Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Celebrity Preacher, Benny and Ex-wife, Suzanne Hinn announce plans to remarry for a second time: Do we hear wedding bells?

All we can say is, this is what we wish could happen for a lot of pastors and their wives whom permanently divorced, because God would rather you remain with the person you vowed to love for life at first. Although, we see Suzanne looks a bit different again (below photo), we still know it is the same woman and that's good news.   It is God's desire for men and women in the ministry to remain married, no matter how hard it gets and that is the clear message we are receiving from Benny and Suzanne Hinn. The Hinns are sending out a positive message in a time when many marriages are breaking up in the body of Christ and that is to return to your first love, only if it is not for business arrangements.

It is a good thing for ex-married couples to remarry, but many times they may do so, for business arrangements, if they desire to have a part of the wealth within a corporate multimillion dollar ministry.   However, if this is not the case for Benny Hinn and his ex-wife, Suzanne, we say, 'Praise the Lord', this is much needed in a time like this, because too there are too many divorces within the body of Christ.   God also would rather ex-husbands and ex-wives to remarry, instead of divorcing and yielding to their lustful desires, whether it be fornication, adultery or homosexuality.   

Don't you wish this could have happened for the late Dr. Zachery and Riva Tims before he died?  They both were also a pretty amazing couple in the ministry. 

As you will see on this following video, Benny Hinn claims he spent too much time in the ministry, instead of focusing on his marriage and this is what caused his separation with Suzanne.   May God continue to bless the both of them.

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Benny Hinn, Ex-Wife Announce Plans to Remarry


After reconciling late last year, evangelist Benny Hinn and his ex-wife Suzanne are now planning to getting remarried.

The couple made their announcement on "The 700 Club" Monday that they will tie the knot for a second time this fall.  They divorced in 2010 after 30 years of marriage.

Earlier this month, Hinn admitted he often put his work before his wife, and that partially led to their...Read full article, here.

Source and Video: CBN.com

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