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Pastor Mark Jackson Past Exposed: Caught Up in Stripper's Extortion and Nude Photos

Pastor Mark Jackson, Alexis Adams and Marcus Shaw

Former Knicks now pastor and Golden State Warriors coach was being extorted by a woman he had a relationship with who was a stripper. The pastor and coach was being extorted for nearly $200,000 from an affair he had with a New York stripper in 2006. At the time of the affair, he was working as a ESPN/ABC broadcaster and married to his wife which nearly ruined their family.

Buxom dancer Alexis Adams and accused co-conspirator Marcus Shaw were busted for the purported plot against Jackson. Jackson initially paid out $5,000 cash for the six-year-old photos and a CD of his voice messages to Adams when approached by Shaw before an April 3 game in Memphis, according to federal court documents filed in Oakland. When the assailants wanted more money from Jackson, he went to the FBI for assistance in the matter.

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More Muslims are seeing and hearing Jesus Christ in Dreams and Visions

In such a time as this when Muslims are allegedly seeming to attract national attention to their Islamic faith, God has been revealing Jesus Christ to many of them through visions and dreams.  As seen on this following video, a Muslim saw Jesus Christ in a dream and He touch His forehead and told him to follow Him.  These visions and dreams actually occur in the various lives of many people all over the world.   It is very important for the body of Christ to take heed of what God is doing and get ready to embrace former Muslims into Christianity.

When you watch this video, do not doubt how God allows Jesus Christ to be revealed to unbelievers and even in the lives of those who believe who need to hear from God.   Jesus is very real and although, we may see Islam seeming to be more of a dominant religion in America and abroad, in the spiritual world, Jesus Christ is winning many Muslims to walk with Him.  Therefore, as Christians we cannot be so narrow minded to where we do not believe in Jesus being revealed in supernatural ways.   We must be very open minded and be prepared to embrace former Muslims with extreme love into the body of Christ, because God has His own way of reaching them, even in foreign lands where Christianity is not so prevalent.

May God bless Brother Ali and the other unidentified saint on this following video and we pray they win many souls to Christ where they reside.

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Dreams, Visions Moving Muslims to Christ

Update and Video: Lesbian Teen Couple Found Shot in the Head in Texas Park

This is an update from our previous article, 'Alleged Lesbians shot in Portland Texas park: One Dead, One in Serious Condition.'  As we heard on this following video, one of the lesbian teens who was shot in the head is still in critical condition, but now recovering to stable condition. We pray that Mary Kristene Chapa makes a full recovery so she will be able to tell investigators who shot her and her deceased lesbian lover.   We also pray that she accepts Jesus Christ into her life, if she has not already.

We will say this again, just like we did in our previous article, it is wrong to kill anyone.   Just like any other sin, it is wrong to murder and we pray that this killer repents and be brought to justice.    

Update: Police are looking for a white male who possibly weighs 140 lbs.

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Lesbian Teen Couple Found Shot In Head Update: 1-Dead And The Other Clinging To Life! [Video]

Police in Texas are searching for an assailant who targeted a lesbian couple in a close-range shooting that left one woman dead and the other in the hospital, however authorities said it is not being investigated as a hate crime.

Detectives are constructing a timeline of events, processing bullet casings found at the scene and are interviewing witnesses to understand what led up to the shootings of Mollie Olgin, 19, and Mary Kristene Chapa, 18, in the small town...Read full article, here.

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Friday, June 29, 2012

Anointed Pace Sister Latrice Pace Loses 100 Pounds After Healthy Dieting

Latrice Pace loses 100 pounds

Latrice Pace, one the sisters from the gospel group The Anointed Pace Sisters has lost an amazing 100 pounds at the age of 39. She weighed 270 pounds before shedding the weight.

She tells a story of how she lost  the weight after being abandoned by her husband and seeing her father and brother lose their lives to excess weight and health issues surrounding obesity.
Read some excerpts from her story:

How I Gained It: I was abandoned after seven years of marriage. When life suddenly shifted, I immediately went into survivor mode. I was tired and unfulfilled. I found comfort in worship, yet the matters of my heart were unresolved. I was frustrated that my husband never found his way home....

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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Exodus Backs Away From Ex-Gay Therapy and Admitting Gays Can Be Permanently Cured, But will have to face God's judgement

This is not the first time, Exodus has backed away from ex-gay therapy, once before, the head of the organization allegedly apologized to gays and lesbians and even resigned from their positions.  In our opinion, the executives of Exodus will have to eventually face God's judgement, because once you say homosexuals cannot be permanently changed or cured, you are not trusting God for their deliverance.   There is no such a thing as an alcoholic, a prostitute, a murderer, a fornicator, an adulterer or even a homosexual not being able to change.   If reformed homosexual ministries do not uphold the standard for complete deliverance in a time with Satan is trying to win souls through this national agenda of gay marriage, then they do not need to claim they are a friend of Jesus Christ.  When you let down your guard, you are not in total submission to the throne of God and have failed His Son.

