Friday, June 15, 2012

SCR Response to Donnie Swaggart Alleged Statement About "Rednecks and Hicks" During His Previous Sermon

Yesterday, when we mentioned African Americans should ignore racial issues within our society, we were referring to racial discrimination in the world, but within the church we must address it, because this is what has weakened the body of Christ and also turned many lost souls of African descent away.  If you wonder why we removed Donnie Swaggart's video series from our Video page, you must read this article. Although, we still respect Donnie Swaggart as a man of God, we felt it was best to pray for him, but to no longer include his videos among the others.   However, we do thank Evangelist Donnie Swaggart for responding to us, regarding Dr. Fred Price alleged statement about Jesus Christ committing suicide and humbly respect his mutual agreement with us.  However, it would have been very unfair for us to present our prior article, 'SCR Requests for the Black Church Voting For President Obama To Take Heed To Donnie Swaggart's Sermon Before It is Everlasting Too Late' without responding to how we felt about him mentioning rednecks and hicks within the body of Christ.   

Many of our dear readers whom are African Americans maybe confused of how we are going to solve this ungodly political issue within our nation, if they feel offended by Evangelist Swaggart's alleged statement. At 1:04, he angrily shouts he is not referring to the color of President Obama's skin, but at 54:52 he allegedly says: 'they make fun of us hicks and rednecks who go to church'.  One important question, how can we be a courageous army and combat the demon of abortion, homosexuality and gay marriage, if certain white ministers are allegedly referring to themselves as rednecks and hicks?   These sort of statements must cease, so that all races can unite and love one another.   If we want to win African Americans whom are unsaved to Christ along with all other races, then we must address this issue and change it, so souls will not go to hell.  Many unsaved black individuals have denied Christ, because of similar alleged racist statements made by white preachers.  They become militant and feel as though God does not love them, because of such racial remarks within the body of Christ.   Therefore, we must pray that Evangelist Donnie Swaggart no longer refers to himself and others as 'rednecks and hicks.'

However, we agree on everything else in Donnie Swaggart's sermon.  We are against abortion, homosexuality and same sex marriage and do not think anyone should have voted for President Obama because he is black.  Also, we pray for Donnie Swaggart and his ministry.

We apologize we did not deal with this any sooner, but we needed time to pray about it, first.

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