Saturday, May 5, 2012

Why Do Church Members Continue Follow False Prophets? Bishop Earthquake Kelley Witnessed Witchcraft In The Church

There are many lost souls in today's churches.  It is so sad, many of them think they are servants of Jesus Christ, when in fact, they really are idol worshipers of their pastors.   As we have observed various congregations among mega ministries, we have noticed how many people remain in the churches of their pastors whom have faced scandals.  Now we are not saying this is the case in these two following examples, but just examine these two examples for a minute. For example, there are many people whom remain dedicated followers of Bishop Eddie Long, even after he was accused of molesting four or five young men, allegedly.   Next example, allegedly, many haters of Pastor Riva Tims are those whom claim to be followers of Jesus Christ and they refuse to respect her as the mother of her late ex-husband's church, even after his tragic death.  Why is this?   

There has been an alleged demon of witchcraft roaming among the evil spirits within the church whom have been discreetly involved with demonic powers to keep followers fascinated by their name and not the name Jesus.  Witchcraft is an ancient demon that has been practiced in many churches and if these souls have not been following Jesus Christ and have not been in constant fasting in prayer, they will be put under a spell.  Many followers of these false prophets are emotionally bound in shackles and do not even know it.  They will enjoy being in emotional bondage, because they are idolizing men and women and not God.  If you listened to the entire testimony of Bishop Earthquake Kelley, you can recall him allegedly saying there was witchcraft in a so-called holiness church when he was a boy and these people praised God as though they were really true servants of Jesus Christ.  The leaders in that church would secretly cast spells on people to keep them coming to their churches and giving their money.  Please, watch that video at the end of this article, if you have not done so.   

People whom refuse to avoid false prophets and search the spirits of their leaders are spiritually lost.  They are not a part of the body of Christ, because they have refused to follow God's Word and instead followed what their pastors whom are false prophets have told them.   Many of these souls are in trouble with God, because they believe the lies that are not found in the Word of God, instead they trust that the lies coming from the lips of their pastor is right.  They would rather be a part of something big, rather than accept persecution by those whom are a part of the masses of various mega ministries.   Many of these people whom claim to be Christians persecute people in the church whom live complete holy lives and refuse to be followers of their pastors whom are false prophets.   Even in this time of a recession in our country, many churches have been facing foreclosure, but many whom are not facing foreclosure could be involved in discreet practices of witchcraft in the church to keep the tithes and offerings rolling in for their own financial gain.   God is not pleased and we must forewarn you that the alleged testimony coming from this great man of God, Bishop Earthquake Kelley and many others are very true.  Specifically, God told Bishop Kelley many ministers are preaching for fame and fortune and He is not pleased.  God has assigned us to forewarn many of you whom are supporting their gain to turn around and seek God before it is everlasting too late.  Start giving your money to the poor, so they can be fed, clothed and receive shelter.   God wants people to serve him and not those whom have been put on a pedestal as though they are god and that is what many of them are preaching these days, they are god, because God made them to be a god.   That is a lie, nobody is God, except for God.   Another thing, ministry should be made into a corporation, but it should only be a house for God's praise and glory, nothing else.  Jesus Christ is the only superstar and those whom are practicing witchcraft are making themselves superstars.  If you noticed as soon as one of these famous celebrity preachers get up in the pulpit, many times there is a great applause as though it is Michael Jackson or Beyonce on the platform, that is a sign of witchcraft.   There should be no glorification of a human being, God should be the only One these people are giving praise and honor to.  This is what you call idolatry and idolatry is a form of witchcraft, it is a sin.  God is not pleased and he wants all of this to end, now.

When you watch this following video, please realize that witchcraft is still practiced in many churches today.   The reason is, is because it is Satan's weapon to win souls into eternal hell.   Witchcraft is an ancient strategy used by Satan and his servants, but it is very popular today used among many clergy in today's sanctuaries.

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