If gays and lesbians could not be permanently cured or changed, then God would not put His commandments against homosexuality in His Word.   Therefore, we lie on God, spreading the Word that He is not capable to deliver people from sin He does not condone.   Furthermore, we would like for you to  look at all of the testimonies we have placed on our Ex-homosexuals page.  Then, you tell us, there is no way homosexuals can be completely delivered and set free.  There are too many of ex-gays and ex-lesbians whom made the decision to turn their lives around and did not want to go back for deliverance through Jesus Christ not to work.   In our opinion, the homosexuals whom claim therapy did not work for them could be making excuses, because we have too many reformed homosexuals that say they have left homosexuality and do not have any desire to be with the same sex anymore.   Therefore, it is so very clear, once you make up in your mind to let go of any sin, you can be delivered and set free by the blood of Jesus.   Homosexuality is no different than a smoker putting down a cigarette for good, an alcoholic putting down his or her liquor, or a drug attic putting down crack cocaine, you just have to get tired enough and make a permanent decision to let it go.   If not, then you obviously loved it more than God.

Exodus claims they are moving toward discipleship, but-how can the organization lead as disciples, if they are not believing Jesus can set these souls free from homosexuality?   Therefore, they should no longer reach out to other sinners, if they have chosen to believe homosexuals whom claim they cannot change.  It would not be fair for them to try to witness to any other groups of sinners if they do not take these following holy scriptures, seriously.  

Biblical Scriptures against Homosexuality 

  •  1 Corinthians 6:9-10 - "Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God." 
  • Leviticus 18:22 - "Do not lie with a man as one lies with a woman; that is detestable." 
  • Leviticus 20:13 - "If a man lies with a man as one lies with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They must be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads." 
  • Romans 1:26-27 - "Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural relations for unnatural ones. In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed indecent acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their perversion."
Christian Group Backs Away from Ex-Gay Therapy

The president of the country's best-known Christian ministry dedicated to helping people repress same-sex attraction through prayer is trying to distance the group from the idea that gay people's sexual orientation can be permanently changed or 'cured.'

That's a significant shift for Exodus International, the 36-year-old Orlando-based group that boasts 260 member ministries...
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Pastor Victor Anderson of New Zion Fellowship Church in Jail for Attempting to Strangle His Wife: No More Abusive Husbands in the Black Church

This issue of abusive husbands in the ministry is very old in the black church, but still happens.  However, church people do not like to discuss this problem of pastors beating their wives.  If you are thirty-five years or older, you can recall many previous stories, regarding abusive black men in the pulpit.  These are the types of pastors whom preach against homosexuality, but they will not admit their own faults, such as abusing their wives or even pimping and sleeping around with the women in the pews.   In this case of Pastor Victor Anderson, it is much more than attempted strangulation, but allegedly he also battered his wife, resisted arrest and threatened police officers to shoot and kill him, after he barricaded himself inside of his bedroom.  This sounds like a man whom knew he went to far and did to care at that point what would happen; however, he is now in jail and refusing to discuss this matter with reporters.

Saints of God, before we can resolve this alleged demonic issue of homosexuality, same-sex marriage and transgenderism trying to dominate our children and break up straight couples, we had better pray against satanic forces inside the souls of abusive husbands in the pulpit.   One of Pastor Victor Anderson's unidentified church members can be heard on this following video, claiming he likes the way he preaches and that is why he joined the church.  Let us assure each and every last one of you, just because a minister may preach good, it is does not mean he does not have any personal issues and it sure does not mean he is qualified to cast the Devil out of those whom are supposedly possessed with sexual perversion.   We have got to stop ignoring these issues of pastors beating and strangling their wives and start having prayer meeting among these emotionally disturbed men and even women of God, because too many souls are at stake and God is depending on them to win them.   How can Pastor Victor Anderson cast the Devil out of a homosexual?   How is Pastor Anderson qualified to tell the prostitute to get saved?   How can Pastor Anderson be like many pastors to rebuke anyone whom has had a bad reputation in the body of Christ, if he cannot keep his hands off of his wife and keep his lips off of the whiskey bottle?

Saints, it is very clear the what problem has been within many souls whom preach God's Word and it is clearly understood why it is so difficult to get other groups of sinners to surrender their souls to Jesus Christ.   For example, it would not be so difficult to get homosexuals to agree with God's Word, but when you have so much alleged wickedness in the hearts of many preachers, they do not have the anointing within them to convert them.   Police mentioned Pastor Anderson was full of liquor when they arrived.  So, if there are many more preachers in the black church like Pastor Anderson getting drunk off of booze, then how can God depend on them to win souls off of Satan's territory?  The Bible informed us, 'And be not drunk with wine, in which is excess; but be filled with the Spirit,' if a man or woman of God is filled with God's spirit, the Holy Ghost instead of alcohol, there is no way they would be caught in a situation of trying harm those they claim to love.

