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Hollywood Celebrity News: Was "Sons of Anarchy" Actor Johnny Lewis Capable of Murder?

After listening to new clues about Hollywood celebrity actor Johnny Lewis, we wondered if he was really capable of murder.   His lawyer, Attorney Jonathan Mandel became Lewis' attorney back in April and he claims, he was just an alleged troubled person, a person with delusions.  Johnny Lewis could have committed murder before his death, but possibly, he was not in his right frame of mind, especially after allegedly taking some sort of related drug to PCP.   

Anything is possible, if a person takes some sort of drug that has a history of causing people to act in bizarre ways.   However, we wonder why a group of celebrities have not put their money together to form an rehabilitation center to help other troubled celebrities like Johnny Lewis?   Before this happened and the probation report claimed he could be a threat to any community, we wonder if there was anyone close to Johnny who knew about that report and could have started a reform center to assist he and others whom were on medication or addicted to drugs.   We have heard of other celebrities like Britney Spears for instance, going into rehab, but what if struggling actors cannot afford to go to those expensive sort of places or remain in long term treatment?   According to our source, Johnny Lewis was a struggling actor and he was only getting help at a rehab, temporarily.   It is not known, if he was discharged because he could no longer afford to remain there or they thought he should just be released.  Since many well-known actors and other types of high profile celebrities have overdosed on drugs since many years ago, there should have been celebrities doing something for other celebrities whom have emotional issues as well as financial issues.  According to Attorney Mandel, Johnny's father and some other family members were there for him, but of course, sometimes, that's just not enough for those whom are struggling in their personal lives.

Of course sisters and brothers in Christ, we know the real answer is Jesus Christ.   There are many dead Hollywood celebrities and even music celebrities who would still be alive today, if they would have accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and chose to live for Him.   However, we have heard life can be very challenging in Hollywood and all the fame and fortune cannot buy happiness.  In Johnny Lewis case, it was allegedly stated he was a struggling actor who had a hard time paying rent, although he had been seen on various television series.  So, either way, rich or lack of money, all celebrities need to know Jesus Christ.   Are you a celebrity who needs to accept Jesus Christ?   If so, please go straight to our salvation page and humbly receive the Lord as your personal Savior.  God bless.

May Hollywood celebrity, Johnny Lewis rest in peace.

Celebrity Hollywood News: News clues on Actor Johnny Lewis Death

There are new clues, regarding Hollywood celebrity actor, Johnny Lewis' death.   The Hollywood actor was said to have allegedly been a 'threat to society' when placed on probation, according to a report.  Usually, many people do not suspect Hollywood celebrities being labeled as a threat to society, but really like we have mentioned to you before, they are people just like anyone else and some of them have some extreme deep issues buried inside of their souls.   Please be informed many Hollywood celebrities may seem happy while gloating in the cameras...Read full article and watch video, here.

Source: The Hollywood Celebrities
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Friday, September 28, 2012

Celebrity Hollywood News: Arnold Schwarzenegger Tells '60 Minutes' Affair was the 'Stupidest He Had Ever Done

This coming Sunday, Arnold Schwarzenegger is going to be on '60 Minutes.'   It amazes us months after his broken marriage with Maria Shriver, he is going to actually tell his side of the story, in a remorseful way.    Evidently, this is something he feels the need to do and we agree, because when you are a former governor, Hollywood actor and celebrity, you not only owe it to your ex-wife to admit you were wrong, but also men whom admire him.  He owes it to them to show what a real man really is, regardless of how big his name is. 

We are living in an era when there are so many cold hearted men.  They hurt women and then go on with their lives as though nothing happened, so by Arnold Schwarzeneggar doing this interview, it will reveal his integrity. Schwarzenegger has been a body builder for several years, but by showing his remorse, it teaches husbands not to be so macho to admit they were wrong for cheating on their wives.  In marriages, there needs to be so much more integrity among celebrities and those whom admire them.   We truly hope Mr. Schwarzenegger causes a change among men across America and even abroad.   More marriages should work between men and women, but many times it takes the spouse who did wrong to admit it and apologize.   Do you know how many marriages ended in divorce, all because a husband or wife did not apologize for their affair?  Many people will rather die denying their error, rather than to admit it.  There have been too many broken marriages and in a time when gay marriages are on the rise, God expects for men and women to humble themselves and not be too proud to say, 'I was wrong.'  

Furthermore, we are very sure Arnold Schwarzenegger's interview will cause a lot of men to think about what they have done to offend their wives.  Hopefully, his interview on 60 Minutes will mend a lot of broken marriages, between men and women back together.  

Arnold Schwarzenegger Tells '60 Minutes' Affair was the 'Stupidest Thing I've Done' (Video)

The former governor and action star tells Lesley Stahl he "inflicted unbelievable pain" on Maria Shriver and their kids.

It was "the stupidest thing" he's done.

That's how Arnold Schwarzenegger describes his affair with the family housekeeper that led to the birth of an illegitimate son -- and the end of his 25-year marriage to Maria Shriver -- in a new...Read full article, here.

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See Celebrity Justin Timberlake's new MySpace page:The New Myspace is Coming Soon

Of course, we have grown to love Facebook, nothing was like the original Myspace, because it allowed us to creatively design our personal page.  To be honest, at first Facebook was not exciting until the owners upgraded the design of the social networking site.  Now, Myspace is going through another creative change, since celebrity music entertainer, Justin Timberlake has made an investment with the owners, Chris and Tim Vanderhook and it looks very nice, although it may not be like the original one that allowed us to choose different various styles of layouts. 

According to, this is how the new Myspace page will appear, a cross between Pinterest and the new USA Today's website.  It looks very cute and at least it will give the user their own individual uniqueness on Myspace.   However, we will always miss the original layout structure.   Of course, it will take a developer to bring back something similar to the original Myspace, if we ever wanted to use the layouts, again.

