Monday, May 28, 2012

Would Most African Americans and The Black Church Support Same-sex Marriage, If President George Bush Endorsed It? Possibly not, which reveals pure racism

This is where we finally agree that many black people can be racist.  As long as President George W. Bush was in office, there were not many African Americans whom would boldly and proudly admit they were gays and lesbians as much as they do now.  There are many African Americans supporting same sex marriage while claiming they do not agree with homosexuality, twisted.  The gay and lesbian community did not even get much support from the black community when President Bush was in office.  Many of us whom thought black people could never be prejudice can now clearly see racism among those whom oppose God's Word that does not condone homosexuality.  Many of them support President Barack Obama because he is black and not grateful for President George Bush whom honored God's commandments while preserving the black family, in our opinion.  Although, President George Bush never supported same sex marriage, we deeply feel if he had done so, there would not be much support for it coming from the black community, including the black church.  Do you know how much rallying would be going on across America right now, if President George Bush was supporting same sex marriage?  In our opinion, many black churches along with Rev. Al Sharpton, Rev. Jessie Jackson and other black preachers and civil rights activists would probably be marching up to the white house, allegedly accusing President Bush of turning their generations of black people out into a queer tribe.   

We whom call ourselves sanctified in the black church must now humbly repent before the Lord, because many of us may not have given President George Bush a fair chance and this includes many "white" presidents before him.   After AIDS took many lives of black men, black women and even their children, it seems like same sex marriage would be the last thing supported by Rev. Al Sharpton, Rev. Jesse Jackson and many other preachers of the black church.   It seems as though after losing so many innocent African Americans whom were infected with AIDS through a blood transfusion, many preachers of the black church would avoid supporting same sex marriage and even supporting President Obama who supports it.   In our opinion, same-sex marriage threatens to neglect expanding future generations of African Americans and only assists AIDS that took the lives of many black families.   Many black babies were born with AIDS and many have died as the result of their mothers being infected with the deadly disease.   How could black preachers encourage their members to vote for President Obama as such a time as this when many African Americans are yet dying of AIDS?   If anything, President George W. Bush and former president before him preserved the black race.   For many years, many of us looked at President Bush as the average white supremacist, when really he was a God-fearing man whom acknowledged biblical principles.   When he admitted he was truly a born again Christian, he must have really meant it, because he never supported same sex marriage or put the black race in a position to lack naturally bearing children between black men and black women in matrimony.   

Right now, we feel many preachers of the black church whom are supporting same sex marriage have failed those of us whom have dreams of expanding our future generations, in spite of AIDS.   We also feel we must now unite as true followers of God and repent for previously judging President Bush, because he was white and thought he did not have the best interest for our race.  It seems like we are living in ghost country among many black people whom refuse to think about how AIDS robbed us of having much offspring as other races.  They have forgotten about all the funerals of black men, black women and young black children whom died of AIDS and their offspring was cut off to expand their family.  As true saints of God who happened to be black, we acknowledge we made a huge mistake looking at President George Bush as a white man without observing his soul.  Do not be surprised if the population of African Americans may become between 1 and 3 percent, because of lack of marital unions between men and women bearing children and other continuous deadly diseases like AIDS taking the lives of many black people.

After President Obama’s announcement, opposition to same-sex marriage hits record low

Public opinion continues to shift in favor of same-sex marriage, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll, which also finds initial signs that President Obama’s support for the idea may have changed a few minds.

Overall, 53 percent of Americans say gay marriage should be legal, hitting a high mark in support while showing a dramatic turnaround from just six years ago, when just 36 percent thought it should...Read full article, here.

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