We pray for Pastor Victor Anderson and his wife and that he seeks God for total deliverance.   

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Anderson pastor behind bars

Teresa Mackin

ANDERSON, Ind. (WISH) - An Anderson pastor remained in the Hamilton County Jail on Tuesday evening, facing charges of domestic battery, strangulation and resisting an officer.

Victor Richardson, the pastor at New Zion Fellowship Church in Anderson, was arrested in May for allegedly trying to strangle his wife at their Fishers home.

He was released on bond, but a warrant was issued later for a probation...Read full article, here.

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Ex-con James Stern Invites Government To Investigate Klansman's Property in Mississippi

We ask you, why is it whenever we see people like Mr. James Stern admit to finding evidence that will uncover evil in America, nothing seems to occur?  This is what happen is case of the late Dr. Boyd Graves, the man who allegedly claimed there was a patent for the cure of AIDS, but allegedly the government would not endorse it.   Why does it seem like Stern and Graves had no power for politicians to take action to reveal the truth?   This is simply spiritual and it does not surprise us that this ex-con has admitted the confession of this Klan's member and Stern's ex-cell mate.  Dear readers, nothing will ever be solved, not unless the race of black people yield to God's expectations for complete deliverance in their lives, very simple.   In our opinion, it makes no sense to admit discreet murders and patents that alleged politicians maybe hiding from people to survive AIDS, if many African Americans will not completely surrender their souls to Jesus Christ.

Yes, we may have a (bi-racial) black president, but he is not the answer for the problems that yet haunts African Americans in the 21st century, Jesus Christ has been the only way to change things.   If the demon of rebellion continues to abide in the evil souls of many African Americans whom refuse to obey God's commandments, then there will never be any power among them to change anything.   James Stern's claim maybe another ignored situation, simply because many black people have failed to operate their lives, according to God's Word.   God is expecting for African Americans as a whole to totally repent for their evil ways of murdering each other, hating how God created them, yielding to various sins and opposing His commandments.  This is the only way the government will listen and pay attention to James Stern's claim, the black race needs to repent for turning their backs on God.   African Americans were the only race enslaved in America and freed from their slave masters, so if no other race yield to God, black people should desire totally submit their souls to Him without shame.    We always hear of certain black people like the late Dr. Boyd Graves and James Stern make these claims, but we have not seen a great revival among African Americans.   However, if you know something, it is okay to tell the truth, but we do not think it is fair to expect the government to listen to any claims of murder or hidden cures for diseases, if God has been ignored among a race of most black men, black women and children whom will not totally surrender their lives to Him.

Furthermore, we think James Stern is very courageous for admitting the truth.  We wish James Stern the best and do hope he and his attorney make progress, but this really is a spiritual matter.

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James Stern Invites Government To Investigate Klansman Edgar Ray Killen's Mississippi Property

Huffington Post  |  By David Moye 

A black ex-con who shared a prison cell with a reputed Ku Klux Klansman has invited government officials to search the KKK member's property for bodies from civil rights-era murders.

James Stern claims that his former cellmate Edgar Ray Killen gave him the deed to 40 acres of Mississippi land. Killen, imprisoned for the 1964 deaths of three civil rights workers, supposedly admitted to dozens of other murders while he and Stern were housed together at the MIssissippi State Penitentiary in Parchman.

Stern said that Killen, who is serving 60 years for...Read full article, here. 

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Three Christian Ministries at risk of Colorado Wildfire

This is one of the worst wildfires, Colorado firefighters have had to deal with in history.  The wildfire is not only misplacing families and destroying their homes, but it is also maybe putting three popular ministries in jeopardy: Focus on the Family, Compassion International, and the Christian and Missionary Alliance. We pray God protects these three ministries, including all of these families of over 32,000 people.

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Christian Ministries in Path of Raging Colo. Wildfire

By Heather Sells
 CBN News Reporter

Air Force cadets joined thousands of others forced to flee their homes as a wildfire continued to rage out of control in Colorado, Wednesday.

Record heat and 65 mph winds fanned flames that now threaten residents across four states.

Several Christian ministries are based near the center of the blaze being...Read full article, here.

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Gospel singer James Fortune Says He's Shocked by lawsuit

Gospel artist, James Fortune has released a statement in response to the lawsuit filed against him. He replied he does not know why this lawsuit has been filed by his stepson's father, Roderick Davenport. However, when you watch this following video, you will see why Davenport has a hard time believing Fortune's shock...Read full article, here.