Justin Timberlake's Hip New Myspace Looks Awfully Familiar

It's been more than a year since Chris and Tim Vanderhook bought the floundering Myspace for $35 million from Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. (remember Murdoch paid $580 million for the site in '05), and we're finally getting a peek at the brothers' investment.

The duo and investor Justin Timberlake debuted the new site on September 24 in Los Angeles delivering a sleek, much-needed makeover to what once was THE go-to social venue. The design falls somewhere...Read full article, here.

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Youth Pastor Pleads Guilty to Impersonating Cop: What's going on in the church these days?

Many pastors all over the nation are misrepresenting God while preaching His Word.  Youth Pastor of a church called, The Basement in Alabama has pleaded guilty.  Matt Pitt was arrested for trying to  impersonate a police officer.  The 28-year old pastor arrested in May after flashing a badge and telling Calera police that he was a deputy from Jefferson County, according to

Many of these pastors are doing all sorts of things, possibly they think it is cool for them to do wrong, since some of the have the hippest, most popular mega churches, but God is not pleased.   There are many whom do wrong as though they can get away with it, but according to James 3:1, it says: 'My brethren, be not many teachers, knowing that we shall receive the severer judgment.'  Many of them have a personality of being slick, but one thing is for certain, each and every 'so-call' alleged slick preacher cannot out con God.  He's watching each and everything they do and while they are having church like they're having house parties, He's taking record.  They will have to face judgement when God gets tired of them making bad representations of His Kingdom.

How many times have we forewarned you about these new age churches? God told us to not identify with the world and this church seems to be allegedly worldly, which is against God's Word in I John 2:15, 'Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him.' Then God told us in I Peter 1:16, 'Because it is written, Be ye holy; for I am holy.'  We are not supposed to have church like we are in nightclub with hip hop or rock blending with christian music.  No wonder, he was caught allegedly impersonating a cop, simply because there does not seem to be any anointing in their church services, if you would just take a look.   Look at what many of these pastors are calling church these days, which is nothing but a spirit of carnality.   Don't be surprised this youth pastor was caught doing wrong, because if His church is not different from the world, no telling what the Devil will get him or any other pastor to do.  
 Watch The Basement Church
When we visiting, we saw Matt Pitt's name at the bottom of the site, so this has to be the correct church.  Then, we saw his Facebook page, that identifies him.

Youth Pastor Pleads Guilty to Impersonating Cop
COLUMBIANA, Ala. — The leader of a popular youth ministry in Birmingham has pleaded guilty to a charge of attempting to impersonate a police officer.

WBMA-TV reports that a Shelby County judge sentenced 28-year-old Matt Pitt to two years on probation after his guilty plea...Read full article, here.
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Megachurch Married Pastor Admits Relationship with Teen, Claims He Did Not Know the Law: He knew it was a sin to commit adultery and mess with a child, didn't he?

It seems like Pastor Jack Schaap tried to con the judge into thinking he does not know it is against the law for him to had allegedly messed around with a teenage a girl, but he sure can't fool God.   Schaap is supposed to be a man of God and even those who caught him doing wrong knew it was illegal for him to be involved with sexual encounters with a teen, because on the news, it was allegedly stated, he used to preach against such sin.  So, it is not like he has Dementia and cannot remember the laws of the land.

We are not dumb to realize that Pastor Jack Schaap also knows as a husband, he is not supposed to commit adultery.  If he was a single pastor, he was not supposed to commit fornication.   It is not like this man did not know what the Word of God said against sin.   Did Pastor Schaap read Hebrews 13:4? It says, 'Marriage is honourable in all, and the bed undefiled: but whoremongers and adulterers God will judge.'  While preaching against sin, did he ever touch on the subject of adultery with this scripture found in I Corinthians 6:9-10?  It said, 'Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind, Nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God.' Furthermore, the Bible was so very clear when it said in Exodus 20:14, 'Thou shalt not commit adultery.'  Therefore, whether he claims he did not know the law, regarding his alleged relationship with teen (which we know he does) or not, he was wrong as a husband and a man of God for committing adultery.

Now, let's discuss this issue with his alleged relationship with this teenager, how does a grown man think a federal judge is going to believe him when he claims he did not know the law?   He lied, that's another violation against God's Word.   So, he not only allegedly fooled around with this teen, he also committed adultery and then lied in the court of law.   Let's pray for this former pastor, because he has got a lot of repenting to do, he did three things God is displeased with.

Megachurch Pastor Admits Relationship with Teen, Claims He Did Not Know the Law
HAMMOND – The former pastor of a northwestern Indiana megachurch has admitted having three sexual encounters with a parish girl, but told a judge he didn’t realize at the time that his actions were illegal.

Fifty-four-year-old Jack Schaap of Dyer told a federal judge during Wednesday’s plea hearing that he first had...Read full article, here.

Celebrity Hollywood News: 'Sons of Anarchy' Actor Found Dead, Suspected in Murder

A popular Hollywood actor,  Johnny Kendrick Lewis is now dead.  He is identified as a murder suspect in the death of 81-year-old Katherine Chabot Davis, of Los Angeles.   Now it is unclear what the nature of the relationship between the two, but according to KTLA, Johnny Kendrick got into an altercation with a neighbor and handy man, after he beat the elderly woman to death.   Another Hollywood celebrity tragically ends his life, but we wonder what was behind his rage? 

Now Johnny Kendrick Lewis allegedly murdered the elderly woman, then was seen running out of the house before he got into a fight with a neighbor and handy man, then ran upstairs into the home and allegedly jumped to his death.  Katherine Davis often rented out her property to actors and producers in the Hollywood entertainment industry, but we are not sure if Lewis resided in the home. 

