Thursday, June 28, 2012

Ex-con James Stern Invites Government To Investigate Klansman's Property in Mississippi

We ask you, why is it whenever we see people like Mr. James Stern admit to finding evidence that will uncover evil in America, nothing seems to occur?  This is what happen is case of the late Dr. Boyd Graves, the man who allegedly claimed there was a patent for the cure of AIDS, but allegedly the government would not endorse it.   Why does it seem like Stern and Graves had no power for politicians to take action to reveal the truth?   This is simply spiritual and it does not surprise us that this ex-con has admitted the confession of this Klan's member and Stern's ex-cell mate.  Dear readers, nothing will ever be solved, not unless the race of black people yield to God's expectations for complete deliverance in their lives, very simple.   In our opinion, it makes no sense to admit discreet murders and patents that alleged politicians maybe hiding from people to survive AIDS, if many African Americans will not completely surrender their souls to Jesus Christ.

Yes, we may have a (bi-racial) black president, but he is not the answer for the problems that yet haunts African Americans in the 21st century, Jesus Christ has been the only way to change things.   If the demon of rebellion continues to abide in the evil souls of many African Americans whom refuse to obey God's commandments, then there will never be any power among them to change anything.   James Stern's claim maybe another ignored situation, simply because many black people have failed to operate their lives, according to God's Word.   God is expecting for African Americans as a whole to totally repent for their evil ways of murdering each other, hating how God created them, yielding to various sins and opposing His commandments.  This is the only way the government will listen and pay attention to James Stern's claim, the black race needs to repent for turning their backs on God.   African Americans were the only race enslaved in America and freed from their slave masters, so if no other race yield to God, black people should desire totally submit their souls to Him without shame.    We always hear of certain black people like the late Dr. Boyd Graves and James Stern make these claims, but we have not seen a great revival among African Americans.   However, if you know something, it is okay to tell the truth, but we do not think it is fair to expect the government to listen to any claims of murder or hidden cures for diseases, if God has been ignored among a race of most black men, black women and children whom will not totally surrender their lives to Him.

Furthermore, we think James Stern is very courageous for admitting the truth.  We wish James Stern the best and do hope he and his attorney make progress, but this really is a spiritual matter.

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James Stern Invites Government To Investigate Klansman Edgar Ray Killen's Mississippi Property

Huffington Post  |  By David Moye 

A black ex-con who shared a prison cell with a reputed Ku Klux Klansman has invited government officials to search the KKK member's property for bodies from civil rights-era murders.

James Stern claims that his former cellmate Edgar Ray Killen gave him the deed to 40 acres of Mississippi land. Killen, imprisoned for the 1964 deaths of three civil rights workers, supposedly admitted to dozens of other murders while he and Stern were housed together at the MIssissippi State Penitentiary in Parchman.

Stern said that Killen, who is serving 60 years for...Read full article, here. 

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