AT2W Exclusive: Woman Forewarned Victory Church Pastor Before Shootings

Jesus in the clouds

AT2W Exclusive

NOTE: What is written below is a revelation form God and His intervention with a woman. We accept the testimony of this woman as a true  and of God. This post is presenting the will of God being done and not done at the same time. As a result of it not being done, some have had t0 face consequences for their actions. So, in reading what is stated below, requires an open mind and heart to the will of God.

We are assured and awakened by the news we are about to share with you. Firstly, let's remember that there are still men and women of God who are led by the spirit and are used to make a difference in the world. In this case, this woman of God was nudged by God himself to make a move for the kingdom of God. So, let's get right to it and you will see how God works through the willing spirits of His people.

Now, a woman contacted us recently about how she heard from God to contact gay affirming churches and forewarn them...

Read the profound story at our sister site AT2W!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Gospel Artist James Fortune and Wife Taken to Court for Child Abuse

This news about popular gospel artist, James Fortune does not surprise us, because it seems like most of the singers and musicians within the gospel music industry have no conscious.  Since most of them have blended their music to satisfy European mainstream audience, no telling what news maybe revealed...Read more at A Toast 2 Wealth

Alleged Lesbians shot in Portland Texas park: One Dead, One in Serious Condition

It is very sad to admit it, but it seems as though 19-year-old Mollie Olgin and 18-year-old Mary Kristene Chapa could have both been shot because of their sexual orientation.  For this reason, although it may seem more acceptable to be gay or lesbian these days, it may never be widely accepted by some people.   It is very sad to hear this news and pray this will not happen to other people.  

Although, these two young women were allegedly in a lesbian relationship, we want to spread the word that is wrong to murder anyone, regardless of what people may not agree with in this cruel world.   It just as wrong to kill as it is wrong to commit any other sin.

May Mollie Olgin rest in peace and we pray Mary Kristene Chapa, completely recovers from her injuries.

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Police: Girlfriends shot in Texas park; has 'earmarks of a targeted attack'

From Carma Hassan, CNN
(CNN) -- Two women, who were apparently dating, were shot in a small south Texas town over the weekend.

Authorities have not said whether the victims' sexual orientation played a part in the shooting, but the police chief of the town said the incident did not appear to be a random...Read full article, here.

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Can Being Born Again Improve Your Health? Recent Study Yes

Being Born again

Being Born Again Can Improve Your Health, Says Recent Study

It's not a secret that serving God and dedicating your life to him would not promote good health. People don't always see it this way but God is the ruler of our mind, body and soul. When we live our lives for Him and serve others, we are taking good care of not only or souls but our bodies as well.

According to the study done on PLosONE, people who said they were a “born-again” Protestant or Catholic, or conversely, those who had no religious affiliation, had more hippocampal shrinkage (or “atrophy”) compared to people who identified themselves as Protestants, but not born-again.

Read full article here at AT2W

Catholic Monsignor William Lynn Convicted for Failing to Report Sexual Predatory Acts of Priests

Monsignor William Lynn Convicted for Failing to Report Sexual Predatory Acts of Priests

We will never believe that a conviction of a church official knowingly allowing abuse to go on has finally occurred. We pray this is the beginning of many, many convictions because they need to be held accountable.

This conviction is a long time coming event. It's a shame how the Roman Catholic diocese has systematically undisclosed who their many predators are in the church. We still can't understand why men, who took a vow to be celibate would in turn, corrupt their positions with God and violate the most vulnerable and innocent in our communities? This is a problem amongst many other denominations as well like the Church of God in Christ...

Read more at our sister blog at AT2W

Celebrity Preacher, Benny and Ex-wife, Suzanne Hinn announce plans to remarry for a second time: Do we hear wedding bells?

All we can say is, this is what we wish could happen for a lot of pastors and their wives whom permanently divorced, because God would rather you remain with the person you vowed to love for life at first. Although, we see Suzanne looks a bit different again (below photo), we still know it is the same woman and that's good news.   It is God's desire for men and women in the ministry to remain married, no matter how hard it gets and that is the clear message we are receiving from Benny and Suzanne Hinn. The Hinns are sending out a positive message in a time when many marriages are breaking up in the body of Christ and that is to return to your first love, only if it is not for business arrangements.

It is a good thing for ex-married couples to remarry, but many times they may do so, for business arrangements, if they desire to have a part of the wealth within a corporate multimillion dollar ministry.   However, if this is not the case for Benny Hinn and his ex-wife, Suzanne, we say, 'Praise the Lord', this is much needed in a time like this, because too there are too many divorces within the body of Christ.   God also would rather ex-husbands and ex-wives to remarry, instead of divorcing and yielding to their lustful desires, whether it be fornication, adultery or homosexuality.   