We cannot help but think Johnny Lewis possibly either had a drug habit and/or could not afford to live there and possibly, when Davis told him he had to pay his rent, that's when he went into a rage.   We are not unclear, but since she allowed actors and producers to rent out rooms, Lewis being an actor could have been a tenant.  Whatever the case, obviously Johnny Kendrick Lewis was a very troubled man and could not cope with life.   However, we discovered Lewis was very successful actor on various TV shows, the latest, "Sons of Anarchy."  Now, Lewis had several roles, according to KTLA: "Criminal Minds," "Bones" and "CSI," and others, but he had just been released from jail and rehab, according to TMZ.  Investigators allegedly stated he may have been on PCP or methamphetamine at the time of his death, if so, this explains everything.  

SCR readers, it is very important for us to understand that these Hollywood celebrities may seem like they are better off than ordinary people, but really, in many cases, there lives are much worst off than ours.   We should not desire to ever envy celebrities, for God told us in Proverbs 24:19 and Psalm 37:1, 'Fret not yourself because of evil men, neither be you envious at the wicked.'  Pay attention to that part, 'envious of the wicked' for a moment.   There is a reason King David wrote those words.   Did you know back in Biblical times, there were rich people whom were very wicked?  Obviously, back then, they lived just like many rich and famous people we see today, they possibly flaunted their wealth in front of ordinary people, but no doubt were always in distress.  It does not matter how many of these celebrities are claiming to be born again Christians, many of them are very troubled individuals and as God's children, we should not ever want to change places with them.   Johnny Kendrick Lewis is just one of many other horror stories we have heard about.  Therefore, being seen on television and the big screen may fascinate you, but behind all of their fame and fortune is much hell.

This is very sad, may Katherine Davis rest in peace.

'Sons of Anarchy' Actor Found Dead, Suspected in Murder

LOS FELIZ, Calif. (KTLA) -- Police have identified the murder suspect found dead at a home in Los Feliz after allegedly killing an elderly woman as actor Johnny Kendrick Lewis.

Police responded to a home in the 3600 block of Lowry Road in Los Feliz about 10:40 a.m. Wednesday after receiving several 911 calls from neighbors who reported hearing a woman screaming.

When officers arrived, they found...Read full article, here.


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NC Pastor Bradley Moss Faces Charges of Sexting a Teen Church Member and More

Pastor Bradley Moss arrested for Sexting teen
(Pastor Bradley Moss arrested for Sexting teen and more)

NC Pastor Bradley Moss Faces Charges of Sexting a Teen Church Member and More

This so called man of God should be ashamed of himself as a father of five children of his own, this is appalling.

The pastor of a Catawba County church in North Carolina was arrested on Monday and charged with 'indecent liberties with a minor'.

Pastor Bradley Moss, a 38 year old man from Hickory, was charged after an investigation by Newton police and the Catawba County Department of Social Services.  Moss is pastor of Victory Empowerment Church near Newton.

A 13-year-old member of Moss' church stepped forward after the young girl's mother said the pastor had sent the girl messages of a sexual nature.

Read full report at Church Scandal Report!

Jerry Sandusky Named in Poly Prep Child Prostitution Ring From The 1970′s | AT2W

sandusky child porn

Jerry Sandusky Named in Poly Prep Child Prostitution Ring From The 1970's

Jerry Sandusky faces life in prison and is also allegedly involved in a child prostitution ring uncovered at Poly Prep Country Day School in Brooklyn. Greg Bucceroni, 48, claims that he was a child prostitute handpicked for Sandusky but was passed off to someone else because he became “unavailable.”
“Between 1977-1980 I was a child prostitute associated with a tri-state (NYC-NJ-Pa) pedophile ring.  (During the) summer of 1979, I was brought to the State College area by Ed Savitz for the purpose of child prostitution with Jerry Sandusky at a Second Mile fundraiser.

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Celebrity News: Whitney Houston’s daughter, Bobbi Kristina, involved in car crash and Nick Gordon was driving

The daughter of Whitney Houston, Bobbi Kristina was involved in a car crash, but she nor Nick Gordon were injured in the crash.  Now, we do not know how the crash happened and have no information on any other vehicle involved in this accident, but the main things is they both are still alive, according to  

According to, Bobbi Kristina's attorney claims she was not in the car As you know, Nick Gordon is allegedly an unofficial adopted son of the late singer Whitney Houston and various sources have reported the two of them are engaged, although we do not know how true it is. 

In the meantime, we will keep Bobbi Kristina and Nick Gordon in our prayers and thank God they are both okay.

Whitney Houston’s daughter, Bobbi Kristina, involved in car crash and Nick Gordon was driving

Whitney Houston’s daughter, Bobbi Kristina Brown, was involved in a car accident in Georgia that left boyfriend Nick Gordon’s black Camaro badly damaged.

No one was injured in the crash, but sources tell TMZ that Gordon, 22, was driving and Bobbi Kristina, 19, was in the passenger seat.

There was no other car involved in...Read full article, here.

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Pastor charged with molesting 10-year-old: How does this happened in the Pentecostal, Sanctified church?

How does a pastor of a Pentecostal church get possessed to molest a child?   Evidently, every church that says it's Pentecostal is not full gospel, because full gospel means sanctification, that's completely living a holy lifestyle with the evidence of speaking in tongues.  The church leader should be without lust and have sense enough not to touch an innocent child.   If Pastor Henry Lackey is guilty, then he needs to repent just like a ton of others who have been allegedly accused of messing around with children.   

Saints of God, whether it happened 4 years ago or not, the question is, how does something like this occur in the Pentecostal church?  If you have a sign on the church that reads, Pentecostal, Holiness, Full Gospel, Fire Baptized, you should be so full of the Holy Ghost, you would not even think of molesting children.  This also goes for any other denomination, it-is-sick-to mess around with children.   If Lackey is guilty of child molestation, this means he has been living a double life.  If you are a pastor whom is supposed to be sanctified and you have the demon to molest children, then you should resign and allow the saints of God to cast the Devil out of you, because God does not want any child molesters in the pulpit preaching His Word.  Pastors of full gospel ministries must have the fear of God, but it seems like some of them have been backsliding while yet preaching God's Word.   Folks, it is time to not just call on congregations to be holy, but most importantly, God desires that each and every pastor live a life of purity, so that his or her members can humbly submit to them and follow their holy lifestyle.  Matthew 5:48 says, 'Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.'  Do you know what that means, that means?   It means living your life without sin and pastors or any other type of minister really need to focus on that scripture, because that is God's commandment.   Yes, we may make human flaws, but to mess around with children is another thing.  It is time to get preachers whom lust after children out of the pulpit.  

