Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Benny Hinn Says His Marriage Is Stronger Than Ever: Why Did Suzanne Hinn Allegedly Do a Makeover Before They Decided to Marry, Again?

First and foremost, we want to say we think it is wonderful for any man and woman to remain in matrimony and even return to marriage, after divorce.   However, we feel Benny and Suzanne Hinn claiming their relationship is stronger, after her make over is not teaching married couples about real love.   It would have been wonderful for them both to boast about how much they loved one another when she was overweight and then see her losing weight during the first time they were in matrimony, but not go through various looks similar to fugitives and celebrities in our opinion.  Isn't that what celebrities or fugitives do, they go through all sorts of unrecognizable looks?   SCR readers, God wants us to have one look and if we have to lose weight, we should do it, but not go through series of looks or identities where it confuses people of who you are.

As for married couples whom remarry for a second and third time, we feel God honors it, because it is better than divorcing and marrying someone else or even marrying different people several times.  Only if the motive is right and both parties are sincere, divorce couples of the opposite sex should marry.   However, Suzanne's whole new look makes us wonder what is behind their recent announcement of reconciliation.   What we are concerned about is this, Benny and Suzanne are remarrying, but she looks like she has returned to him as a person we do not remember.   It seems like there is a great possibility she could have different personalities.   Usually when people whom change their look, identity and even their mannerisms change, it is known to be various personalities taken place in one person.   People do not like to call it what it is, but a person whom has various personalities are allegedly controlled by various demonic spirits.   God wants those of us whom are ministers preaching His Word to be able to look and act like the same person whenever people are receiving the gospel.  When people are being spiritually fed, they should not be confused of who is preaching to them. We should not be distracted by various looks of any preacher as though we are looking at different people from time to time.   We must pray and ask God, 'Lord reveal to us who is really is feeding us spiritual food.   Are those the real people in the pulpit or are there different spirits we do not recognize in one person?'   We have to be very careful of who is giving us a Word, because alleged evil spirits can move around, even from the preacher into the souls they preach to, although we may not be able to see them.    So before we go and listen to a preacher to receive a Word from God, we should pray and ask the Lord to reveal the real spiritual identity of a person to us and if we are feeling as though their are multiple spirits in one person, we should just pray and move on.

Furthermore, it is not just fugitives whom change their looks, but it is also celebrities out in the world.  We see movie stars and entertainers do it all the time, but we whom are holy should not be doing the same thing.   We should not make the same decisions as unbelievers whom are rich and famous, but the body of Christ is supposed to be totaly different from the world.  We are supposed to appreciate the way God originally create us to be.   Didn't God's Word instruct us to be different from the world? In I John 2:15, it says: 'Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him.'  We are not supposed to be going through plastic surgeries and changing the way God made us to be.   We are not saying Suzanne has had plastic surgery, because we do not know if she went through this sort of process, but she looks so different, we do not recognize her as she used to look.  God wants to change those whom preach his Word similar to celebrities into sanctified messengers for Jesus Christ.  Ministers of God's Word are not supposed to going through various looks like celebrities, the way we look and behave should be completely distinct from unbelievers in the world.
Also, if you go to this site, you will not see some more looks, we have never seen before @
We pray for Benny and his wife Suzanne Hinn.

Do You See a Difference?
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Benny Hinn, Ex-Wife 'Closer, Stronger Than Ever'

Since reconciling with his ex-wife Suzanne, televangelist Benny Hinn says God has healed his family "in a most remarkable and miraculous way."

In a note on his website, Hinn said he and Suzanne have "submitted to godly counsel and oversight" to continue to improve their relationship and are now "closer than ever."

He called the last three years before and after his divorce "painful" and admitted that being too involved with work partially led to their separation.

"What I did not realize was that in the process of ministering around the world, it was taking a far greater toll on my marriage...Read full article, here.


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