Don't you wish this could have happened for the late Dr. Zachery and Riva Tims before he died?  They both were also a pretty amazing couple in the ministry. 

As you will see on this following video, Benny Hinn claims he spent too much time in the ministry, instead of focusing on his marriage and this is what caused his separation with Suzanne.   May God continue to bless the both of them.

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Benny Hinn, Ex-Wife Announce Plans to Remarry

After reconciling late last year, evangelist Benny Hinn and his ex-wife Suzanne are now planning to getting remarried.

The couple made their announcement on "The 700 Club" Monday that they will tie the knot for a second time this fall.  They divorced in 2010 after 30 years of marriage.

Earlier this month, Hinn admitted he often put his work before his wife, and that partially led to their...Read full article, here.

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Monday, June 25, 2012

TBN's Jan Crouch Allegedly Had Love Child With 1954 Mr. America, Says Granddaughter

Jan Crouch allegedly had affair with 1954 Mr. American Richard Dubois and love child Matt Crouch

TBN's Granddaughter Claims Jan Crouch Had Love Child (Matt Crouch) With 1954 Mr. America

In the video from our previous story about The Crouches and the recent TBN scandals, it revealed the granddaughter Brittany Koper stated her grandmother Jan Crouch admitted that Matthew Crouch is the product of an affair. Koper stated in the interview that Jan Crouch said her love child was produced with Mr. America of 1954, Richard Dubois (pictured above).

Read more at AT2W

Ex-pastor Charles Gilford and wife Adriane Gilford accused of Gambling with church money, $430,000

To hear of this couple, ex-pastor Charles Gilford and his wife, Adriane in jail for stealing over $400,000 from their church members really is very hurting to the body of Christ.  Why is it, when husbands and wives in the ministry are supposed to uphold righteousness, they get caught up in a scandal most of the time?   This Houston couple once led the congregation of Bethel Institutional Missionary Baptist Church (BIMBC) with much love and compassion, according to their friends, but if they committed this crime, they really did not love their church members.   You do not love people, if you steal from them.   If you love God, you do not act like the world and in this particular case, this married couple was gambling and stealing from their own church.

As we always remind you the Word of God informs us not to be like the world.  I John 2:15, it reads,
Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him.'  Therefore, Pastors Charles and his wife, Adriane had no business gambling nor stealing.  How could a pastor and wife have such a gambling habit, they would steal from their own church members?  This seems to be the same sort of demonic spirit that would deceive these married couples in the ministry to commit fornication, adultery, homosexuality or any other sort of sin that has been the cause of recent church scandals.

This is a message to all pastors and wives, we highly respect you, but you cannot live or act like the world.  If we want to clean up the church, we must make an effort to keep our own lives clean, completely holy and righteous.  We are supposed to be different than the world and separate from anything that will offend God, including our brothers and sisters in Christ.  One of the worst things about today's church is, many pastors like to call being holy, tradition, but it is God's lifestyle designed for each and every Christian whom claims to be His child.  Therefore, if the average pastor within the black church would not be so focused on making sure their ministry is so modern, then they wouldn't be caught doing senseless things like this former pastor and first lady, Charles and Adriane Gilford.

We sincerely pray for Charles and Adriane Gilford that they both repent for the wrong they have done.

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DA: Pastor, wife gambled away $430,000 from Houston church 

by Kevin Reece / KHOU 11 News

HOUSTON -- A Houston pastor and his wife are in the Harris County jail charged with bilking their former congregation out of more than $400,000 and using that money for gambling trips to Louisiana.

Charles Gilford, 58, and Adriane Gilford, 53, were indicted Wednesday by a Harris County grand jury and charged with aggregate theft and "misapplication of fiduciary property." 

Prosecutors allege the Gilfords used at least $430,000 in church funds to gamble at the Coushatta Casino near Lake Charles between 2004 and 2007. They were pastor and first lady of Bethel Institutional Missionary Baptist Church...Read full article, here.

Source and video:

Church Worker Sentenced to Life in Prison for Molesting Boys from Myspace

Antoine Johnson arrested for child abuse

Atlanta Church Mentor Antoine Johnson Get Life in Prison for Posing as Girl to Molest Boys

The judge in this case stated: "our society is going to hell in a hand basket" and we have to agree with him. If we don't get a hold of these pedophiles and corrupt individuals, it will only get worse. The sad part about this is we are employing them in our churches and religious organizations. No one is safe when pedophiles target the church and the world!

Read report below:

Kristen was an online invention of 29-year-old Antoine Johnson, a former intern and summer camp organizer at Hebron Baptist Church, who posed as the girl on MySpace to lure underage boys, most of them loners and outcasts, into a twisted game of sexual abuse.

