Sunday, September 30, 2012

Hollywood Celebrity News: Was "Sons of Anarchy" Actor Johnny Lewis Capable of Murder?

After listening to new clues about Hollywood celebrity actor Johnny Lewis, we wondered if he was really capable of murder.   His lawyer, Attorney Jonathan Mandel became Lewis' attorney back in April and he claims, he was just an alleged troubled person, a person with delusions.  Johnny Lewis could have committed murder before his death, but possibly, he was not in his right frame of mind, especially after allegedly taking some sort of related drug to PCP.   

Anything is possible, if a person takes some sort of drug that has a history of causing people to act in bizarre ways.   However, we wonder why a group of celebrities have not put their money together to form an rehabilitation center to help other troubled celebrities like Johnny Lewis?   Before this happened and the probation report claimed he could be a threat to any community, we wonder if there was anyone close to Johnny who knew about that report and could have started a reform center to assist he and others whom were on medication or addicted to drugs.   We have heard of other celebrities like Britney Spears for instance, going into rehab, but what if struggling actors cannot afford to go to those expensive sort of places or remain in long term treatment?   According to our source, Johnny Lewis was a struggling actor and he was only getting help at a rehab, temporarily.   It is not known, if he was discharged because he could no longer afford to remain there or they thought he should just be released.  Since many well-known actors and other types of high profile celebrities have overdosed on drugs since many years ago, there should have been celebrities doing something for other celebrities whom have emotional issues as well as financial issues.  According to Attorney Mandel, Johnny's father and some other family members were there for him, but of course, sometimes, that's just not enough for those whom are struggling in their personal lives.

Of course sisters and brothers in Christ, we know the real answer is Jesus Christ.   There are many dead Hollywood celebrities and even music celebrities who would still be alive today, if they would have accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and chose to live for Him.   However, we have heard life can be very challenging in Hollywood and all the fame and fortune cannot buy happiness.  In Johnny Lewis case, it was allegedly stated he was a struggling actor who had a hard time paying rent, although he had been seen on various television series.  So, either way, rich or lack of money, all celebrities need to know Jesus Christ.   Are you a celebrity who needs to accept Jesus Christ?   If so, please go straight to our salvation page and humbly receive the Lord as your personal Savior.  God bless.

May Hollywood celebrity, Johnny Lewis rest in peace.

Celebrity Hollywood News: News clues on Actor Johnny Lewis Death

There are new clues, regarding Hollywood celebrity actor, Johnny Lewis' death.   The Hollywood actor was said to have allegedly been a 'threat to society' when placed on probation, according to a report.  Usually, many people do not suspect Hollywood celebrities being labeled as a threat to society, but really like we have mentioned to you before, they are people just like anyone else and some of them have some extreme deep issues buried inside of their souls.   Please be informed many Hollywood celebrities may seem happy while gloating in the cameras...Read full article and watch video, here.

Source: The Hollywood Celebrities
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