Pastor Henry Lackey is the pastor of Freewill Pentecostal Church in Gwinnett County.  In the meantime, we pray he has repented for what he did 4 years ago and prepared to plead guilty.  Furthermore, we pray for this child whom was allegedly violated by Pastor Lackey.

Pastor charged with molesting 10-year-old

A local pastor was arrested on Tuesday on accusations that he molested a child.

Henry Lackey serves as the pastor at the Freewill Pentecostal Church in Buford. His accuser came forward earlier this month, but the alleged molestation occurred four years ago when the child was 10 years old, police said.

Lackey’s wife hurried out of the church’s Tuesday night services with their adult son without comment...Read full article, here.

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Gospel Singer Karen Clark-Sheard in Production with BET for Her Own Family Reality Show: ‘The Sheards’

The Sheards Reality Show in production with BET

Gospel Singer Karen Clark-Sheard in Production with BET for Her Own Family Reality Show: ‘The Sheards’

One report states that there's yet another gospel artist looking to be in the limelight a little more by starring in a reality show. We were not enthused when Mary Mary started their reality show along with Marvin Sapp and Kim Burrell. We just think its all self centered and not at all centered on God.

Well, according to, they knew about the forthcoming reality show featuring gospel singer sister from the The Clark Sisters, Karen Clark-Sheard and...

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Pastor Joel Peebles Wins in Appeals Court To Return to Jericho City of Praise, Report Says

jericho city of praise joel peebles
Jericho city of praise, Pastor Joel Peebles and Wife

Pastor Joel Peebles Wins in Appeals Court To Return to Jericho City of Praise, Report Says

If you want the latest on the dispute between the Jericho City of Praise and Pastor Joel Peebles, you can get it from The Church Lady Blogs. They get the latest and we appreciate their diligence!

Report below:

Joel Peebles who was ousted from mega church Jericho City of Praise in Landover Maryland in April 2012, just won his Maryland Court of Appeals Case and the rogue Board must allow him back at Jericho City of says Joel Peebles via a text message....

Read full report at AT2W!

Pastor of Victory Christian Center Speaks Out on Recent Church Rape Scandal

sharon daugherty
Sharon Daugherty, Senior Pastor of Victory Christian Center

Pastor of Victory Christian Center Speaks Out on Recent Church Rape Scandal

Pastor Sharon Daugherty of Tulsa's Victory Christian Center is finally speaking out about the alleged rape of a 13 year old girl by two of her former church employees accused of the crimes.

According to reports, the pastor's staff, which included five in particular, where charged and released last week on failure to report the incident in a timely fashion. The church actually met with the victim and accusers; fired the accusers and waited 2 weeks before reporting it to the police and the parents!

The Associated Press reports this statement from senior pastor Sharon Daugherty:

“I want to personally say, that if anybody here is aware of any child being neglected or abused, physically or sexually, that you should please inform the authorities immediately,” Victory Christian Center pastor Sharon Daugherty said Saturday during services, ...
Read full report at Church Scandal Report!

Gospel's Byron Cage Gets New Role as Host for Radio One's Sunday Joy in D.C.

byron cage radio one

Gospel's Byron Cage Gets New Role as Host for Radio One's Sunday Joy in D.C.

Byron Cage is not only the Minister of Music at Ebenezer AME Church in Fort Washington, MD and at St. Paul's Baptist Church in Richmond, VA, but he is now taking on a new role as the host of Radio One's Sunday Joy in Washington, D.C.

Report from Breathcast says:
Praise 104.1, D.C.'s Inspiration Station, is welcoming Byron Cage to its Sunday afternoon slot beginning October 7, 2012 from noon to 4PM...

Read more at AT2W!

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Should the black church teach ettiquite manners, no sagging pants in the 21st century? SCR Response to Derrick Boazman

We listened to the Derrick Boazman's radio show today and agree it is wrong to racially profile anyone, which is allegedly what is going on with the Atlantic station, in Atlanta.  Our response to Mr. Boazman is this, when the subject came up about sagging pants, he made a good point allegedly referring to the church having the lack of standards as far as some of their youth to dressing similar to those in the streets and even some woman who improperly dress.  Therefore, we deeply feel it is time for the black church to be held responsible to teach etiquette to black people. 

Allegedly, we heard Derrick Boazman say, 'many white kids are sagging their pants too.'   It does not matter who does it, it is wrong.   It is time for the African American community to realize we cannot do whatever whites do, because we must hold ourselves up to a higher standard, because we were the only race enslaved in America.   Spiritually, God expects us to lead the way to moral conduct, in anything we do, but of course, we you must be completely saved to comprehend out viewpoint.  

It is time for the black church accept responsibility for what they have allowed among their church followers, which is wrong in the eyes of God.  They are possibly silent about the issue, simply because they want to continue receiving thousands of dollars in tithes in offerings in their sanctuaries, each and every Sunday.   You see, in order to make mega money, they have learned the ropes keeping silent in order to keep their mega ministries.  The fact is, yes racial profiling has not changed, but it will most definitely help to teach the youth and even older people how to appropriately dress, in and out of the House of God.   Specifically, church people  would be more of an example to people out in the world, if they would be different, according to God's Word.  I Peter 1:16 says, 'Because it is written, Be ye holy; for I am holy.'  So you do you think God agrees with unholy dressing?'   Absolutely not, God does not want sagging pants within the body of Christ neither does he want too much cleavage and flesh showing from a woman's body, in or out of the House of God.  You must be holy, inside and out.  The reason why we feel the black church should be held accountable for not having a standard way of dressing, many black churches have allowed the hip hop movement in gospel music and their men of various ages are allowed to sag their pants just like many women and young girls have been allowed to show too much cleavage and wear short skirts and dresses.  Therefore, it is time for the black church to acknowledge the problem and change it.  