Read full report here

When Pastor Joel Peebles Expressed Love For His Enemies, He Revealed Jesus Christ Abiding Within His Soul

Now, that we are seeing a lot of pastors within the black church turning against Jesus Christ by accepting homosexuality in their ministries, we acknowledge that this spiritual warfare was never about race, even during the Jim Crow movement.  It is the same with Pastor Joel Peebles as you will see on this following video, watch and learn how Satan not only used his own race to  betray him, but allegedly, another pastor (Pastor Mike Freeman) and allegedly, the board for Jericho of Praise.  You see, Satan will use whom he wants to use, whether white or black, those whom are sinners and even those within the church.   If they are not completely holy, they will be used for a demonic assignment to try to destroy you.   Saints, just like many preachers in the black church are betraying Jesus Christ by agreeing with homosexuality, as children of God, we will also face persecution and we must learn to express our love to them, just like Pastor Joel Peebles on this following video.

Also, we just love how First Lady Ylawnda Peebles stands by her husband, Pastor Joel Peebles, something that is very rare in the 21st century.   A lot of times, we see women in ministry not wanting to reveal their love for their husband or even standing behind him as the first lady during the times of trouble, but this woman is revealing how God wants us to be as virtuous women.   God wants us to reveal our love for our husbands, even in the times of distress, this is what it means to be one yoke.   Men and women of God, we pray we see more married couples in the ministry like Pastor Joel and First Lady Ylawnda Peebles, instead of seeing many of them being married as heterosexual couples while agreeing with gay rights.   It would be so nice to see married couples in the black church reveal their love for one another, but not agree with sin, which should not even concern them in the first place.   As a couple, your focus should only be for building up the Kingdom of God, not expanding Satan's territory for including civil rights with gay rights.  Also, as a first lady (co-pastor) you should not be standing behind your husband to allegedly offend others by taking what does not belong to you, think about the other couple who hurt this couple.  You should be righteous and holy and when a spouse is being combated by demonic powers coming from within or out of the church, as a wife, you should follow a perfect example of First Lady Ylawnda Peebles.  Furthermore, this is why City of Praise Church is growing strong, because of this courageous first lady standing behind her man, the way God desired for it to be between one man and one woman from the beginning of time.   When we see a married heterosexual couple, the righteousness of God should be revealed to the body of Christ, not wickedness of strife or immoral behaviors.  They both make such a beautiful couple. May God continue to bless them both as they win many more souls into God's Kingdom. 

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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Bishop Randy White Returns to Without Walls Int'l Church as Pastor

Bishop Randy White Returns to Without Wall International Church 

Thanks to one of our faithful readers for giving us the heads up on this one.

Bishop Randy White has returned to Without Walls International Church. White will serve as the overseer for the Tampa, Fla., and Lakeland, Fla., campuses of the church he started with his ex-wife, Paula, in 1990.
“I am so thrilled to be back at Without Walls International Church,” White wrote in an email newsletter to the congregation. “God has done a wonderful work in my life. He is the God of Restoration!!”
 Read full story HERE

Bishop Noel Jones Allegedly Named as Father of X Factor Finalist Stacy Francis' 2nd Child?

Bishop Noel Jones and Stacy Francis from X Factor

We can not completely confirm this story but when one of our readers forwarded us the information, we thought we'd post it. We are posting it because Bishop Noel Jones has been in and out of the news and allegedly involving many women. The news report states it is true and confirmed through Stacy Francis. Read report below for details.

X Factor finalist Stacy Francis has confirmed through news reports that mega-church leader Bishop Noel Jones from City of Refuge Church in Gardena, California is the father of her second child.

Reports from stated the former X Factor finalist Stacy had kept the identity of her second child's father a secret, but recently outed him as a Pentecostal Bishop.

Read full story HERE

Rev. Clay Evans' "God's Been So Good To Me" Will Bless Anyone Today

Rev. Clay Evans' "God's Been So Good To Me" Will Bless Anyone Today
This song is a gem! Rev. Clay Evans has always created the best choir music ever. We love him and he has, as far as we know, been very faithful to traditional gospel music that didn't lose its flavor!!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Celebrity preacher, Creflo Dollar Is Having an Upcoming Teen Conference after alleged conflict with his daughter

Celebrity preacher, Creflo Dollar is taking a bold step to present this upcoming teen conference, after an alleged conflict with his daughter.  In our opinion, it takes courage to help other teens, regardless of your own son or daughter making headlines with accusations of being abused by her very rich and famous father.   Creflo and Taffi Dollar probably already had scheduled this upcoming event, but the fact that this event is going to occur, regardless of the Dollar's family problems being revealed in the media certainly reveals a lot of courage.  For any minister whom may have problems dealing with their teen, Creflo Dollar's perseverance is a positive example of courage for them to proceed to encourage troubled teens in their ministries and churches.

