Friday, September 28, 2012

See Celebrity Justin Timberlake's new MySpace page:The New Myspace is Coming Soon

Of course, we have grown to love Facebook, nothing was like the original Myspace, because it allowed us to creatively design our personal page.  To be honest, at first Facebook was not exciting until the owners upgraded the design of the social networking site.  Now, Myspace is going through another creative change, since celebrity music entertainer, Justin Timberlake has made an investment with the owners, Chris and Tim Vanderhook and it looks very nice, although it may not be like the original one that allowed us to choose different various styles of layouts. 

According to, this is how the new Myspace page will appear, a cross between Pinterest and the new USA Today's website.  It looks very cute and at least it will give the user their own individual uniqueness on Myspace.   However, we will always miss the original layout structure.   Of course, it will take a developer to bring back something similar to the original Myspace, if we ever wanted to use the layouts, again.

Justin Timberlake's Hip New Myspace Looks Awfully Familiar

It's been more than a year since Chris and Tim Vanderhook bought the floundering Myspace for $35 million from Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. (remember Murdoch paid $580 million for the site in '05), and we're finally getting a peek at the brothers' investment.

The duo and investor Justin Timberlake debuted the new site on September 24 in Los Angeles delivering a sleek, much-needed makeover to what once was THE go-to social venue. The design falls somewhere...Read full article, here.

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