Over 20 years ago, when the black church lost a higher standard for dress code, is when they merged into diverse ministries.  Many of them whom are mega ministries allegedly desired to be like white churches whom allowed christian rock music in their sanctuaries and their youth also, lost their dress code of appearing holy.   This has been a big issue and the reason why the average black church can no longer witness to sinners, in most cases.   If the average person is being harassed for what they wear, possibly God is allowing it, because that's not what He wants, especially when it comes to the church.  

Now, Derrick Boazman interviewed a father whom allegedly claimed his son was asked to take off a T-shirt that says, 'D..., I'm good,' to be honest, it is wrong to wear any type of apparel using profanity.   The argument is, if he was white, he would not have been ask to take the shirt off, which is true, but again, the black race is supposed to be held to a higher standard.   If he was wearing just a regular shirt and jeans, then it would have been a case of racial profiling.  Obviously unsaved African Americans are not going to listen to this type of instruction, this is why the black church should be the place where dress code is practiced and preached, simply because they are representing the Kingdom of God.   

Hip-hop gospel artists could be one of the main reasons why many black youth will not pull their pants up and stop showing to much flesh, but they have been allowed to perform wearing loose type of clothing without any preacher giving them instruction of etiquette fashion. How can they change their ways, when they see their elders doing the same things they do or even wearing the same clothes they wear, even in the church?  Much of the black community still attends church, so when some African Americans whom wear unfit attire feel as though they are picked on because of their race, it is unfair to say so until they will agree to mutually learn how to appropriately dress.

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Monday, September 24, 2012

Chick-fil-A will no longer support anti-gay groups? Do Some Christians still worship God or homosexuals?

After hearing the news that Chick-fil-A could no longer donate funds to anti-gay marriage groups, supposedly just to get a store in Chicago, we thought about how many Christians could be facing judgement for not respecting the Word of God.   God is not pleased with Chick-fil-A's decision to back out of supporting anti-gay organizations, for the Word of God made it very clear that homosexuality is a sin.   

When you read these following scriptures, you think about if you as a Christian should be afraid to stand up for righteousness within America and even abroad.   Chick-fil-A maybe thinking about dollar signs after opening up another store in Chicago, but God's wrath may not allow it to last, because the Word of God says what it means and means what it says.   You may say, 'we live in this world, we gotta get along with everybody,' yes but you don't agree with wrong to get along, for if you do, you may not enter into the Kingdom of heaven.

Biblical Scriptures against Homosexuality 
  •  1 Corinthians 6:9-10 - "Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God." 
  • Leviticus 18:22 - "Do not lie with a man as one lies with a woman; that is detestable." 
  • Leviticus 20:13 - "If a man lies with a man as one lies with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They must be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads." 
  • Romans 1:26-27 - "Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural relations for unnatural ones. In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed indecent acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their perversion."

Chick-fil-A Makes Another Statement on Controversy

ATLANTA -- Chick-fil-A is once again in the public relations fryer.

The controversy flared up this week when a Chicago politician said the company was no longer giving to groups that oppose same-sex marriage, angering Christian conservatives who supported Chick-fil-A this summer when its president reaffirmed his opposition to...Read full article, here. 


Celebrity Preachers, Bishop Jakes, Osteen, Long and White, Enough Entertainment, Allow Randy Hicks to talk about his visit to hell

Celebrity preachers or any other minister of any Pentecostal church, here is another testimony of a man named Randy Hicks who went to hell.  It's about time today's average (black) church return to deliverance ministry and no longer allow entertainment in God's House.   For we have too much entertainment and lack of seriousness, regarding God's business.  Too many people are now allegedly claiming to going to hell, in this case of Randy Hicks, he met face to face with Satan.

This man of God, Randy Hicks was so dead, hospital workers pulled the sheet over him.   He was gone until his soul cried for the Lord, Jesus Christ to help him.   Many of you skeptics in and out of the pulpit usually make the assumption that people like Hicks were on drugs and that is why they see demons, but this man was dead, including others whom died and came back to tell about it.

Now, God is just about tired of all of these mega ministries and even smaller churches having all of this worldly type of entertainment in His sanctuary, which is blocking the focus away from His people being holy.  He wants each and every preacher to preach against sin.  It is time out for so much focus being on these famous celebrity preachers and there needs to be more focus for men and women like Randy Hicks to enter the church at this hour to talk about being in hell.  God wants today's church to be focused on saving souls from hell and getting them delivered and set free from sin, because as you can see many people are admitting how Jesus Christ showed them hell, lately. 

We have got too many popular preachers of today turning their heads away from sanctification and holding sophisticated services in God's House like they are holding a motivational seminar, but it is time out for it, for Jesus wants His children and their church leaders to take heed to His voice.   Too many celebrity preachers and pastors are making mockery of having old fashioned Pentecostal services, but they fail to realize there is no trend in the Kingdom of God.   God is looking for these celebrity preachers and those trying to be like them to take heed and recognize there is a burning hell and if they fail to invite or even allow chosen men like Randy Hicks to tell their testimony in front of their congregations they will have to give an account and stand before God.   They will have to answer for making mockery of the true saints of God who desire for the House of the Lord to be sanctified without hip-hop or rock being blended into praise and worship services.   It's time to recognize God's commandment for us to be holy, live and act holy as it says in I Peter 1:16, 'Because it is written, Be you holy; for I am holy.'  So why not preach it?  It is impossible to get souls delivered from sin in an environment that is similar to satanic influences.  God wants more preachers to preach holiness or hell. Time is running out and God is taking record of all these false prophets whom are ignoring His expectancy to make their ministries into deliverance ministries, instead of houses of entertainment to rake in millions of dollars.   If you recall on our videos page, Bishop Earthquake Kelley said God is angry at some at today's preachers who preach His Word for fame and fortune.  Bishop Kelley said God told Him they would fall dead in their pulpits, which we have actually heard in the news.   Therefore, it is time for them to turn around,  before it is everlasting too late and one way they can start anew is to allow men and women of God like Randy Hicks to tell their testimonies before their congregations.