Although, we noticed hip-hop taking place in the house of God when this youth conference was advertised on a televised commercial, we think this is a very positive stop for Pastor Creflo Dollar to reach out to other teenagers and forget the alleged charges against him.   This is a different subject, but Creflo Dollar having this conference after the dispute with his teen reminds us of when we previously encouraged all of you pastors not to stop preaching against homosexuality, although your children may desire to be gay or lesbian.  It is very important for all ministers to pay attention to how Creflo Dollar is handling his personal family problems.  When some of our journalists watched him on television, they noticed he was very secure and did not hold his head down one time.   His perseverance is what any minister needs to have when their teen allegedly rebels, if he or she is not guilty of child abuse.  One thing is for sure, Creflo Dollar seems to be very confident while pressing on at World Changers.  At this upcoming conference, if many teens give their lives to Jesus Christ, it is so obvious why false allegations were made against him.  It is a definitely a spiritual battle.  However, we pray that this conference be different than any other teen event at any church, which is more of a move of the Holy Spirit, rather than entertainment.

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NC Police Chaplains banned from saying the name, Jesus

Saints of God, we are not facing alleged demonic forces with the issue of same sex marriage, but we are also dealing with rules not allowing Christians to say a pray, read a Holy Bible, wear a cross at work, have a prayer meeting in your home and in this latest case, the Chaplains of North Carolina are banned from saying the name Jesus in public.   In our opinion, we are living in evil times that seem like Christians are being enslaved by those whom are possible discreet Satan worshipers. America was founded on religious principles, it is very unfair for our freedom to publicly respect our Savor to be taken away.

Maj. John Diggs who is the head of the chaplain program claims he is trying to be sensitive to all religions, but his response sounds so similar to the African American principle, Greta Hawkins in N.Y. who did not allow her kindergarten students to sing 'God Bless America', because she allegedly claimed she did not want other cultures to be offended of the patriotic song.   We really feel it is a great possibility the body of Christ is facing this spiritual attack from unbelievers, simply because they could be alleged satanists.   Of course, Satan hates Jesus Christ, so it is so obvious he is behind of this rebellion.  Therefore, we must look at everything that is going on against Christianity and realize we living in a nation that could be full of discreet satanists.   Since we sense this could be the obvious issue, we need to continue to pray against these demonic forces that are using these people to take away the freedom to mention the name Jesus, to openly discuss His gospel and to even read His Word and pray in public.   If Diggs wants to be fair to all religions, then it is unfair for Him to silence Christians from mentioning Jesus in prayer or even if it was a religious discussion about our Savior.

How can this nation continue to be blessed, when we have people like Maj. John Diggs whom do not want Jesus to be heard by all races of all religions.  Jesus came to save the world and he does not like prejudice against His name.  Furthermore, this is why it is so very important for the church to separate from hypocrites whom have supported gay marriage, because we must have power to defeat the enemy who does not want us to have freedom and there is no anointing among church people whom agree with sin and oppose God's commandments.

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NC Police Chaplains Banned from Invoking Jesus

Volunteer chaplains in North Carolina's Charlotte-Mecklenburg County Police Department have been ordered to stop using the name of Jesus in their prayers at official ceremonies.     

Maj. John Diggs, overseer of the chaplain program, explained that the goal is to be more sensitive to all religions. The department's employees...Read full article, here.

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Warren Jeffs Polygamous towns Sued For Destroying Homes of Non-Believers

What these towns did to to people whom chose not to follow their cult was slavery. Whenever you cannot live in peace, because your freedoms are taken away by others, it is slavery.  Whenever, you are bullied into believing a religion or a doctrine that is wrong or forced to take part in sinful behaviors against God's Word, it is slavery.  In this case of Warren Jeffs polygamous towns they took the properties of non-believers and destroyed their assets: properties and crops.   City officials even was so cruel, they denied non-believers housing and municipal services.   It is wrong for any group or person to bully and harass others, because they refuse to follow man-made philosophies. 

We pray those alleged wicked city officials pay these nonbelievers of their court what they are due.   Also, we pray all of them, including Warren Jeffs repent before it is everlasting too late.

Polygamous towns, home to Warren Jeffs cult, sued for destroying homes and properties of non-believers

By Daily Mail Reporter
Authorities in two polygamous Utah-Arizona border towns have come under fire in a lawsuit that accuses them of supporting a campaign of intimidation against the unfaithful.

The U.S. Justice Department accuses officials of denying non-believers housing and municipal services and allowing members of the dominant religious sect to destroy their crops and property...Read full article, here.

