Friday, September 28, 2012

Celebrity Hollywood News: Arnold Schwarzenegger Tells '60 Minutes' Affair was the 'Stupidest He Had Ever Done

This coming Sunday, Arnold Schwarzenegger is going to be on '60 Minutes.'   It amazes us months after his broken marriage with Maria Shriver, he is going to actually tell his side of the story, in a remorseful way.    Evidently, this is something he feels the need to do and we agree, because when you are a former governor, Hollywood actor and celebrity, you not only owe it to your ex-wife to admit you were wrong, but also men whom admire him.  He owes it to them to show what a real man really is, regardless of how big his name is. 

We are living in an era when there are so many cold hearted men.  They hurt women and then go on with their lives as though nothing happened, so by Arnold Schwarzeneggar doing this interview, it will reveal his integrity. Schwarzenegger has been a body builder for several years, but by showing his remorse, it teaches husbands not to be so macho to admit they were wrong for cheating on their wives.  In marriages, there needs to be so much more integrity among celebrities and those whom admire them.   We truly hope Mr. Schwarzenegger causes a change among men across America and even abroad.   More marriages should work between men and women, but many times it takes the spouse who did wrong to admit it and apologize.   Do you know how many marriages ended in divorce, all because a husband or wife did not apologize for their affair?  Many people will rather die denying their error, rather than to admit it.  There have been too many broken marriages and in a time when gay marriages are on the rise, God expects for men and women to humble themselves and not be too proud to say, 'I was wrong.'  

Furthermore, we are very sure Arnold Schwarzenegger's interview will cause a lot of men to think about what they have done to offend their wives.  Hopefully, his interview on 60 Minutes will mend a lot of broken marriages, between men and women back together.  

Arnold Schwarzenegger Tells '60 Minutes' Affair was the 'Stupidest Thing I've Done' (Video)

The former governor and action star tells Lesley Stahl he "inflicted unbelievable pain" on Maria Shriver and their kids.

It was "the stupidest thing" he's done.

That's how Arnold Schwarzenegger describes his affair with the family housekeeper that led to the birth of an illegitimate son -- and the end of his 25-year marriage to Maria Shriver -- in a new...Read full article, here.

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