Randy Hicks saw Satan

Source, Video and Photo:

Church Leaders Refuse Intimidation Tactics Regarding Politics and Voting

church and politics

Church Leaders Refuse Intimidation Tactics Regarding Politicking

Americans United for Separation of Church and State has been warning churches and pastors that they must abide by federal law regarding how they encourage churchgoers on voting. There's one attorney says the 60,000 churches and religious organizations that have received the letter shouldn't be afraid.
Erik Stanley of Alliance Defending Freedom says Americans United is trying to frighten churches into silence about elections and "moral and biblical issues confronting the candidates."...

Read more at AT2W!

Documentary questions if Hell Exist? Obviously it does, Mary K Baxter and others have been to hell

Let us assure you it pays to believe God's Word, which does gives us forewarning if we do not abide by the biblical commandments each and everyone of us will go to hell.   The Holy Bible should not ever be questioned, if the scripture says hell exist it exist. Why doubt its' existence since several people on our videos page allegedly claimed Jesus took them there to give the rest of us their testimony.   All of these people who spent more than 5 minutes there had similar stories of what they saw.  The main thing is to make sure we do not go and completely obey God's Word.  If we say we love God, then why not understand since He is the One who created 
us, we must abide by His Word? 

According to Studies in the Book, hell is mentioned 54 times in God's Word.  Of course, this documentary would be very interesting to watch, because it reveals there are some people whom just maybe spiritually lost until they die.  Sisters and brothers of SCR blog, hell is very real and it is not just some thriller somebody came up with to scare people into serving Jesus Christ, for it is a place that was created by God for Satan and His demons and anyone whom chooses not to be a follower of Jesus Christ.

Let us ask you one very important question, how come we do not hear of people doubting if heaven exist?   You see, people always want to hear about heaven, but not about hell.  Therefore, let us be humble enough to believe in hell, if God says it exist for people whom are rebellious, refuse to serve Him and be obedient to His Word.   It is better to believe the Word of God, rather than to be shocked if you should eventually arrive there.  

The reason why we mostly mention this one woman of God's testimony most of the time when we are blogging about hell, is simply because Jesus took her to hell for 30 nights before He took her to heaven 10 nights.   Her name is Minister Mary K. Baxter and we do not doubt her story, at all.   Other testimonies we have heard line up with everything she has mentioned in her testimony.  Take heed, no matter how many documentaries or movies that come out to try and doubt hell's existence, hell is very real.   We want you to first watch the trailer of this documentary, 'Hellbound.'  Then, watch the clip below and hear Mary K. Baxter's testimony and then, you can also hear several more people discuss their alleged trip to hell, including their conversations with Jesus Christ.

 Watch Video


  Watch Video

Different Takes: Should we abandon idea of hell?

By Frank Schaeffer, Special to CNN

Is it any coincidence that the latest war of religion that started on September 11, 2001, is being fought primarily between the United States and the Islamic world? It just so happens that no subgroups of humanity are more ingrained with the doctrine of hell than conservative Muslims and conservative Christians.

And nowhere on earth have conservative Christians been closer to controlling foreign policy than here in the United States. And nowhere on earth have conservative Muslims...Read full article, here. 


Sunday, September 23, 2012

Crystal Cathedral’s Former Pastor Faces Home Foreclosure

robert a schuller home foreclosure

Crystal Cathedral’s Former Pastor Faces Home Foreclosure

While Crystal Cathedral literally does not exist due to the sell of it to the Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange County in California, the Schuller family may be facing even more troubles since they moved out of the church.

Robert A. Schuller, the former senior pastor and son of Robert H. Schuller Sr., has announced that he will default on his home in Laguna Beach, Calif. He says its because of unsuccessful attempts to sell the home before its Nov. 2 foreclosure date...

Read more at AT2W!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Rapper DMX Named Deacon at His Church Home?

Rapper DMX is a deacon of his church now?

Rapper DMX Named Deacon at His Church Home?

According to Global Grind, rapper DMX  has lived a tumultuous life including drug abuse and crime but he is now being appointed as a deacon at his home church.

In an interview with Global Grind, DMX has said he's always been spiritual but he continued to struggle with his demons of his celebrity lifestyle actually giving himself totally to the Lord...

Read more and the interview HERE

Le’Andria Johnson Rebukes The Church Who Judge Her New Baby Out of Wedlock | AT2W

Le'Andria Johnson baby daddy and rebuking the church
Photo: Leandria Johnson and man (not necessarily baby's father)

Le'Andria Johnson Rebukes The Church Who Judge Her New Baby Out of Wedlock

Gospel singer Le’Andria Johnson is feeling persecuted by the church and others. As news was reported recently, she became pregnant and had the child out of wedlock. She's a single mother who has been divorced twice and says her name has been drug in the mud about the choices and or mistakes she has made in her life.
“You get pregnant out of wedlock and the whole world turns against you. That's how it felt,” she said in an interview with Essence Magazine.
She just welcomed a new son into the world named, Caelington Forrest Walker. Eur Web is reporting Le'Andria Johnson gave birth to her fourth child on September 12, 2012 Caelington Forrest Walker who was named after his father and Le' Andria’s long time mate, Forrest Walker...

Read more at AT2W and their take. You don't want to miss it!!