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South Carolina mom with flesh-eating bacteria improves: God Is Still Working Miracles

This is such wonderful news, after the nation was sadden by the Sacramento pastor who recently died of the same disease.  Lana Kuykendall suffered with flesh-eating bacteria, after she bore her twins. Kuykendall is in good condition, undergoing more than 20 medical treatments at Greenville Memorial Hospital.  She has been receiving medical care since four days after giving birth to Ian and Abigail in Atlanta.  This news is faith for all of us to believe that God is going to eventually diminish it.  However, we have a job to do and that is spreading the word for America to reverse back to morals and values based on God's Word. 

God is so kind to allow this young mother, Lana to be able to survive.   The blessing of this whole miracle is Him allowing her to live and raise her twins.   We can clearly acknowledge God is still working miracles.  He combated that flesh-eating bacteria that tried to attack Lana's body.   Satan wanted so bad to kill her and have her children motherless, but God stepped in and protected her. Now Lana Kuykendall is healthy again and able to hold her twins.   Therefore, when we look at this situation, we know God can do anything but fail.  If we ask Him to heal our land, He will do it, but He wants us to love, serve and honor Him. It is never God's will for any of His children to get caught up in sickness and disease that spreads across our nation, but in our opinion, He allows it to get the attention of others whom are rebellious and refuse to turn away from sin.  In 7:14, the Bibles tell us, 'If my people, who are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.'

May God bless Lana Kuykendall, and her beautiful twins to live a long and healthy life.

South Carolina mom with flesh-eating bacteria improves, faces rehabilitation

By Michael Martinez, CNN
 (CNN) -- A South Carolina mother who contracted a rare flesh-eating bacteria infection days after giving birth to twins is being transferred to a rehabilitation hospital Thursday, now that she has been upgraded to good condition, hospital officials said.

Lana Kuykendall, 36, has undergone about 20 surgical procedures, including skin grafts, at Greenville Memorial Hospital to contain and treat the spread of the necrotizing fasciitis, hospital officials said. She has been in the Greenville, South Carolina...Read full article, here.

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Thursday, June 21, 2012

So. Baptists Oppose Gay Marriage as Civil Rights Issue: Black Church must follow example to present righteousness

Southern Baptists are being strong for God in the midst of evil trying to dominate America.  They had a meeting and their solution is simply gay marriage is definitely not a civil rights issue.   They are expecting for the Obama administration to allow born again Christians in the military to express their religious beliefs opposing homosexuality.  They also expect the U.S. Justice Department to not overturn the Defense of Marriage Act, so that God's definition of marriage would remain honored between one man and one woman.   Their courage to not accept gay marriage as a civil rights issue is what God expects within the black church and any other church that claims to be completely holy.

Pastors of the black church whom oppose homosexuality must represent righteousness and no longer accept gay marriage as a civil rights issue.  Many ministers oppose gay marriage, but they are not publicly denouncing it, as though they are ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Now that leaders of the Southern Baptists have publicly denounced gay marriage, God is yet waiting for many pastors within the black church to join them.  If not, then it would be a perfect time for their church members to make a wise decision to avoid attending their church services and to no longer give tithes and offerings to those whom will not publicly speak against homosexuality, including gay marriage.  It is not God's will for pastors whom fear man instead of God continue to receive financial support for their ministries.

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So. Baptists: Gay Marriage Not Civil Rights Issue

Southern Baptists have passed a resolution opposing the idea that same-sex marriage is a civil rights issue.

The resolution was approved unanimously at the Southern Baptist Convention's annual meeting in New Orleans.

It states that "homosexual activists and those who are promoting the recognition of same-sex marriage have...Read full article, here.

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Dr. Mary Neal Dies in a kayaking accident and goes to heaven

This amazing surgeon, Dr. Mary Neal had a kayaking accident, died and went to heaven.   On this following video, she admits to seeing her lifeless body while doctors tried to revive her, but realized she was in a better place, heaven.   This woman's testimony proves that it has nothing to do with brain waves or any type of medical treatments, you actually are in another world when you die.  It is for real and definitely not a dream.   Have you ever wondered where the soul of your loved one went after they got into a very bad accident or faced a terrible tragedy and died?  If they were saved or even repented for their sins just in time, they most likely went to heaven.   Dr. Mary Neal prayed under water, although she could not breath.   Therefore, she eventually witnessed being greeted by several souls in heaven whom knew her name when she got there, which is one of the most amazing experiences anyone could ever have.

Dr. Mary Neal had so much peace, she trusted her husband and children would be okay when Jesus took her to heaven.  Although, she loved them, she did not worry about them. She had that reassurance that they were definitely in God's hands.   She actually saw her body and was willing to leave it behind at the shore, because she was full of joy and peace.

Dr. Mary Neal's story is not the first time we heard of someone actually going to heaven.  On our videos page, we have more testimonies, if would like to hear more.   If you would like to hear what heaven is like, you must listen to those testimonies, after listening to Dr. Mary Neal.

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