Monday, June 25, 2012

When Pastor Joel Peebles Expressed Love For His Enemies, He Revealed Jesus Christ Abiding Within His Soul

Now, that we are seeing a lot of pastors within the black church turning against Jesus Christ by accepting homosexuality in their ministries, we acknowledge that this spiritual warfare was never about race, even during the Jim Crow movement.  It is the same with Pastor Joel Peebles as you will see on this following video, watch and learn how Satan not only used his own race to  betray him, but allegedly, another pastor (Pastor Mike Freeman) and allegedly, the board for Jericho of Praise.  You see, Satan will use whom he wants to use, whether white or black, those whom are sinners and even those within the church.   If they are not completely holy, they will be used for a demonic assignment to try to destroy you.   Saints, just like many preachers in the black church are betraying Jesus Christ by agreeing with homosexuality, as children of God, we will also face persecution and we must learn to express our love to them, just like Pastor Joel Peebles on this following video.

Also, we just love how First Lady Ylawnda Peebles stands by her husband, Pastor Joel Peebles, something that is very rare in the 21st century.   A lot of times, we see women in ministry not wanting to reveal their love for their husband or even standing behind him as the first lady during the times of trouble, but this woman is revealing how God wants us to be as virtuous women.   God wants us to reveal our love for our husbands, even in the times of distress, this is what it means to be one yoke.   Men and women of God, we pray we see more married couples in the ministry like Pastor Joel and First Lady Ylawnda Peebles, instead of seeing many of them being married as heterosexual couples while agreeing with gay rights.   It would be so nice to see married couples in the black church reveal their love for one another, but not agree with sin, which should not even concern them in the first place.   As a couple, your focus should only be for building up the Kingdom of God, not expanding Satan's territory for including civil rights with gay rights.  Also, as a first lady (co-pastor) you should not be standing behind your husband to allegedly offend others by taking what does not belong to you, think about the other couple who hurt this couple.  You should be righteous and holy and when a spouse is being combated by demonic powers coming from within or out of the church, as a wife, you should follow a perfect example of First Lady Ylawnda Peebles.  Furthermore, this is why City of Praise Church is growing strong, because of this courageous first lady standing behind her man, the way God desired for it to be between one man and one woman from the beginning of time.   When we see a married heterosexual couple, the righteousness of God should be revealed to the body of Christ, not wickedness of strife or immoral behaviors.  They both make such a beautiful couple. May God continue to bless them both as they win many more souls into God's Kingdom. 

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