Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Watch Video: Celebrity pastor Marvin Winans testifies in carjacking case and faces his attackers

Celebrity pastor and famous gospel artist, Pastor Marvin Winans faced his attackers and testified against them in court.   We will start off this article by saying it is very sad all three of these young men would unknowingly attack a man of God or anyone else.  Also, it is very sad to see Pastor Winans sitting in court as a victim of the alleged criminals.   In the 21st century, we are yet witnessing the black youth committing crimes while many African Americans are yet complaining about racial discrimination.   We learned that Pastor Winans was allegedly listening to civil right activist Rev. Al Sharpton when he was approached by one of the young guys.  As we all know, Rev. Al Sharpton recently led a rally with the parents of Trayvon Martin, which was because of alleged racial discrimination that killed Martin.  However, how can any minister or any saint continue to listen to Rev. Al Sharpton if we still have such attackers out robbing or attempting to kill victims like Pastor Marvin Winans?  Of course, we know Marvin Winans did not know he was going to be attacked, we are just revealing that spending time listening to civil rights issues cannot stop attacks from the enemy.  Do you see why we have been trying to inform you, there is no sense in involving ourselves with civil rights issues as saints of God any longer?   We have too much conflict within our own race to always blame another race for their hate. 

One of the main reasons why we as followers of Jesus Christ should have no further association with the civil rights movement in the 21st century, whether we are preachers of the black church or just saints of God, is simply because the problems we deal with has nothing to do with race.   We are in a spiritual warfare and any race may be used by satanic forces to attack the children of God.  Also as we have mentioned before, we have no business supporting any organization or any civil rights activist whom agrees with same sex marriage and homosexuality.   It was not fair for Pastor Marvin Winans to be tuning into Rev. Al Sharpton who often protects the rights of black people and then he was attacked by these three black men, but God is trying to open up the spiritual eyes of the saints.   All this reveals, is that we are in a spiritual battle and it is time for all pastors of the black church to recognize it.  We can no longer solve the problems in our society by listening to civil rights issues, whether the attackers of white or black, Satan is behind all criminal activity.

We cannot conclude this article without asking this following question, now that all three black men maybe facing life in prison, who will offer them salvation?   We as saints of God must help stop this crime by witnessing to criminals, even after they have tried to harm us.   We are on a mission here at SCR to witness to prisoners and we will put these three souls on our agenda, but until then, we want to encourage all pastors and members within the black church to realize that it is time to avoid civil rights issues, because while they are supporting gay marriages and focusing mostly on racial discrimination, many souls within the black community are yet being hated and murdered by their own race and souls are continuing to be lost in hell.   It is time for deliverance and time to be more concerned about saving souls of all races and accept the fact that these three attackers who attacked Pastor Marvin Winans were on the same territory as other races whom have murdered African Americans based on race for many years.   

We are happy God protected Pastor Marvin Winans and he is still alive to face his attackers, but we are not happy these three young men did not have some sort of mentor to direct them in the right direction.   Possibly, someone did try to tell them not to do wrong, because we realize there are some criminals whom came from good homes. Whatever the case, these three young men may lose their freedom, but they do not have to lose their souls.   Now, we must be on a journey to not only win them to Jesus Christ, but also many other criminals whom are on the street or in prison. 
Watch Video

 Prominent pastor Marvin Winans testifies in carjacking case


Prominent minister and gospel singer Marvin Winans has testified at a preliminary examination for three men charged with carjacking him at a Detroit gas station.

Winans is pastor of Perfecting Church and delivered singer Whitney Houston's eulogy in February.

Testimony ended Monday in Detroit District Court...Read full article, here.

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