Friday, May 11, 2012

Why Can't The Average Black Preacher Be Bold Like Pastor Patrick L. Wooden Against Homosexuality?

First and foremost, we would like to say we thank God for such a powerful man of true holiness in this evil day.   It seems like the average black preacher is so afraid to be bold and reject President Barack Obama's agenda.  Patrick Patrick L. Wooden's boldness to oppose homosexuality and same sex marriage is something that is very much needed within many gullible spirits whom call themselves men and women of God.   We wish we had a presidential candidate who is God-fearing like Pastor Wooden, because being gullible and full of fear is not going to turn this nation around the way God wants it to be.  Therefore, it would be very wise for the black church to pay close attention to the way Pastor Patrick Wooden does not back down to just to please many followers of Obama in the pulpit.   We respectively say to all weak leaders within the black church to just simply resign, if you are not going to be an example for true holiness to reject President Barack Obama's homosexual agenda, because you are not called by God for ministry.

When we listen to this interview featuring Pastor Patrick Wooden, we know he is truly called to be in the ministry, because he only fears God, not mankind whom is opposing God's Word that is against homosexuality.   You see, we need to get busy and start fasting and praying for more real men and women of God in the ministry.  We need to fast and pray that God will bring more bold leaders within the black church or any other church.   This world is supposed to honor God above humanity, we are not supposed to be weak soldiers in the midst of a society that is dominating all races and ages to commit sin.   Therefore, it is time for us to only fellowship under ministries like Pastor Wooden's church, Upper Room Church of God in Christ.  If the pastors are not stepping up to speak out against homosexuality, allegedly like Bishop Eddie Long and Bishop T. D. Jakes in their sermons or in the media, then we would advise, if you truly love God not to follow them.   There sermons are a waste of time, because God has not called alleged weak men.   Another thing, we do not have time for the prosperity gospel, we need more ministers of God's Word to preach against all sin.   Money is irrelevant when it comes to thinking about where every woman, man, boy and girl maybe placed in eternal heaven or hell, after death.   Therefore, it would be wise to turn away from those whom are focusing on the prosperity gospel, because as we learned through Bishop Earthquake Kelley's testimony, God is not pleased with ministers preaching for fame and fortune.   So, it behooves us to only follow ministers like Pastor Patrick Wooden who will guide us into a life of righteousness based on God's Word.

All of us whom are truly saved through Jesus Christ realize the gay is not the new black, such a statement is deception, because just like Pastor Patrick Wooden allegedly stated, there is racial discrimination within the homosexual community.   Allegedly, there are white homosexuals whom are racists against black gays and lesbians.   So, let us be truthful about the entire situation within the gay and lesbian community, there is still racism among homosexuals.   Therefore, homosexuality is not a civil rights issue, in our opinion.   All black preachers like Rev. Al Sharpton whom are not allegedly preaching that it is a sin to be a homosexual are just simply feeding into the racial discrimination that is not discussed much among that community.   Therefore, we as children of God whom happened to be black should no longer follow civil rights leaders such as Rev. Al Sharpton, because as a minister he does not seem to be admitting the entire truth nor preaching the true gospel of Jesus Christ.

Let us pray that Pastor Patrick Wooden eventually runs for president of the United States of America.   We need not only a president that has morals and values, but we need a strong president whom is God-fearing and will not back down against God's Word.  

Pastor Patrick Wooden on the Definition of Marriage

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