeatedly blinked his eyes and made a point to reveal his white teeth throughout the interview.   The way he responded to questions seemed to be sincere, but he allegedly acted as though he was covering up a lot, not really being honest about everything.  Now, although we know Pilar Sanders was previously allegedly suing he and his daughter, which seemed quite nasty, there are two sides to every story.  Therefore, neither one could be innocent in this situation.  People always liked to take sides, after hearing what the husband or wife has to say, but only God knows what really happened and it will never be covered up.   According to the book of Proverbs 15:3, it says this: 'The eyes of the LORD are in every place, beholding the evil and the good.'

We really pray for the both of them that they seek God and allowed God to spiritually heal their minds and souls.   Deion Sanders is always talking about God as though he has a close relationship with him, so we pray, if he has not be completely honest, he will allow God to deal with him and Pilar, likewise.

Now, we would like for you to watch Deion Sanders give a tour to his million dollar mansion in Prosper, Texas.   As you know, money is not enough to give complete happiness Jesus Christ can give us, but we assume he is just giving us a tour, because reporters asked him to do so.

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Deion Sanders Explains Tweeting Pictures of Kids

When NFL legend Deion Sanders made headlines last month it was not for setting any type of football record, but for the way he put his children in the center of a domestic dispute between him and their mother, his estranged wife, Pilar.

Now the former Dallas Cowboys star says he did what he had to do – including tweeting pictures of him and his sons filing out police reports – in order to protect his very public, all-star image.

“I can’t be alleged the guy that’s lost his mind,” Sanders said today on “Good Morning America.”

“That’s not who I am or what I am.  I’m opening up schools. I’m doing many things for the community.  I have endorsements.”

Sanders, who was referring to his charity work as co-founder of the charter school...Read full article, here.

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