Oprah and Iyanla Vanzant ‘Spiritually Fed’ by Gospel’s Donnie McClurkin and Rapper Eminem? [VIDEO] | AT2W

oprah and iyanla vanzant talk donnie mcclurkin and eminem

Oprah and Iyanla Vanzant Spiritually Inspired by Donnie McClurkin and Eminem? [VIDEO]

We want to thank EEW Magazine for discussing this issue. We saw the clip of Iyanla Vanzant and Oprah speaking on their Super Soul Sunday segment on the OWN Network. Iyanla was asked by Oprah 'What is your current spiritual practice?' Now, those are fancy words for 'What do you do to stay spiritually grounded?' Her answers sounded very good like: 'I read the bible daily' and 'Music Ministers'.
donnie mcclurkin
We are happy she found out how moving gospel singer Donnie McClurkin's song: 'Great is Your Mercy' can be for anyone who hears it. We love that song too. It's one of the most liberating songs for the soul, but why did they need to switch from gospel music to secular?...

Read more at AT2W!

Celebrity Hollywood News: Did Oprah Talk about Jesus Christ during Usher and his mother's Interview?

This SCR's review of Oprah's interview with Usher, including his mother, Jonetta Patton.  Do you recall Oprah Winfrey allegedly admitting she is a born again Christian while facing a huge crowd in New York on a previous show (see AT2W)?   She also allegedly claimed she could show them how to become a Christian.   During the entire interview with Usher and then when his mother came on the set, we did not hear anything about God nor His Son Jesus Christ.  Because there was a divorce, then a death, then a custody battle between Usher and His wife, we should have heard Oprah ask Usher if he knew Jesus Christ, including his mother, Jonetta.

You may ask why is this important on an interview?  Because when one claims to be a born again Christian on national television, they should ask each and every soul if they have a relationship with God, every chance they get.   On the following interview, you will hear Oprah discuss Usher's marriage and what happened between he and Tameka. We heard the question to Usher, 'did people forewarn you to get married?'   Really Oprah, 'was that an important question to ask, after Tameka grieved for Kyle, then had to face this man in court, two weeks later?' He made the decision to marry Tameka, because he was a grown man and knew what he was getting into and let's face the truth here, Tameka should not have been allegedly made out to be the evil person and Usher the good one.  It seems like there is an prejudice against Tameka, in general, simply because she is older than Usher, but Oprah knows good and well, if it were the other way around, she would have had all type of support, older men and younger women have an easier way to go than a woman whom is older than a man and that is not fair.   Toward the end, Jonetta comes on the set and gets congratulated for allegedly throwing away her marriage for Usher, but we heard nothing about God.   Usher's mother also admitted how happy she was that her son won the custody battle, but we did not hear Oprah ask her nor Usher how God feels about the decision of Tameka not having primary custody, after losing Kyle.   Any person who has God in their lives would at least say they are sorry for the death of their former daughter in-law's son, which was Usher's stepson, but we heard nothing.   Therefore, Usher and Jonetta needed to either accept Jesus Christ or at least, admit if their soul belongs to God or the Devil.   Whose side are you on, after you have danced before millions of people for so many years?   Whose side are you on after you face the mother of your children in court, just two weeks after the death of her son?   

Okay, we understand that some people just do not go to weddings or funerals, if they do not feel comfortable.   However, shouldn't there be any love of Christ coming from Usher's mother, since she is a woman who knows how it feels when the man in your life walks off and leaves you?  Even worse, in Tameka's case Usher just doesn't leave her or admit to several affairs, he gets primary custody of their two sons, after she loses one in a jet skiing accident. Regardless of Tameka being 10 years younger than Usher, He admitted he loved her and she was the woman he at one time chose to be with.  There should have been some sort of consideration for Tameka as the mother of Usher's children, especially after losing her son.   Therefore, if Oprah really is close to God as she allegedly claimed to be, according to AT2W, shouldn't she had sensed this mother and son duo needed to know how to accept Jesus Christ as their personal Savior , if they have not accepted or ever lived for Him?   

Regardless if you are a talk show host, Hollywood celebrity actress or any other sort of social elite, if you admit to being a born again Christian, you should offer Jesus Christ to every soul, every chance you get.  Furthermore, you should not grin in the faces of two people whom allegedly seem comfortable with going on with life and enjoying most of the time with Tameka Foster's children, after she lost her son, Kyle Glover.  It is just not right neither fair.  Tameka is very valuable in the eyes of God and He does not uplift Usher over her, just because he is this big time celebrity.   God would never congratulate Usher and forget about the pain of this woman who bore those two sons for him.  

Although, Oprah asked fair questions in regard for Tameka as a mother, we did not hear enough support for her on the set coming for Usher or His mother and both of them needed to know Jesus Christ would never go on with life as though Usher is a winner and Tameka is a loser. Oprah smiled too much with this parent and son duo as thought they both were champions, regardless of Tameka technically losing 3 sons.  God loves Tameka just like He loves Jonetta Patton's son and the alleged arrogance on the set coming from his mother was just sickening.  Usher may have his mother financially set for life, but does he or his mother have Jesus Christ?  Because what good is it to show off on national television, after winning the custody battle and then eventually lose your soul?  As is says in Mark 8:36 and Matthew 16:26, 'For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own life?'

Watch Video

Friday, September 21, 2012

Celebrity Preachers, Bishop Jakes, Osteen, Long and White, Enough Entertainment, Allow Carl Knighton to talk about his visit to hell

We want to tell you about this man of God, Carl Knighton who previously overdosed on drugs.   We know God must be sick and tired of these celebrity preachers allegedly preaching about success and prosperity most of the time and less about sin.   Therefore, we are on an assignment for the Lord Jesus Christ to share Carl Knighton's story with you.   If these celebrity preachers don't start preaching more about sin and what happens if you should die in your sin, they will have to stand before God and give an account. 

