Friday, June 22, 2012

NC Police Chaplains banned from saying the name, Jesus

Saints of God, we are not facing alleged demonic forces with the issue of same sex marriage, but we are also dealing with rules not allowing Christians to say a pray, read a Holy Bible, wear a cross at work, have a prayer meeting in your home and in this latest case, the Chaplains of North Carolina are banned from saying the name Jesus in public.   In our opinion, we are living in evil times that seem like Christians are being enslaved by those whom are possible discreet Satan worshipers. America was founded on religious principles, it is very unfair for our freedom to publicly respect our Savor to be taken away.

Maj. John Diggs who is the head of the chaplain program claims he is trying to be sensitive to all religions, but his response sounds so similar to the African American principle, Greta Hawkins in N.Y. who did not allow her kindergarten students to sing 'God Bless America', because she allegedly claimed she did not want other cultures to be offended of the patriotic song.   We really feel it is a great possibility the body of Christ is facing this spiritual attack from unbelievers, simply because they could be alleged satanists.   Of course, Satan hates Jesus Christ, so it is so obvious he is behind of this rebellion.  Therefore, we must look at everything that is going on against Christianity and realize we living in a nation that could be full of discreet satanists.   Since we sense this could be the obvious issue, we need to continue to pray against these demonic forces that are using these people to take away the freedom to mention the name Jesus, to openly discuss His gospel and to even read His Word and pray in public.   If Diggs wants to be fair to all religions, then it is unfair for Him to silence Christians from mentioning Jesus in prayer or even if it was a religious discussion about our Savior.

How can this nation continue to be blessed, when we have people like Maj. John Diggs whom do not want Jesus to be heard by all races of all religions.  Jesus came to save the world and he does not like prejudice against His name.  Furthermore, this is why it is so very important for the church to separate from hypocrites whom have supported gay marriage, because we must have power to defeat the enemy who does not want us to have freedom and there is no anointing among church people whom agree with sin and oppose God's commandments.

Watch WSOC Video

NC Police Chaplains Banned from Invoking Jesus

Volunteer chaplains in North Carolina's Charlotte-Mecklenburg County Police Department have been ordered to stop using the name of Jesus in their prayers at official ceremonies.     

Maj. John Diggs, overseer of the chaplain program, explained that the goal is to be more sensitive to all religions. The department's employees...Read full article, here.

Video: WSOC

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