So often, we hear these celebrity preachers complain about the traditional church, but they fail to admit that what they call tradition is being holy and holiness is a lifestyle, it is not being old-fashion. In God's eyes, making a distinction in your walk with Him is being holy and there is no other way, expect His way.  You are strictly following God's Word and abiding by each and every commandment, that's holiness.   Now, we are living in that day when the Bible talked about false prophets who would deceive people. We are living in a very evil age when many of these false prophets are allegedly preaching for fame and fortune and fail to reveal the truth about hell and why millions of souls go there.   Therefore, we think it is irrelevant for these celebrity preachers to teach any longer about wealth as though they are giving seminars, instead of preaching against sin like they should do as an authentic man or woman of God in a sanctified church.   Allegedly, we have not seen or heard celebrity preachers such as Bishop T. D. Jakes, Joel Osteen, The Whites, Creflo and Taffi Dollar, Joyce Meyer and many others making alter calls, preaching against sin, not just homosexuality and gay marriage, we are speaking of all types of sin. 

Saints of God, faithful readers of SCR, this man, Carl Knighton says he heard and saw souls screaming being tossed into hell and even drew a picture to describe what he saw.   It is time to for this age of the church to drop the prosperity gospel and talk about the importance of letting go of sin before it is everlasting to late.   As you heard in our last article, Minister Mary K. Baxter allegedly saw ministers whom once preached the gospel here on earth, burning in hell.  Why?   Because they fail to preach the entire Word of God.   This is why we are informing celebrity preachers to no longer allow entertainment in the House of God, disallow any similar music out in the world and and to revert their sanctuaries back to holiness.   Furthermore, stop identifying holiness with being traditional, because according to Minister Fernandez's testimony on our videos page, Jesus Christ told her, He wants us to return to the old way of praise and worship.  Therefore, take heed, thus saith the Lord. 

Now, brothers and sisters in Christ, pay attention to Carl Knighton's testimony and recognize this is one of several stories we have shared with you of people whom have died and been to either heaven, hell or both places. 

Watch, Man Went To Hell After He Overdosed On Drugs!


Source, Photo and Video:

Celebrity News: Former inmate exonerated in rape case joins pro football team

If you did not do anything wrong, you just have to put your faith in God and we suppose this is just want this former inmate, Brian Banks did when he was falsely accused of rape.  Several years ago Banks was offered to play at the University of Southern California while attending a high school in Long Beach, California.  However, his dreams began to crumble when his classmate allegedly reported he had kidnapped and rapped her.  SCR readers, there is such a thing as the Devil setting innocent people up, simply because they refuse to do wrong. 

 In this case of Brian Banks, he was a young black man who could have been out of school dealing drugs, but no, he was a student who had a goal to become a great football player.   When something like this occurs in a young black man's life, it could turn them to bitterness, but Brian must have kept the faith, even after having to register as a sex offender, according to  Thank God for the California Innocence Project that revealed the accuser did not tell the truth.  

You see, not all the time are people guilty of doing wrong, often times their accuser may lie either to get attention or maybe because they just do not like the person.  This is why it is not always good to believe the accuser, but look at all the evidence, because just because they accuse someone, it does not means it is true. 

Now, the 26-year-old former inmate, Brian Banks will join a pro football team, the Las Vegas Locomotives and pursue his long lost career.  

In the meantime, we will keep Brian Banks in our prayers and we hope the accuser has apologized to him and repented to God.

Former inmate exonerated in rape case joins pro football team

Brian Banks' professional football dream is one step closer to coming true.

A decade ago, Banks was a football standout at Long Beach Polytechnic High School in California and had been offered a scholarship to play at the University of Southern California.

Then he was accused of rape. Fearing a potentially long sentence, he followed the advice of his attorney and...Read full article, here. 


Victory Christian Center May Have More Victims If Parents Would Speak Out

Victory Christian Center in Tulsa, Pastor Sharon Daughtery

(Victory Christian Center in Tulsa, Pastor Sharon Daughtery)

 Victory Christian Center May Have More Victims If Parents Would Speak Out

The investigation into alleged sexual abuse at Victory Christian Center has revealed more possible victims. There is one problem: Those possible victims are not cooperating with the police in the investigation.

On Tuesday, the Tulsa police stated they could have additional charges against suspects if the victims would come forward.

Sgt. Brandon Wykoff, a detective in the Tulsa Police Department's Child Crisis Unit, said: "We're trying to get these girls in for interviews," Wykoff said. "We're not exactly having cooperation with some of the parents."

Read more at AT2W !

Thursday, September 20, 2012

VCC Says Employees Were Properly Screened, Staffers Charged in Sex Scandal

Victory Christian Center in Tulsa, Pastor Sharon Daughtery

VCC Says Employees Were Properly Screened, Staffers Charged in Sex Scandal

It appears the people over at Victory Christian Center in Tulsa are doing some damage control. They want the public to know that they went by proper procedures when hiring the two men charged with sex abuse on three underage girls, so they say.

Victory Christian Center issued a statement on Tuesday addressing the charges against two former employees accused of child sex abuse, Israel Castillo, 23, and Chris Denman, 20.

According to VCC, both young men went through the screening process included a nationwide background check and personal references.

Both Castillo and Benman passed the screening tests and the church found no history of any criminal activity.

The two men have been charged.

Read full report at the Church Scandal Report!

Former Megachurch Pastor Jack Schaap Faces 10 Years in Sex Scandal

pastor jack schaap admits to transporting minor over statelines

Former Pastor Jack Schaap of First Baptist Church Signs Plea Agreement in Sexual Abuse Case

A megachurch's former leader Pastor Jack Schaap signed a plea agreement in federal court Tuesday. According to the U.S. attorney's office, he admitted he took a minor across state lines with the intentions of engaging in sexual activity.

According to a news release by the U.S. attorney's office, Jack Schaap signed the agreement the same day prosecutors presented a criminal complaint charging him with interstate transportation of a minor with intent to engage in criminal sexual activity. They have stated complaint had not yet been made public in the online docket late Tuesday.

Read more at Church Scandal Report!

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